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S&MPO - An information system for ozone spectroscopy on the WEB 1
S-блоки с максимальной компонентной алгебраической иммунностью от малого числа переменных 1
S. I. Gessen and the Russkaya Shkola za Rubezhom journal: from the history of the Russian émigré pedagogical journalism of the 1920s – the beginning of the 1930s 1
S. I. Sokolov, the secretary of the Moskovskie Vedomosti newspaper editorial office (the 1880s) 1
S. L. Frank: the social dimension of the mystical 1
S. M. Slonimsky. Concerto for alto and chamber orchestra "Tragicomedy" 1
S. M. Slonimsky: symphony poem "Petersburg visions" 1
S. Slonimsky. The songs to poems of Marina Tsvetayeva. A genre and stylistic solution of vocal cycle 1
Saami and Komi-Izhemtsy of Lovozero: forming of images of indigenous people and newcomers 1
The Saami: contexts and interpretations of social and cultural changes 1
Sacral experiences: new evidence on the characteristics of types of altered states of consciousness and the differentiation of Kyrgyz shamanism 1
"Sacred monsters": Toward the characterology of Iris Murdoch 1
Sacred places op the Mansi people 1
Sacred semantics of Tuvan traditional costume 1
"Sacred" objects of Tatars and Bashkirs of the Middle Volga and Ural regions 1
Sacredness and sacralization: sociocultural contexts of today (an introduction to the issues' special theme) 1
Sacrifices to the spirit master of water in the religious and mythological system of the Khakass (late 19th– mid-20th centuries) 1
Safety and innovativeness in the context of youth value and activity orientations 1
Safety and risks of nuclear power: Changing the discourse (by the example of Tomsk region) 1
Safety of electrical load on the helix lamps for repeated start open gas generator under water 1
Saint Petersbourg. Académie Impériale des beaux arts : vue prise la maison Dournoff, quai Anglais (29 juillet 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Cathédrale de N. D. de Kasan et statue de Koutousoff : (25 octobre 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Colonne Alexandrine, et Palais Impérial d’Hiver, : (31 octobre 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Couvent de Smolnoï, : vue prise de l'Esplanade (27 octobre 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. L'Amirauté : (12 juillet 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Le Palais d’Hiver et l’Amirauté : vue prise du quai de la Bourse (22 juin 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Monastère de Saint Alexandre Newski : 15 juillet 1839 1
Saint Petersbourg. Place d’Isaac et statue de Pierre le Grand : (21 juin 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Théâtre Alexandra : vue prise de la maison Démidoff, perspective de Newski (29 octobre 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Village sur la route de Moscou : (9 août 1839) 1
Saint Petersbourg. Église Saint Nicolas de la mer, et canal de la Fontanka : (24 juin 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Cathédrale d'Isaac et Palais du Sénat : vue prise de la Néva (17 juillet 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Maison de bienfaisance. Appartenant à Mr. Anatole Demidoff : vue prise des Magasins Impériaux de la réserve (17 juillet 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Maison de Pierre le Grand, sur la grande Néva : (18 juin 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Palais de Paul 1er : côté du Jardin d’Eté (16 juillet 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Perspective de Newski : (16 juillet 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Tour d’observation et siège de police dans la Grande Morskoi : (2 juillet 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Vue du comptoir Démidoff : sur la petite Néwa, Vacili-Ostroff (24 juin 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Vue du Palais de l’Ermitage et d’une partie du Palais d’Hiver, : côté de la Néva (26 octobre 1839) 1
Saint-Petersbourg. Église de la forteresse : (17 juin 1839) 1
Saint-priest General-Major 1
Saka dwellings 1
The Salamanca School in a series of portraits of outstanding Spaniards from Stroganov's book collection 1
The sales prediction algorithm with use of big data 1
The sales prediction algorithm with use of machine learning technologies 1
Salicaceae-Amarantaceae 1
Salicylic acid and formation of plant adaptive responses to abiotic stressors: role of signaling network components 1
Salsqlaceae-Betulaceae 1
Salt and gene expression: evidence for [Na+](i)/[K+](i)-mediated signaling pathways 1
Salt and osmosensing: role of cytoplasmic hydrogel 1
Salt composition and properties of aqueous extract southern chernozems of the Shira steppe 1
Same origins, different destinies: new migrants vs descendants of migrants 1
The samizdat generation. Book review: Rusina, Yu. A. (2019) Samizdat in the USSR: texts and destinies. St. Petersburg: Aleteyya; Yekaterinburg: Ural Federal University 1
Sammelhandschrift zum kanonischen Recht 1
Sample clock offset compensation in the fifth-generation new radio downlink 1
Sanctions for violent offences against the sexual integrity of minors: issues of improvement 1
Sanitation and public services and utilities provision in the cities of Western Siberia during the Great Patriotic war 1
Sapphire shaped crystals for laser-assisted cryodestruction of biological tissues 1
Sapphire-based medical instruments for diagnosis, surgery and therapy 1
Sarakul paleosol of the Eopleistocene final in the Southern Urals (Russia) 1
Sasanid music (from historical texts to archaeological evidence) 1
SAT solvers application of deriving all test pairs detecting robust testable PDFs 1
Satire sur le grand adieu des niepces de Mazarin a la France avec une plaisante description de leurs entreprises. En vers burlesques 1
Satire sur les troubles de Paris, en vers burlesques 1
Satire svr le grand adiev des niepces de Mazarin a la France, avec vne plaisante description de leurs entreprises. En vers bvrlesqves 1
Satisfaction of consumers as necessary condition of quality management of production telecommunication services 1
The satisfaction of small Russian cities’ residents with the quality of their lives: a case study of Perm Krai 1
Satisfaction of the quality of education 1
Satisfaction with the quality of life in the Russian regions in the context of realizing the resource potential of elderly people 1
Satyre de Mazarin, envoyé a Monsievr le Dvc de Beavfort 1
Satyre de Mazarin, envoyé à Monsieur le Duc de Beaufort 1
Satyre sur les troubles de Paris, en vers burlesques 1
Satyre svr les trovbles de Paris, en vers bvrlesqves 1
Save turtles: they saw dinosaurs 1
SBAC hardware implementation for H.265/HEVC video encoder 1
"Scaffolding" on the building called "psychology of human" 1
Scaffolds as carriers of drugs and biological molecules for bone-tissue bioengineering 1
Scalar field vacuum polarization on homogeneous spaces with an invariant metric 1
The scalar mesons in decays of the ψ and Υ families 1
"Scale on another’s trough": The continuity of reindeer herders’ and dogs’ worlds in the context of the ethnography of food 1
Scale up design study on process vessel dimensions for ultrasonic processing of water and liquid aluminium 1
Scales and places: ontologies of space exploration 1
Scaling limits of a tandem retrial queue with common orbit and Poisson arrival process 1
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) studies of epidermal surface of members of the family Equisetaceae 1
Scan–rescan repeatability and impact of b0 and b1 field nonuniformity corrections in single-point whole-brain macromolecular proton fraction mapping 1
"Scar" on military artifact as a witness of his biography (with support for materials of the Military-Artillery Museum) 1
"Scarce goods as the topic of the day": on consumer goods supply of Kurgan residents in the 1920s-1930s 1
Scattering of an electromagnetic wave by a structure consisting of a finite number of three-dimensional impedance and magnetodielectric bodies 1
Scattering of an electromagnetic wave by a thin cylinder of a perfect conductor and a magnetic dielectric 1
Scattering of an electromagnetic wave by a thin cylinder of perfect conductor and magnetodielectric 1
Scattering of plane-wave and twisted photons by helical media 1
Scattering of quasi-optical THz beams on spherical MWCNTs aerogels 1
Scattering of twisted electron wave-packets by atoms in the Born approximation 1
Scattering of wave packets with phases 1
Scattering properties of singular and aggregate atmospheric hexagonal ice particles 1
Scenarios of the revolutionary unification of Germany in Vasily Zhukovsky's reflection (on the material of journalistic and epistolary works of 1848-1850) 1
Scenic appearance as an important component of the embodiment of an opera image 1
Scent preference (co-specific vs non-specific) on the example of two mice species (Apodemus) 1
Schachzeitung. Jg. 20 1
Schachzeitung. Jg. 21 1

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