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U-Pb baddeleyite age of a ne trending doleritic dyke swarm in the Tagragra of Akka Inlier: additional constraints on the ca. 1416-1360 Ma Mesoproterozoic magmatic event(s) in the anti-atlas of Morocco (West African Craton) 1
U-Pb baddeleyite ages of key dyke swarms in the Amazonian Craton (Carajás/Rio Maria and Rio Apa areas): Tectonic implications for events at 1880, 1110 Ma, 535 Ma and 200 Ma 1
U-Pb geochronolgy of the deformed Juzbado Granite (Salamanca, NW Spain) 1
U-Pb изотопное датирование цирконов из ультрамафитовых реститов Шаманского массива (Восточное Забайкалье) 1
U-последовательности и примарные группы, содержащие собственные изоморфные себе вполне характеристические подгруппы 1
The U. S. Greater Middle East initiative and the Strategic Depth doctrine of Turkey: challenges and opportunities for the Russian foreign policy in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea region 1
U.S.-China strategic economic dialogue in progress: tasks for Trump administration 1
UAV platform for testing autonomous navigation algorithms 1
UAV-based photogrammetry: Assessing the application potential and effectiveness for archaeological monitoring and surveying in the research on the ‘valley of the kings’ (Tuva, Russia) 1
Ubersichts - karte der organisation der verbundenen Deutscben vereine zur Pflege im Felde verwundeter und erkrankter Krieger sowie der Deutscben frauen vereine und der betracbtlicberen depors des Deutscben central comites und der Deutscben landes vereine wabrend des Krieges von 1870 - 1871 : [на немецком языке] 1
Ubiquitous and cell type-specific transcriptomic changes triggered by dissipation of monovalent cation gradients in rodent cells: Physiological and pathophysiological implications 1
Ueber barometrische hoehenbestimmungen im Nordwestlichen Altai 1
Ugrian Rusins in the works of Volodymyr Hnatiuk: the archeology of memory 1
UGV Lidar point cloud segmentation: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 09.04.02 - Информационные системы и технологии 1
UHP metamorphism in the Polar Urals: evidences from the Marun-Keu Complex (Russia) 1
UHT metamorphism of granulites from the Kaltygei cape, Western Baikal region: pseudosection and U-PB (SHRIMP) age 1
UHT метаморфизм гранулитов мыса Калтыгей, Западное Прибайкалье: псевдосекции и U-PB (SHRIMP) возраст 1
UI/UX Дизайн мобильного приложения moodle.tsu.ru для преподавателей: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 09.03.02 - Информационные системы и технологии 1
UI/UX дизайн мобильного приложения для абитуриентов: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 09.04.02 - Информационные системы и технологии 1
UI/UX дизайн мобильного приложения для сайта moodle.tsu.ru для студентов: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 09.03.02 - Информационные системы и технологии 1
UK universities: choosing the right partner 1
The Ukrainian "Black Hundred"? K. K. Fedevich’s concept as an attempt to "Ukrainize" the Union of the Russian People 1
Ukrainian movement and Czechoslovak policy in the Rusin question during the interwar period as reflected by Amerikansky Russky Viestnik 1
The "Ukrainian question" in the newspaper "Yuzhny kray" (March – October 1917) 1
Ukrainian village in Siberia: the dynamics of building traditions 1
Ukrainian émigré press in the interwar Romania 1
Ukrainian-Romanian diplomatic and economic relations in the context of the Bessarabian question in 1918 1
Ukrainian-Russian parallels in translation of contemporary French prose 1
Ukrainisation in the Soviet educational policy in the Far East of the USSR (1922–1930) 1
Ukrainization in the Far East in 1931: the essence and difficulties of the process 1
Ulkan-Bilyakchan LIP (ca. 1.7 ga), SE Siberian platform, associated triple junction rifting, and ore deposits 1
Ulmus japonica (Ulmaceae) communities in Western Transbaikalia: distribution, value for biodiversity conservation and perspectives of protection 1
Ultra-fast line-field low coherence holographic elastography using spatial phase shifting 1
Ultra-high speed OCT allows measurement of intraocular pressure, corneal geometry, and corneal stiffness using a single instrument 1
Ultra-right movement in FRG and Bundestag election at 24 of September 2017 1
Ultra-thin broadband nanostructured insulator-metal-insulator-metal plasmonic light absorber 1
Ultra-violet radiation in area of lake Shira (Hakasiya) 1
Ultra-wideband tomography of land cover 1
Ultrafast diffusive cross-sheet motion of lithium through antimonene with 2 + 1 dimensional kinetics 1
Ultrafine-grained structure and its thermal stability in low-carbon steel 1
Ultrasonic degassing of aluminium alloys: basic studies and practical implementation 1
Ultrasonic dispersion of agglomerated particles in metal melt 1
Ultrasonic impact on a metal melt containing electrostatically charged nanoparticles 1
Ultrasonic impact on a metal melt containing electrostaticly charged nanoparticles 1
Ultrasonic liquid metal processing: The essential role of cavitation bubbles in controlling acoustic streaming 1
Ultrasonic melt processing: opportunities and misconceptions 1
Ultrasonic processing of molten and solidifying aluminium alloys: overview and outlook 1
Ultrasonic surface treatment of titanium alloys. The submicrocrystalline state 1
An ultrasonic treatment of the paraffinic highly resinous crude oil 1
Ultrasound velocity measurements in high-chromium steel under plastic deformation 1
Ultrastructural characterization and comparative phylogenetic analysis of new microsporidia from Siberian mosquitoes: Evidence for coevolution and host switching 1
The ultraviolet and vacuum-ultraviolet Excilamps... 1
Ultrawideband combined antenna with improved matching 1
Ultrawideband dipole receiving antenna for measuring short pulses with extended bandwidth 1
Ultrawideband monostatic ultrasonic tomography in water 1
Ultrawideband radiotomography with movable parabolic reflector 1
Ultrawideband receiving antenna array 2х2 for rec with spectrum within 0.01-2 ghz 1
UML representation of object-oriented design antipatterns 1
The ummah of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the past and present 1
The Umov effect for irregular shaped particles larger than the wavelength 1
The Umov effect for large irregular-shaped particles 1
The Umov effect for large nonspherical particles 1
(Un)dying rural countryside of Japan 1
Unaussprechliches Витгенштейна: о чем невозможно сказать, о том невозможно сказать ясно 1
The Unbaptized Pope and the Vicar of Bullhampton: a response to Anthony Trollope's novel in Nikolay Leskov's story 1
Uncertainty impact on companies’ investment activities: the case of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad oblast 1
Uncodified usage of capital/lowercase letters in mass communication texts 1
Uncodified vocabulary in the language of hydropower engineers 1
Uncompleted construction of the imperfect 1
Under the sign of war, or a look at the cultural archetypes of boyhood in Central Africa (the example of the Republic of the Congo) 1
The Underground Hero and the problem of self-identity in modern culture 1
Underside of the good: pupils suicide and reformation of the Russian education system in the early 20th century 1
Understanding as psychology of possible 1
Understanding global infrared opacity and hot bands of greenhouse molecules with low vibrational modes from first-principles calculations: the case of CF4 1
Understanding in mathematics and Wittgenstein’s rule-following 1
Understanding neurocognitive developmental disorders can improve education for all 1
Understanding of collisions in law: the link between conceptual and axiological aspects 1
Understanding of the essence of the phenomenon "law" in the humanistic tradition 1
Understanding of the phenomenon of the unconscious in the philosophy of Plato 1
Understanding sleep paralysis: unique state of consciousness 1
Understanding the amoral in the context of the moral foundations theory: a sociopsychological and linguocognitive study 1
Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties 1
Understanding the process of decision-making in universities in a VUCA-world 1
Understanding trauma: a discussion of one analysis 1
Underwater archeological developments on Issik-Kul lake in 2015 1
Unemployment as a problem of education: a view of the American economist P. Z. Pilzer 1
The uneven development of Siberian regions: impact on migration loss 1
Unexpected expenses of the victory: November 4 in the context of the policy of memory and massive historical consciousness 1
Unexplored within us or the problem of consciousness in modern society 1
Unfinished project as a way to conceive Soviet urban planning in the 1920s and the 1930s: the case of socialist cities 1
Unfolding spinor wave functions and expectation values of general operators: Introducing the unfolding-density operator 1
Unfree gauge symmetry in the BV formalism 1
The unicellular microorganisms "Amoeba Proteus" locomotion simulation with the use of movable cellular automata method 1
Unifactorial structure of anxiety. Factors of gender and educational track in eight measures of anxiety among adolescents with high academic achievement.: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 37.04.01 - Психология 1
Unified description of BABAR and Belle data on the bottomonia decays Υ(mS)→Υ(nS)π+π- 1
Unified field of detection probabilities for heterogeneous means of observations 1
Uniform law of large numbers for indicator-based statistics 1
Unimodular F(R) gravity 1
Union de la noblesse de France. Touchant leurs préminences 1
Union de la ville de Paris avec Son Altesse Royale et monseigneur le Prince, suivant l'arrêt du parlement du premier jour de ce mois 1

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