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T-irreducible extensions of directed starlike trees 1
T-rings and quotient divisible groups of rank 1
T-кольца и факторно делимые группы ранга 1
T. A. Rothstein and the first steps of Soviet diplomacy in Iran (1921–1922) 1
T. May and British immigration policy after the referendum on brexit: what has changed? 1
T. S. Eliot, rhizome and network concepts: Innovations in modernist and post-modernist poetry 1
Tabooing of the words of the thematic group "religion" in folklore poems of M. Tsvetaeva 1
Tacit knowledge in Internet communication: interface as a machine for tacit knowledge production 1
Tackling atherosclerosis via selected nutrition 1
Tactical and forensic problems of investigation of multi-incident criminal activities by a crime scene investigation group 1
Tactical-psychological aspect of interaction in the process of communicative investigative actions 1
Tactics of emotional strengthening of argumentation in written scientific and humanitarian discourse 1
The Taigans by G. Potanin and N. Yadrintsev as a predestined failure: the poetics of the conception 1
"The tail wagging the dog": The colony of Aden and the transformation of British policy in South Arabia, 1959-1964 1
Tailoring precipitation/properties and related mechanisms for a high-strength aluminum alloy plate via low-temperature retrogression and re-aging processes 1
Tailoring the optical field enhancement in Si-based structures covered by nanohole arrays in gold films for near-infrared photodetection 1
Take a look at the vase: lexical markers affect oculomotor activity (on the material of excursion genre) 1
"Taking care of oneself" as an experience of the marginal: Michel Foucault and Leo Tolstoy 1
Taking into account dispersion forces in calculations of the surface energy of low-index silicon faces 1
Taking selfies in mecca: haram or still the venerable hajj? 1
The Talazhin plagiodunite-troctolite-anorthosite-gabbro massif (East Sayan): petrogeochemistry and ore potential 1
Talent management as a modern trend in the hr community 1
Taloe—sedimentation in an intermittent lake (Russian Federation, Republic of Khakassia) 1
The Tamchinskiy deer stone: documenting megalithic objects 1
Tandem infinite-server queueing system with high-rate Markovian arrival process 1
Tandem of emotivity and conditions in forming the semantic integrity of a vocal work 1
Tandem of infinite-server queues with Markovian arrival process 1
Tandem training as a means of professionalizing the language training of linguists 1
Tangency of one-sheeted hyper-boloids as axoids of the hypoid gearing 1
The Tangshan earthquake in China: current commemorative practices 1
Tank production in the context of the USSR military-economic strategy in the 1930s 1
Taoism: philosophy or religion? 1
Tara's footwear collection in the context of urban development (based on materials from the 2018 excavations) 1
Taranto’s long shadow? Cancer mortality is higher for people living closer to one of the most polluted city of Italy 1
Target delivery of drug carriers in mice kidney glomeruli via renal artery. Balance between efficiency and safety 1
Target space diffeomorphisms in Poisson sigma models and asymptotic symmetries in 2D dilaton gravities 1
A task-based approach as a way to organize students' self-study 1
Tasks typology for the formation of functional literacy in the process of an English and primary school teacher training 1
The Tatar language transfer in the speech of Tatar-Russian bilinguals 1
"Tatkino" as the first film organization of the Volga region 1
Tattooing in the age of stone: the experience of studying the tools of the final paleolithic site of Ushki V (Kamchatka) 1
Tatus and prospects of using the health improvement area "Klyuchi" (Tomsk region) 1
Tatyana Tolstaya, a blogger: ways of self-presentation 1
Tax administration in the digital economy 1
The tax burden of economic entities: problems of control and methods of analysis 1
Tax burdens of Russian oil producing companies - comparative analysis 1
The tax clause as an instrument for the convergence of private and public regulation 1
Tax clusterization of regions of the Russian Federation to identify territories-drivers of sustainable development 1
Tax competition as an instrument of increasing the investment attractiveness of the region on the example of the Tomsk region 1
Tax conditions for business in emerging market countries 1
Tax effects on the attractiveness of business environment: the case of Mongolia 1
Tax incentives as the tool for stimulating hard to recover oil reserves development 1
Tax incentives for bond-oriented individual investors: evidence from the Russian Federation 1
Tax incentives for innovative small business: the Russian model 1
Tax incentives instruments of a resource-saving model of the national economy 1
Tax instruments for the deoffshorisation of the Russian economy at the present stage 1
Tax on professional income: preconditions for introduction and constitutional fundamentals 1
Tax regulation of e-commerce: global trends and prospects for improving the system of benefits in Russia 1
Tax regulation of innovative activity in the Russian Federation and abroad 1
Tax-related ways to support business in Russia during the coronavirus period 1
Taxation of cross-border e-commerce transactions: features, challenges and opportunities 1
Taxation of digital business in Belarus: new approaches and stimulating mechanisms 1
Taxation of real estate: Russian reforms and foreign practice 1
Taxation without romantics or Architecture of tax systems of the Russian Federation with the position of the household budget (micro-level) 1
Taxes faites des maisons sises aux environs de Paris et ailleurs, en exécution de l’arrêt suivant du Conseil 1
Taxes faites des maisons sises avx environs de Paris et aillevrs, En exécution de l'Arrest suivant du Conseil 1
Taxonomic analysis of the collection of rare plants Siberian Botanical Garden of TSU 1
Taxonomic changes in genera with agglutinated tests and other data on the suggested system of foraminifera 1
Taxonomic notes on Acanthomegabunus Tsurusaki, Tchemeris & Logunov 2000 (Arachnida: Opiliones: Phalangiidae), with a description of the new species A. altaicus sp. n. from the Altai Mountains of Russia and NE Kazakhstan 1
The taxonomic position of the two-horned rhinoceros from Podpusk-Lebyazhye faunal complex of Western Siberia 1
Taxonomic structure of "Reliktovye duby" species ma nagement area flora (Zabaikalye territory) 1
Taxonomic structure of nidicole fauna in the nests of the sand martin (Riparia riparia Linnaeus, 1758) in the territory of the Saratov Region 1
Taxonomy and geography of wormwoods (Artemisia L.) in Southern Siberia 1
TCNQ physisorption on the topological Insulator Bi2Se3 1
Tea decomposition in mukhrino field station: the results of short-term experiment 1
Teacher talk: discourse techniques in the ESL classroom 1
Teacher's readiness formation for development of systems thinking on the basis of conceptual pedagogical model 1
Teachers and children: the formation of communicative space 1
Teachers' perspectives on the development and implementation of a short-term international education program in art therapy and psychology 1
Teachers’ and graduates’ influence on the formation of students’ views on foreign language needs in their professional activities 1
Teachers’ continous professional development: necessity and opportunities 1
Teachers’ perspectives on the development and implementation of a short-term international education program in art therapy and psychology 1
The teacher’s role in implementing value-based education in India 1
Teaching a foreign language at FRG schools 1
Teaching a foreign language based on the formation of an individual educational strategy and pedagogical partnership 1
Teaching a foreign language for professional communication to agroengineering major students based of content and language integrated learning approach 1
Teaching a foreign language in a multilevel classroom 1
Teaching and apprenticeship in Slavophile communication: Aleksey Khomyakov’s correspondence with Yuri Samarin 1
Teaching and learning English as the global language in the education systems of the globalized world 1
Teaching anthropology and training professional anthropologists at the American University of Central Asia 1
Teaching anthropology at the Russian university today: some reflections on the practice 1
Teaching applied mechanics studentsforeign language professional discourse on the basis of the case study method 1
Teaching Chinese learners to express predicative meanings in the Russian sentence (on the example of meanings of time) 1
Teaching digital publication design and development skills to Russian journalism students: student-developed iPad magazine as an educational tool 1
Teaching English as a language of profession for engineering students: an integrative approach 1
Teaching English online: advantages, challenges and objectives 1
Teaching English through an exploration of identity in its socio-political and cultural contexts 1
Teaching English to students who plan to participate in volunteer projects abroad 1
Teaching ESP for law students at universities in Russia and abroad 2
Teaching experience "in an inverted class": to the statement of the question 1

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