Электронная библиотека (репозиторий) Томского государственного университета
Savitskaya, Irina S.

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Source: Вестник Томского государственного университета. 2022. № 475. С. 100-105
Type: статьи в журналах
Date: 2022
Description: The present study actualizes the problem of internationalization of Russian pedagogical education, the solution to which will ensure the “recognition of universities” in the global education market an ... More
Source: Going global through social sciences and humanities: a systems and ICT perspective : proceedings of the 2nd international conference "Going global through social sciences and humanities", 27-28 February 2019, Tomsk, Russia. Cham, 2019. P. 224-236
Type: статьи в сборниках
Date: 2019
Description: In our globalized society, one of the key requirements in professional education is development of the communicative competence, including multicultural communication skills, the ability to advance pr ... More
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