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30-year cone production dynamics in Siberian stone pine (Pinus sibirica) in the southern boreal zone: a causal interpretation 1
30-year lidar observations of the stratospheric aerosol layer state over Tomsk (Western Siberia, Russia) 1
"300 alati": a multimedia Latin-Russian dictionary of popular Latin quotations 1
"300 крылатых": проект мультимедийного латинско-русского словаря крылатых фраз 1
389-й гаубичный артиллерийский полк в начале Великой Отечественной войны: реконструкция боевого пути на основе социально-демографических данных и документов вышестоящих частей 1
389th Howitzer Regiment at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War: the battle route reconstruction based on the social and demographic data and higher command documents 1
3D bioactive coatings with a new type of porous ridge/cavity structure 1
3D digital documentation and image enhancement integration into schematic rock art analysis and preservation: The Castrocontrigo Neolithic rock art (NW Spain) 1
3D mathematical model of "chemical furnace" 1
3D model of biomechanical system elements rotation around arbitrary axis 1
3D Mueller matrix reconstruction of the optical anisotropy parameters of myocardial histopathology tissue samples 1
3D Mueller-matrix diffusive tomography of polycrystalline blood films for cancer diagnosis 1
3D object identification based on global shape descriptors 1
3D printing technologies in educational process of higher education institution 1
3D printing using Ti-Al nanopowders: mechanisms of structure formation 1
3D Radiotomography of objects hidden behind dielectrically inhomogeneous shields 1
3D simulation of dependence of mechanical properties of porous ceramics on porosity 1
3D topographic migration of GPR data acquired on uneven surfaces 1
3D wave propagation in materials with frictional defects 1
3D-finite element simulations of wedge splitting test of ZrO2-Y2O3 ceramic double cantilever beam with Chevron notch 1
3D-printed, carbon-based, lossy photonic crystals: Is high electrical conductivity the must? 1
3D-взаимодействие электропроводного метаемого тела с магнитным барьером измерительной рамки внутриствольного датчика скорости 1
3D-печать для всех и каждого : . 1
3D-печать для всех и каждого : массовый открытый онлайн-курс. 1
The 4-0 band of carbon monoxide by high sensitivity Cavity Ring Down spectroscopy near 8200 cm-1 1
40-летие кафедры новой, новейшей истории и международных отношений Томского государственного университета 1
40Ar-39Ar возраст и изотопный состав неодима метабазитов Среднего Заангарья, Енисейский кряж 1
40Ar/39Ar isotope dating of the edel’veis carbonatite-bearing complex, Gornyi Altai: a case of alkaline magmatism in the early paleozoic large igneous province of the Central Asian mobile belt 1
4D-printing 1
4D-печать 1
5 лет работы Сибирского физико-технического института и задачи физики в индустриализации Сибири 1
5-(4-hydroxybenzylidene)-2,4-thiazolidinedione as analytical reagents for the extraction-photometric determination of iron(III) 1
5-(4-hydroxybenzylidene)-2,4-tiazolidindiion as analytical reagent for extraction-photometric determination of cobalt(II) 1
5-(4-гидроксибензилиден)-2,4-тиазолидиндион как аналитический реагент для экстракционно-фотометрического определения железа(III) 1
5-(4-гидроксибензилиден)-2,4-тиазолидиндион как аналитический реагент для экстракционно-фотометрического определения кобальта(II) 1
The 5-(isopropylidene)-2-thiobarbituric acid: Preparation, crystal structure, thermal stability and IR-characterization 1
50 лет базе отдыха "Киреевское" 1
50 лет криптографии в Томском государственном университете 1
50 лет первой русской революции : доклады Сибирской научной конференции, посвященной революции 1905 - 1907 годов (17-20 декабря 1955 г.) 1
50 лет экономическому факультету: прошлое, настоящее, будущее 1
50-летие Томского государственного университета 1
"5S на рабочем месте" как инструмент "Бережливого производства" применительно к ЗАО "Физтех-Энерго" 1
60 офортов профессора Ив. Ив. Шишкина : [альбом] 1
60 офортов Шишкина. 1870-1892 1
7-я международная конференция "Крупные изверженные провинции в истории развития Земли: мантийные плюмы, суперконтиненты, климатические изменения, металлогения, формирование нефти и газа, планеты земной группы" (28 августа - 8 сентября 2019 г., г. Томск, Россия) 1
70 лет кафедре физического воспитания и спорта Томского государственного университета 1
70th anniversary of the birthday S. I. Konovalenko, my teacher, friend, geologist, mineralogist and lecturer 1
75 лет профессору Александру Михайловичу Горцеву 1
75 лет профессору Анатолию Григорьевичу Дмитренко 1
75 лет профессору Геннадию Михайловичу Кошкину 1
75 лет профессору Параеву Юрию Ивановичу 1
75 лет профессору Поддубному Василию Васильевичу 1
75 лет СФТИ (исторический очерк) 1
80 лет профессору Феликсу Петровичу Тарасенко 1
800 anniversary of the Salamanca University: jubilee as scientific and sociocultural project 1
800-летие Саламанкского университета: юбилей как научный и социокультурный проект 1
An 850–820 Ma LIP dismembered during breakup of the Rodinia supercontinent and destroyed by Early Paleozoic continental subduction in the northern Tibetan Plateau, NW China 1
The 920–900 Ma Bahia-Gangila LIP of the São Francisco and Congo cratons and link with Dashigou-Chulan LIP of North China craton: New insights from U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry 1
<О Н. Г. Чернышевском> 1
A. A. Ivanov. An ardent right-winger. Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich. St. Petersburg: Vladimir Dal, 2020. 621 p. 1
A. I. Herzen in the minds of writers of the first wave of Russian emigration: problem statement 1
A. I. Tevkelev's state activity on the implementation of the South-Eastern policy of the Russian Empire in the 18th century 1
A. I. Yatsimirsky as the researcher of historical paper of the Balkan and Carpathian manuscripts 1
A. N. Grabar's universities and teachers: on the history of professional formation of a historian 1
A. N. Maikov's aesthetics and lyrics of the 1840s-1850s in I. A. Goncharov's artistic consciousness 1
A. N. Ostrovsky and Carlo Gozzi 1
A. P. Chekhov’s novella "The Steppe" in the "canonical" English translations made by C. Garnett and R. Hingley 1
A. S. Lavrov, A. V. Morohin, Les zélotes de la piété : Essais sur l’Église et les activités littéraires 1
A. S. Uvarov and P. S. Uvarova and museology in Russia 1
A. V. Dukhnovych and his cultural and educational activities 1
A. V. Khudyashev (1885–1927): biographical features and analysis of the artist’s creative heritage 1
A. V. Kolchak government's crisis in the autumn of 1919 covered by the New York Times 1
A. V. Potanina's scientific heritage: works on the daily life of the Buryat women in the XIX century 1
A. Ye. Beideman's murals in St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris in connection with the Crimean period of the artist's oeuvre 1
A.S. Budilovich and Carpathian Rus' 1
Aactors of political space in the context of transnationalization 1
Aadhaar (India): a national biometric identification program (experience and implementation) 1
Aadhaar (Индия): национальная программа биометрической идентификации (опыт и реализация) 1
Ab initio and multipolar characterisation of the induced dipole surface for CH4-CH4: Application to dipole-forbidden absorption in the Titan's atmosphere 1
Ab initio calculation of ro-vibrational spectra for GeH4 molecule 1
Ab initio calculations for search optimization of multicomponent alloy configurations 1
Ab initio calculations of absolute surface energies of clean and hydrogen covered 3C-SiC(001), (110) and (111) surfaces 1
Ab initio calculations of electric multipole moments, (higher) polarizabilities and first hyperpolarizabilitiy of (H2S)n, n = 1-4 1
Ab initio calculations of electronic absorption spectra of para-substituted aromatic nitroso oxides 1
Ab initio calculations of energy levels and ro-vibrational spectra for SiH4 molecule 1
Ab initio calculations of optical constants of GaSe and InSe layered crystals 1
Ab initio calculations of static dipole polarizabilities and Cauchy moments for the halomethanes, CHmClnF4mn 1
Ab initio investigation of Co/TaC interfaces 1
Ab initio investigation of electric and magnetic dipole electronic transitions in the complex of oxygen with benzene 1
Ab initio investigations of Fe(110)/graphene interfaces 1
Ab initio potential and rotational spectra of the CO-N2 complex 1
Ab initio predictions and laboratory validation for consistent ozone intensities in the MW, 10 and 5 μm ranges 1
Ab initio study of 2DEG at the surface of topological insulator Bi2Te3 1
Ab initio study of antichalcopyrite Be2SeTe 1
Ab initio study of electronic states of astrophysically important molecules 1
Ab initio study of low-energy collective electronic excitations in bulk Pb 1
Ab initio study of the adsorption, diffusion, and intercalation of alkali metal atoms on the (0001) surface of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 1
Ab initio study of the CH4-Ar potential and induced dipole surfaces: true bound dimer content and collision-induced absorption 1
Ab initio study of the O3–N2 complex: Potential energy surface and rovibrational states 1
Ab initio variational predictions for high-resolution laser spectroscopy: Assignment of 107 new sub-bands of methane in the Icosad range 6280-7800 cm-1 1

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