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70 лет кафедре физического воспитания и спорта Томского государственного университета 1
70th anniversary of the birthday S. I. Konovalenko, my teacher, friend, geologist, mineralogist and lecturer 1
75 лет профессору Александру Михайловичу Горцеву 1
75 лет профессору Анатолию Григорьевичу Дмитренко 1
75 лет профессору Геннадию Михайловичу Кошкину 1
75 лет профессору Параеву Юрию Ивановичу 1
75 лет профессору Поддубному Василию Васильевичу 1
80 лет профессору Феликсу Петровичу Тарасенко 1
800 anniversary of the Salamanca University: jubilee as scientific and sociocultural project 1
800-летие Саламанкского университета: юбилей как научный и социокультурный проект 1
An 850–820 Ma LIP dismembered during breakup of the Rodinia supercontinent and destroyed by Early Paleozoic continental subduction in the northern Tibetan Plateau, NW China 1
The 920–900 Ma Bahia-Gangila LIP of the São Francisco and Congo cratons and link with Dashigou-Chulan LIP of North China craton: New insights from U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry 1
<О Н. Г. Чернышевском> 1
A. A. Ivanov. An ardent right-winger. Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich. St. Petersburg: Vladimir Dal, 2020. 621 p. 1
A. I. Tevkelev's state activity on the implementation of the South-Eastern policy of the Russian Empire in the 18th century 1
A. I. Yatsimirsky as the researcher of historical paper of the Balkan and Carpathian manuscripts 1
A. N. Grabar's universities and teachers: on the history of professional formation of a historian 1
A. N. Maikov's aesthetics and lyrics of the 1840s-1850s in I. A. Goncharov's artistic consciousness 1
A. N. Ostrovsky and Carlo Gozzi 1
A. P. Chekhov’s novella "The Steppe" in the "canonical" English translations made by C. Garnett and R. Hingley 1
A. S. Uvarov and P. S. Uvarova and museology in Russia 1
A. V. Dukhnovych and his cultural and educational activities 1
A. V. Khudyashev (1885–1927): biographical features and analysis of the artist’s creative heritage 1
A. V. Kolchak government's crisis in the autumn of 1919 covered by the New York Times 1
A. V. Potanina's scientific heritage: works on the daily life of the Buryat women in the XIX century 1
A. Ye. Beideman's murals in St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris in connection with the Crimean period of the artist's oeuvre 1
A.S. Budilovich and Carpathian Rus' 1
Aactors of political space in the context of transnationalization 1
Aadhaar (India): a national biometric identification program (experience and implementation) 1
Aadhaar (Индия): национальная программа биометрической идентификации (опыт и реализация) 1
Ab initio and multipolar characterisation of the induced dipole surface for CH4-CH4: Application to dipole-forbidden absorption in the Titan's atmosphere 1
Ab initio calculation of ro-vibrational spectra for GeH4 molecule 1
Ab initio calculations for search optimization of multicomponent alloy configurations 1
Ab initio calculations of absolute surface energies of clean and hydrogen covered 3C-SiC(001), (110) and (111) surfaces 1
Ab initio calculations of electric multipole moments, (higher) polarizabilities and first hyperpolarizabilitiy of (H2S)n, n = 1-4 1
Ab initio calculations of energy levels and ro-vibrational spectra for SiH4 molecule 1
Ab initio calculations of optical constants of GaSe and InSe layered crystals 1
Ab initio calculations of static dipole polarizabilities and Cauchy moments for the halomethanes, CHmClnF4mn 1
Ab initio investigation of Co/TaC interfaces 1
Ab initio investigation of electric and magnetic dipole electronic transitions in the complex of oxygen with benzene 1
Ab initio investigations of Fe(110)/graphene interfaces 1
Ab initio potential and rotational spectra of the CO-N2 complex 1
Ab initio predictions and laboratory validation for consistent ozone intensities in the MW, 10 and 5 μm ranges 1
Ab initio study of 2DEG at the surface of topological insulator Bi2Te3 1
Ab initio study of electronic states of astrophysically important molecules 1
Ab initio study of low-energy collective electronic excitations in bulk Pb 1
Ab initio study of the adsorption, diffusion, and intercalation of alkali metal atoms on the (0001) surface of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 1
Ab initio study of the CH4-Ar potential and induced dipole surfaces: true bound dimer content and collision-induced absorption 1
Ab initio study of the O3–N2 complex: Potential energy surface and rovibrational states 1
Ab initio variational predictions for high-resolution laser spectroscopy: Assignment of 107 new sub-bands of methane in the Icosad range 6280-7800 cm-1 1
Ab initio variational predictions for understanding highly congested spectra: rovibrational assignment of 108 new methane sub-bands in the icosad range (6280–7800 cm-1) 1
Ab initio исследование фосфоресценции гетеро[8]циркуленов 1
Ab initio методы расчета влияния электрических полей на спектральные и электрические свойства атомов, ионов и двухатомных молекул : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени доктора физико-математических наук : 01.04.02. 1
Ab initio расчеты электрон-фононного взаимодействия и характеристик больших поляронов в рутиле и анатазе 1
Ab initio теория электрон-фононных процессов в полупроводниковых кристаллах : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.04.10. 1
Ab-initio design of the spinterface based on α-sexithiophene/LSMO 1
Ab-initio study of cation-rich InP(001) and GaP(001) surface reconstructions and iodine adsorption 1
Ab-initio study of metal-zirconia interfaces 1
Ab-initio study of new Ga-rich GaAs(001) surface (4 × 4) reconstruction 1
Abandonment of motherhood in the system of legal facts: problems of discrepancy between theory and practice 1
Abbreviations of english and russian economic terms: a contrastive aspect 1
The ABC and XYZ techniques modified for censored data 1
ABC effect and resonance structure in the double-pionic fusion to 3He 1
ABC- XYZ анализ: модификации при управлении материальными потоками: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 38.04.02 - Логистика и управление цепями поставок 1
The ABC-XYZ analysis modified for data with outliers 1
ABC-XYZ inventory analysis accounting for change points 1
ABC-XYZ анализ ассортимента предприятия г. Томска по случайно цензурированным данным 1
ABC-анализ при наличии дефицита 1
Abductive step in dialogs. An informal approach 1
Abelian groups with enough π-regular ring of endomorphisms 1
Abelian groups with left comorphic endomorphism rings 1
Abelian groups with sufficiently π-regular endomorphism ring 1
Abelian SACR-groups 1
Abies sibirica Ledeb. fine root respiration in the bilberry-sphagnum pine forest in the middle taiga 1
Abilities as explanatory concept in modern psychology 1
Ability of electric eels to generate electricity and what practical relevance it has today 1
Ability of fullerene to accumulate hydrogen 1
Ability self-disclosure mechanism in adolescents as factor of academic success 1
Abiotic factors for forming landscape diversity 1
The Abkhaz-Georgian conflict as the cause of the forced migration 1
Ablation of biological tissues by radiation of strontium vapor laser 1
Ablation of small meteor bodies: comparison of solid and porous body models 1
Aboriginal "small towns" of the Lower Ob of the 16th-17th centuries: problems of identification and correlation of written and archaeological sources 1
Aboriginal small towns of the Lower Ob of the 15th–16th centuries: the trade aspect 1
About 2-cascade finite automata cryptographic generators and their cryptanalysis 1
About a permeability of graphene pores 1
About application of the theory of polynomials to the course of higher mathematics 1
About Bulgaria as a about promising destination in the tourist market of the Russian Federation 1
About Catabrosa genus in the Altai 1
About changes time limits and structural units spring season in podtayge zone south-west of West Siberian valley 1
About corruption: socio-economic aspect 1
About crisis in aspect of problem of posthumanism future 1
About criteria of modern art: cultural approach 1
About cryptography in information security (on the example of TSU) 1
About determining the wettability of coal surface 1
About development of cognitive tools which is invariant to problem areas, and about their crossplatform program realization and integration into intelligent systems (part 1) 1
About development of cognitive tools which is invariant to problem areas, and about their crossplatform program realization and integration into intelligent systems (part 2) 1
About evaluation evanescent fields of aperture probe of the nearfield microscope 1
About expansion of the subject of verification activities in proceedings in cassation courts 1
About experience of musical and drama statement on the scene of the Krasnodar Musical Theatre 1

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