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The N-operator and the elimination of the identity sign in Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus 1
N-модифицированные силикатные стекловолокна как новый класс сорбентов кислых газов 1
N-оператор и элиминация знака тождества в "Логико-философском трактате" Л. Витгенштейна 1
N. A. Berdyaev’s philosophy of war 1
N. I. Nadezhdin and Carpathian Rus 1
N. K. Auerbakh and his contribution into Siberian museum science in 1920’s 1
N. Leskov’s story “At the End of the Earth”: artistic imagery in а historical context 1
N. M. Karamzin’s letters to V. A. Zhukovsky: review comment 1
N. N. Muravyev as organizer of the first newspapers of Eastern Siberia 1
N. V. Gogol’s short story "A Terrible Vengeance" in the aspect of the alchemical concept of the great work: Nigredo phase 1
N2-broadening coefficients of CH3CN rovibrational lines and their temperature dependence for the Earth and Titan atmospheres 1
"Na pereputje": techniques for modeling communicative situations in educational video game 1
Nabokov's perfect play: the screenplay Lolita from the perspective of the author's views on playwriting 1
NADPH oxidase mediates microtubule alterations and diaphragm dysfunction in dystrophic mice 1
Naegleria fowleri: a hidden assassin 1
Naive worldview vs professional worldview in the discourse of the forensic medical examination 1
Names of ancient heroes transferred on the types of weapons and protective equipment (based on English and German languages) 1
Names of bread in the Russian North: An ethnolinguistic aspect 1
Names of cultured-milk foods in the yakut language in comparison with lexical parallels in other turkic and mongolian languages 1
Names of evil spirits in Russian imprecations 1
Names of military uniform elements of French origin 1
Names of people by trade and their representation in historical terminography 1
The names of Rusin holidays as the evidence of linguistic and ethnocultural specificity of the nation 1
Names of strong alcoholic drinks in the Russian North: etymological and ethnolinguistic analysis 1
The names old Barguts and new Barguts as reflections of events in the history of two Baikal area ethnicities in the 17th and the first third of the 18th century 1
The name’s return. G. A. Fritsche – the founder of meteorological stations in Siberia 1
Nano-engineered pathways for advanced thermal energy storage systems 1
Nano-size defects in arsenic-implanted HgCdTe films: a HRTEM study 1
Nanobomb optical coherence elastography 1
Nanodipoles of partial disclinations and the mechanism of deformation localization in the field of elastic distortions 1
Nanodipoles of partial disclinations in the region of localized elastic distortions 1
Nanofluid convective flow over stretching surface with variable thermophysical properties 1
Nanoindentation and cavitation-induced fragmentation study of primary Al3Zr intermetallics formed in Al alloys 1
Nanolayers in fiber-optic biosensing 1
Nanoparticle-free tissue-mimicking phantoms with intrinsic scattering 1
Nanosecond laser-induced photomodification of gold nanostars of various sizes 1
Nanosecond triggering for sealed-off cold cathode thyratrons with a trigger unit based on an auxiliary glow discharge 1
Nanosize radiation defects in arsenic implanted HgCdTe epitaxial films of n- and p-type studied with TEM/HRTEM 1
Nanosized multioxides of refractory metals obtained by laser ablation 1
Nanostructural states in Nb-Al mechanocomposite after conbined deformation treatment 1
Nanostructured ceramics based on ZrO2, obtained by additive technology 1
Nanostructured titanium-based materials for medical implants: Modeling and development 1
Nanostructures with Ge-Si quantum dots for infrared photodetectors 1
Nanostructuring of the surface layers of construction materiaks and nanostructured coating deposition 1
Nanotechnology and nanometrology in Russian. Problems and progress 1
Nano‑scale structural studies of defects in arsenic‑implanted n and p‑type HgCdTe films 1
Nano‑size defect layers in arsenic‑implanted and annealed HgCdTe epitaxial films studied with transmission electron microscopy 1
Narcissism in modern visual culture: the phenomenon of selfie 1
Narodnost and the state in the slavophile doctrine (1840s–1880s) 1
Narrating the past in the English first-person retrospective novel in the 20th century 1
Narration of emotions as an element of the cognitive system of the documentary 1
Narrative and affect in the analysis of foreign policy rhetoric 1
A narrative approach in legal research: purpose and methodology 1
Narrative approach in psychological practice: language reconstruction of a problem 1
Narrative as a communicative mode in the courtroom 1
Narrative competence development in preschool: designing guidelines and piloting brief narrative competence assessment form for preschool teachers: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 37.04.01 - Психология 1
The narrative dimension of a political myth 1
Narrative dimension of linguocultural values 1
Narrative discourse in the English translation of the collection "The Suitcase" by S. Dovlatov 1
Narrative elements in modern TV programs 1
Narrative features of the fairy tale "Konek-Gorbunok" by P. P. Ershov 1
The narrative of epiphany in the novels by François Mauriac and Iris Murdoch 1
Narrative paradigm and its relevance in the context of foreign language teaching method 1
Narrative strategy in Afanasy Fet's story The Golts Family 1
Narrative structure of the gamebook as a hypernarrative 1
The narrative structure of V. F. Odoevsky’s "Pyostrye skazki" as a reflection of the author’s gnoseological concept 1
"Narrative" as a cultural phenomenon and an object of discursive activity 1
The narrative-communicative technology of foreign language teaching: definition and peculiarities 1
Narratological component of socio-humanitarian culture of an author of a dissertation 1
Narrow band UV lamp based on iodine vapor 1
Narymsky Museum of Political Exile. History of creation and formation 1
Nasal aerodynamics protects brain and lung from inhaled dust in subterranean diggers Ellobius talpinus 1
"Nast’a is not a migrant, Nast’a belongs to us!”. Migrants from Russia in Slovak migration discourse 1
National and cultural life of the interwar Subcarpathian Rus in the assessments of members of the Czechoslovak government in London (1940-1944) 1
National and patriotic traditions of upbringing in Russia: history and modernity 1
National and regional lexicography as asource of the study of language contacts in Latvia 1
National and state security as a specific object of crime against the basis of the constitutional structure and security of the state 1
The national and the international in Slavic linguistic terminology 1
The national archives of the UK: structure and main directions 1
National aspects of Russian social thought of the second half of the 19th century in Soviet historiography (1920s-1980s) 1
The national character of the television 1
National chinese cuisine 1
The national culture of Azerbaijan on UNESCO list of cultural heritage 1
National discourses of Soviet historical policy during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (based on Siberian periodicals) 1
National features of phraseological units based on zoonyms (on the material of the Chinese and Russian languages) 1
National games of national festival El-Oiyn 1
National graduation of the Leningrad Theater Institute in Tomsk 1
National historiography of archaeological research of the Stone Age of Crimea on the pages of the Bulletin of the Commission for the Study of the Quaternary Period (1930–2010s) 1
National identity and immigration in modern France 1
National identity in new media 1
The national imaginary as a historical and cultural practice of memory: images of the pilgrim fathers in the rhetoric of the American civil war 1
National innovation systems of the economies of the Northern Europe countries: experience, which is useful for Russia 1
National interest and personal responsibility in Hannah Arendt’s "Eichmann in Jerusalem" 1
National issue in the programs of Rusin political parties in the First Zechoslovak Republic (1918–1938) 1
"National issue" in the Russian army (based on domestic journalism materials) 1
National parks of Siberia and ecological tourism 1
The National Party of Wales and the transformation of Welshness: the mechanism of maintaining national identity in the 20th century 1
National pedagogical traditions of physical education discipline in foreign universities: comparative aspect 1
The national policy of Russia in cross-border zones. Ethnic aspects of social technologies research 1
National policy of the People’s Republic of China and its periodization 1

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