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QCD compositeness as revealed in exclusive vector boson reactions through double-photon annihilation: e+ e− → γγ∗ → γV0 and e+ e− → γ∗ γ∗ → V0V0 1
QCD constituent counting rules for neutral vector mesons 1
QFT treatment of processes in strong external backgrounds 1
A quadrature formula for the derivative of logarithmic potentials 1
Quaestiones super sex libros ethicorum Aristotelis 1
Qualification of intentional and reckless violations of traffic and vehicle operation regulations 1
Qualification of receiving a bribe in the form of a discount on goods, works, or services 1
Qualimetric assessment of the level of formation of professional competencies of university graduates in the field of information technologies 1
Qualitative assessment of souls in technogenic landscapes of Gorlovskiy anthracitous deposit 1
Qualitative transformations of the social subject in the general context of changes in modern society: theoretical and methodological approaches 1
Quality as one of effective ways of successful production 1
Quality assurance strategies of teaching Russian language and culture for foreign students 1
Quality control of ZnGeP2 single crystals using optical methods 1
Quality management as a condition for the development of E-learning in a modern university 1
Quality management system (QMS) as a basis for competitiveness research laboratory at the university 1
Quality of life 2.0: challenges of digitalization 1
Quality of life and psychological safety of people living and working in the conditions of technogenic and ecological trouble 1
Quality of life as the basis for achieving social welfare of the population 1
Quality of life in post-stroke patients with different lesion localizations 1
Quality of life of elderly people with varying degrees of openness 1
Quality of life: problems of measurement 1
Quality of life: regional aspect of socio-cultural components of modernization 1
Quality of university teaching staff 1
Quantification of absolute blood velocity using LDA 1
Quantifications of morphological family size: evidence from visual lexical decision task in Russian 1
Quantifying changes in lenticular stiffness with optical coherence elastography 1
Quantifying lens elastic properties with optical coherence elastography as a function of intraocular pressure 1
Quantifying the effects of hydration on corneal stiffness with optical coherence elastography 1
Quantitative analysis of local coenofloras in the steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan 1
Quantitative assessment of demyelination in ischemic stroke in vivo using macromolecular proton fraction mapping 1
Quantitative assessment of normal fetal brain myelination using fast macromolecular proton fraction mapping 1
Quantitative assessment of soil erosion in agricultural landscapes of southern taiga 1
Quantitative assessment of submicron scale anisotropy in tissue multifractality by scattering Mueller matrix in the framework of Born approximation 1
Quantitative comparison of the absorption spectra of the gas mixtures in analogy to the criterion of Pearson 1
Quantitative content of photosynthetic pigments in some plants of Natural Park "Siberian Uvaly" 1
Quantitative estimation of the influence of galla ahes of the genus Pemphigus (Sternorrhyncha: Aphididae, Pemphigini) on the parameters of poplar leaves 1
Quantitative estimation of the monsoonal mode of the wind near Khabarovsk 1
Quantitative evaluation of polarity of silica gel modified with transition metals chelates for gas chromatography 1
Quantitative imaging of white and gray matter remyelination in the cuprizone demyelination model using the macromolecular proton fraction 1
Quantitative mapping of white and gray matter myelination 1
Quantitative relations identification of the structural dynamics of the investment and constructive complex in Russia 1
Quantizer–dequantizer operators as a tool for formulating the quantization procedure 1
Quantum anomalous Hall conductivity in 3D magnetic topological insulator/normal insulator heterostructures 1
Quantum chemical investigations on molecular complexes of p-chloranil with piperidine, aniline, and their derivatives 1
Quantum chemical modeling of β-Bi2O3/Bi2SiO5 interface 1
Quantum chemical study of photodissociation of hydroxyaromatic compounds 1
Quantum deformation of the angular distribution of synchrotron radiation. Emission from particles in the first excited state 1
Quantum Dirac fermions in a half-space and their interaction with an electromagnetic field 1
Quantum dot based mid-infrared photodetector enhanced by a hybrid metal-dielectric optical antenna 1
Quantum effects under migratory polarization in nanometer layers of proton semiconductors and dielectrics at ultralow temperatures 1
Quantum electromagnetic nonlinearity affecting charges and dipole moments 1
Quantum mechanics without quanta: 2. The nature of the electron 1
Quantum mechanics without quanta: the nature of the wave-particle duality of light 1
Quantum motion in superposition of Aharonov–Bohm with some additional electromagnetic fields 1
Quantum states of an electromagnetic field interacting with a classical current and their applications to radiation problems 1
Quantum suprematism picture of Triada of Malevich's squares for spin states and the parametric oscillator evolution in the probability representation of quantum mechanics 1
Quantum-chemical analysis of the effect of water and methanol molecules on the kinetics of 2-methylimidazole formation 1
Quantum-chemical analysis of the effect of water molecules on the kinetics of 2-methylimidazole formation 1
Quantum-chemical model of studying competition of photophysical and photochemical processes 1
Quantum-chemical study of electronically excited states of protolytic forms of vanillic acid 1
Quantum-chemical study of protonated forms of vanillic acid in electronically excited states 1
Quantum-chemical visualization of lactic and glycolic cyclic diesters 1
Quantum-well states with image state character for Pb overlayers on Cu(III) 1
Quartz luminescence from pegmatites of the Turkestan belt 1
Quasi-experimental modeling of cognitive trajectories and personality factors of youth radicalization and extremalization psychoprophylaxis 1
Quasi-formal interaction in an educational setting 1
Quasi-functional relations in logic and other fields of knowledge 1
Quasi-optical 2D system for non-contact non-destructive testing of defects in natural and artificial crystals 1
Quasi-optical resonant single-frequency flaw detector of polymer filament for 3D printing 1
Quasi-singular control in discrete systems control problem with nonlocal boundary conditions 1
Quasi-static and shock-wave loading of ultrafine-grained aluminum: effect of microstructural characteristics 1
"Quasi-translation" of the pun: the specificity of using algorithms 1
Quasibinary section Ag2SnS3-Sb2S3 1
Quasibinary section of AgGaSe2–PbS 1
Quasinatural sites in russian legislation 1
Quasiparticle band gap in the topological insulator Bi2Te3 1
Quasiparticle interference on the surface of Bi2Se3 induced by cobalt adatom in the absence of ferromagnetic ordering 1
Quasiparticle spectrum and plasmonic excitations in the topological insulator Sb2Te3 1
Quasiparticles described by the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in the semiclassical approximation 1
Quasirent, as a source of stimulating innovation development in VINK 1
Quasistationary solution of a two-component hyperbolic system on an interval 1
Quaternary glaciation in Northern Central Asia 1
Quaternary mammal remains from the Krasniy Yar locality (Tomsk region, Russia) 1
The quaternary mammals from Kozhamzhar locality (Pavlodar region, Kazakhstan) 1
Quaternary skulls of the saiga from Eastern Europe and Siberia. Saiga borealis versus Saiga tatarica - one species or two? 1
Quatriesme balade 1
Qubit representation of qudit states: correlations and state reconstruction 1
Que la voix du peuple est la voix de dieu. Contre le sentiment de celui qui nous a proposé une question toute contraire 1
The Queen of Spades by Pushkin in opera, operetta and animation 1
Quenched polyampholytes for polymer flooding 1
Quest as a method of work with readers (on the example of Tomsk libraries) 1
The quest for a universal language throughout human history 1
Quest for Casimir repulsion between Chern-Simons surfaces 1
Question cardinale, plaisamment agitée ou dasthicotée entre un hollandois et un suisse, et décidée par un Français 1
Question morale et politique, très-importante à decider & pour la gloire du roy, & pour le bien de son peuple, sçavoir quelle de ces deux vertus est plus necessaire au souverain, ou la clemence ou la justice 1
The question of adaptation of manufacturing groups belonging to the industrial sector of Altai Krai to the market economy model during the first half of 1990s as exemplified by Barnaul Instrument and Mechanical Plant (OAO BAMZ) 1
Question of Brexit in pre-election rhetoric of the British political parties and their leaders on the eve of snap parliamentary elections on June 8 2017 1
The question of the death penalty in modern russian legal science 1
The question of the economic structure of the Rusins of Bessarabia in the 19th - beginning of the 20th century 1
Question, s'il y doit avoir un premier ministre dans le conseil du roy. Raison d'Estat et politique tres-importante a decider, pour le bien du souverain, & pour le repos de la patrie 1

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