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p-groups and their endomorphism rings 1
P. A. Slovtsov's activity as a visiting supervisor of Siberian educational institutions 1
P. N. Krylov about tasks of the botanical-geographical researches 1
P. N. Krylov Herbarium: 130 years of the study of the flora of Siberia 1
P. N. Krylov's collection in Kazan Universities Herbarium 1
P. P. Sumarokov and N. M. Karamzin: two views on Siberia 1
P. Sharoff – "Netherlands’ Stanislavsky" 1
P. V. Vologodsky and sworn attorneys in Siberia 1
P. V. Vologodsky and the case of legal aid in Siberia 1
P. V. Vologodsky on the way to the legal profession: the environment, interests and activities of the lawyer at the initial stage of his professional career 1
Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky and Georges Braque: dialogue of the dedicated 1
Pachypleurum schischkinii Serg. (ТК-000870) 1
The pacific fleet theater in the system of political and educational work of the Far East in the 1930s 1
Pacta sunt servanda, или О доверии в международных отношениях 1
A page from the history of ukrainophilism 1
Pages of the musical life of Tomsk (60-90 years of the twentieth century) 1
Pages on social networks as an analogue of candidate’s summary 1
Pagrindas, išvados pagrindimas ir pagrindo neperdavimo atvejai 1
Paid internet surveys 1
Pain: medical history and premises of sociological analysis 1
Painted images of mount Tepsei 1
Painting as a manifestation of national and cultural revival of Rusins 1
Pair production from the vacuum by a weakly inhomogeneous space-dependent electric potential 1
Pairing of monoatomic steps on the Si(100) surface: experiment and modeling 1
Paleo-ecology of the Yedoma Ice Complex on Sobo-Sise Island (EasternLena Delta, Siberian Arctic) 1
Paleo-mesoproterozoic intraplate mafic magmatism in southwestern Yangtze Block of South China: implications for paleogeographic reconstruction 1
Paleoanthropological data related to the early stages of the formation of the Hungarian people 1
Paleobiogeographic regionalization of mid and late cretaceous basins of West Siberian and other aquatoriums of Northern Hemisphere (on foraminiferen stading data) 1
Paleobiogeographic zonation of late cretaceous aquatoriums of West Siberian and other provincies, significance for stratigraphy (on foraminiferal study data) 1
Paleodietary patterns of the Cherepakha 13 site population (Early Iron Age) in Primorye (Maritime) province, Russian Far East, based on stable isotope analysis 1
Paleoecological investigation of mammoth remains from the Krakow Spadzista Street (B) site 1
Paleogene biostratigraphy and foraminifera of Western Siberia. 1
Paleogeography of the last glaciation of the mountain frame of the Mui depression (Northern Transbaikalia) 1
Paleogeography of the pool of the Teletsk Lake in the Late Neopleistocene – Holotsene 1
Paleolithic of Western Siberian Plain: current research and perspectives 1
Paleolithic sites with bifaces in Northern Aral region: problems of chronology and periodization 1
Paleomagnetism and U-Pb age of the 2.4 Ga Erayinia mafic dykes in the south-western Yilgarn, Western Australia: Paleogeographic and geodynamic implications 1
Paleontological and stratigraphic research of the early Cretaceous vertebrates locality Bolshoy Ilek (Achinsk district, Krasnoyarsk territory) 1
Paleontological research of the Yana river middle basin (results of the expedition "Bilim") 1
Paleoreconstructions of Wyoming and Superior cratons from 2.70 to 1.72 Ga with implications for Archean-Proterozoic supercontinents and the circa 2.45-2.35 Ga great oxidation event 1
Paleozoogeographic zonation of campanian–maastrichtian basins of West Siberian province (on the base of foraminiferal study) 1
The palette index of Sierpiński triangle graphs and Sierpiński graphs 1
Palladium(I) and palladium(II) unsaturated carboxylate complexes with small molecules: Synthesis and X-ray structure of Pd4(μ-CO)4(μ-trans-CH3CH=CHCO2)4 and Pd4(μ-NO)2(μ-CH2=C(CH3)CO2)6 1
Palladiumcontained nanocomposites based on silica monolithes with hierarhical porosity 1
"Palliative" legal constructs in the Constitution of the Russian Federation 1
Paludification on Vasyugan Mire 1
Palynological studies in the north-eastern part of the Yamal peninsula 1
Pan-European identity during the COVID-19 pandemic 1
Pan-islamism in the interpretation of the bolsheviks: liberation movement, threat or invention? (1917-1924) 1
The pandemic factor in the rivalry between E. Macron and M. Le Pen in the Presidential Elections in France in 2022 1
The pandemic of the "Russian flu" of 1889–1890: occurrence, spread, demographic losses 1
Pandemic-driven e-justice in a civil process: comparative legal analysis 1
Panegirique pour Monseigneur le Duc de Beaufort pair de France, adressé à Monsieur de Palleteau 1
Panegiriqve povr Monseignevr le Dvc de Beavfort Pair de France, adressé a Monsievr de Palleteav 1
Panegiriqve povr Monseignevr le Dvc de Beavfort pair de France, adressé à Monsievr de Palleteav, 1
The Panhellenion mentioned by Synesius of Cyrene (Syn. Ep. 101.73): The problem of the Late Antique Hellenism evolution 1
Panic attack as the syndrom of the XXI century 1
Panégirique pour monseigneur le Duc de Beaufort pair de France, adressé à Monsieur de Palleteau 1
Panégyrique pour Monseigneur le Duc de Beaufort pair de France, adressé à Monsieur de Palleteau 1
Papaveraceae - Saxifragaceae 1
Paper and other writing materials in non-specialized museums: Museum of a Book of the Tomsk State University Scientific Library 1
The papers of the Third University Cities Forum "University and City Facing Global Challenges", National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia, November, 28-30, 2018 1
Papers on geology of siberia 1
Papilionaceae-Corneae 1
Paradigm of philosophy and architectonics of sciences of culture 1
Paradigm of technoscience and responsible research and innovation approach 1
The paradigm of wholeness in the interpretation of non-classical logic 1
The paradox of a non-reductive explanation 1
The paradox of ego-identity: from person to nation 1
Paradoxes of high and low velocities in modern geodynamics 1
Paradoxes of temporality: remembering peasant uprisings 100 years later 1
Paradoxes of the export of technical regulation institutions to the EAEU space 1
Paraffin embedded cancer tissue 2D terahertz imaging and machine learning analysis 1
Parafoveal processing in reading: the role of word length 1
Parag Khanna's connectography: urban networks in the 21st century 1
Paralinguistic means of describing the behavior of a lying character (based on the material of German-language literature) 1
Parallel algorithm for constructing k-valued fault-tolerant diagnostic tests in intelligent systems 1
Parallel algorithms for solving the twodimensional heat equation using the splitting scheme 1
Parallel decomposition of a system of partial Boolean functions 1
Parallel implementation and simulation of network reliability calculation by Monte Carlo method 1
Parallel implementation of a numerical method for solving transport equations for the mesoscale meteorological model TSUNM3 1
Parallel implementation of numerical algorithm of solving coupled internal ballistics modelling problem for solid rocket motors 1
Parallel implementation spline difference scheme for solving the problem of pollutant transport in the atmosphere 1
Parallel import regulations in Georgia 1
Parallel life-stories: deported people and Khanties in Western Siberia 1
Parallel pandemic: psychological facilitation in medical assistance 1
Parallel text corpus usage in solving problems in comparative linguistics (based on the material of the russian national corpus) 1
Parallelism of semantic theories in analytic philosophy and theories of terminological planning 1
Parameological representation of a stereotypical woman’s role in the family (on the basis of English and Russian proverbs on marriage) 1
Parameter estimation and change-point detection for AR(p)/ARCH(q) process with unknown parameters 1
Parameter estimation and change-point detection for process AR(p)/ARCH(q) with unknown parameters 1
Parameter estimation for continuous time hidden Markov processes 1
Parameter estimation of an unstable autoregression by sample of fixed size 1
Parameter estimation with guaranteed accuracy for AR(1) by noised observations 1
Parameter identification method for dual-energy X-ray imaging 1
Parameters and classification of the devon riftogenous Altai-Sayansky LIP 1
Parameters comparison between quantum dot infrared detectors of Ge/Si and HgCdTe detectors 1
Parameters identification and optimization of photovoltaic panels under real conditions using Lambert W-function 1
Parameters of broadening of water molecule absorption lines by argon derived using different line profile models 1
Parameters of regional media discourse: subject, communicative situation, context structure 1

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