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K современном понимании понятий "правовые средства прокурорского надзора" и "формы реализации правовых средств прокурорского надзора" 1
K-contact structures on Lie groups 1
k-good formal matrix rings of infinite order 1
K-pop cover dance и сетевое поколение: влияние и формы реализации на сцене и в жизни 1
k-вполне транзитивность однородно разложимых групп 1
k-вполне транзитивные абелевы группы без кручения : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.01.06. 1
k-вполне транзитивные абелевы группы без кручения : диссертация на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.01.06. 1
K-контактные структуры на группах Ли 1
K-плоскости в n-мерно упорядоченных группах 1
K-транзитивность одного класса блочных преобразований 1
K. M. Golodnikov – critic, author and editor of "Tobolsk provincial sheets" 1
K. Marx and A. A. Bogdanov about revolution in Russia 1
K. Pavlova – tranlsator of W. Scott’spoetry 1
K. Ya. Grot and Carpatho-Danubian Lands 1
Kai Donner: Linguist, ethnographer, photographer. Donner Joakim & Juha Janhunen (eds.), Peter Sandberg (photo ed.). Helsinki: Société Finno-Ougrienne, National Board of Antiquities, 2014. 175 p. (Travaux ethnographiques de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 21) 1
Kaizen system - Japanese strategy of improvements 1
Kalacheevskaya cave in the Middle Don: interpretation of sacred topos in the context of the Via Dolorosa 1
The Kalahari and Grunehogna Cratons, and their placement within neoproterozoic Rodinia, defined by new U-Pb geochronology on large igneous provinces 1
The Kalistraticha III burial site in the system of Ob`-Yrtysh Seima-turbino phenomenon sites 1
Kalman filtering in the problem of noise reduction in the absorption spectra of exhaled air 1
Kalmyk art: local style of the Buddhist iconografy 1
Kamchatka in industrial photo reportage of G. Z. Gaidukevich, 1930s 1
Kamchatka soils provinces distinguishing by the composition and age of volcanic ashes on which they are formed 1
Kantian linguistic tradition in Peter Strawson's philosophy of language 1
Kaon electroproduction on the proton 1
Karate classes as a means of motor and psychomotor training for preschool children 1
Karim Idelguzhin about Bashkir troops and the struggle for power in 1917–1919 1
Karst area of Kokuya mountain (Altai Mountains) 1
Karyotype and genome size in Adonis vernalis and Adonis volgensis 1
Karyotypes and genome size of Adonis amurensis and Adonis apennina (Ranunculaceae) from Asian Russia 1
Karyotypes and nuclear DNA content in some Trollius L. and Hegemone Bunge ex Ledeb. (Ranunculaceae) species of Asian Russia and China 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de l'Announciation. Blakovestchensky : (17 septembre 1839) 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de St. Pierre et St. Paul : 13 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Dôme de Nikolskoï. Dans le Gostinnoi-dwor (Grand Bazar) : 10 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Entrée par les Moulins et la Kasanka, : 16 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. La Forteresse. Côté de la Kasanka 1
Kasan. Monastère de Saint-Jean-Baptiste : (15 septembre 1839) 1
Kasan. Ruines du Palais tatare et tour de Soumbecka : interieur de la forteresse (18 septembre 1839) 1
The Kashpar cambrian-ordovik gabbro-diorite-quartzmontsodiorite-syenite complex - new petrography department on the Eastern slope of the Kuznetsk Alatau 1
Kasten, Erich (Hg.) Reisen an den Rand des Russischen Reiches: Die wissenschaftliche Erschließung der nordpazifischen Küstengebiete im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Fürstenberg/ Havel: Kulturstiftung Sibirien, 2013. – 320 pp., 9 Farbabbildungen. ISBN: 978-3-942883-16-0 : рецензия на книгу 1
The Kazakh steppe of the Orenburg Department in the regional policy of the Russian Empire in the 19th century 1
Kazakhstan education in the context of globalization 1
Kazakhstan in the Belt and Road Initiative (2013–2022) 1
Kazakhstan model of ethno-confessional consent 1
The Kazakhs’ attitude towards the Kalmyks in the 1760s 1
The keeper who put the Khanty of the Vasyugan on the map 1
Keeping pagan sanctuaries in ancient Russia: facts against myths 1
Kelp forests and their significance for nature and humans 1
Kenmotsu manifolds with a zero curvature distribution 1
Kennzeichen der Mündlichkeit in den schriftlichen Aushängen (im Russischen im Vergleich zum Deutschen) 1
The Ket shaman drums from the Kunstkamera and the Ethnographic Museum of the Kazan University 1
The Kets and their culture. Research problems in the 20th–21st centuries (the statement of the problem) 1
Key areas of education according to V. Sukhomlinsky, and their significance for modern professional education 1
Key aspects of the economy of the Tagar culture population: main concepts and problems of research into animal husbandry 1
Key concepts of Russian culture in Dostoevsky's Idioglossary 1
Key digital technologies and their impact on consumer market 1
Key eye movement measures in Russian-Chinese and Chinese-Russian bilingual reading 1
Key features and strategies for interpreting ‘buffo’ phenomena in screenplay translation 1
Key ingredients of the alkali atom – metal surface interaction: chemical bonding versus spectral properties 1
Key milestones in bibliographic index formation of the works by "forgotten" writer L. A. Charskaya (1901-2021) 1
Key problems in the labor market of the youth of Tomsk 1
Key role of elastic vortices in the initiation of intersonic shear cracks 1
Key schedule based on a modified additive generator 1
Key section of karginsk deposits in the middle reach of the Chulym river (Tomsk region) 1
Key stages in traditional land-use impacts on the soils in the center of the European Russia in the middle and late Holocene 1
Key tasks as a means of advancing schoolchildren’s mathematical knowledge when learning elementary functions 1
Key tendencies of triolet evolution in the russian poetry of the 18th–21st centuries 1
The key to the discovery of Russian Classical Literature. Book reveiew: Lebedev, Yu. V. (2020) Russian Literature of the 19th Century: a course of lectures for bachelors of theology: in 2 vols. Moscow: Ss Cyril and Methodius Theological Institute of Postgraduate Studies; Poznanie 1
The key to the future: predictive meanings of political metaphor (based on British texts about Russia of the Great Patriotic War period) 1
Keyword as a tool for linguistic and cultural analysis of paremia 1
The Khairkhan dunite-troctolite-gabbro massif (Lake Zone of the Western Mongolia) - example of syncollision Middle Cambrian mafic intrusion 1
Khakas ethnos as of tourist interest 1
Khanty consonants of the second articulation range (physical data) 1
The Kharkov researcher of Kazakhstan antiquities (about Semen Semenov-Zuser) 1
"Khitryy" and "khitar" in the linguistic consciousness of native speakers of cognate languages (on the Russian and Serbian language material) 1
Khlebnikov and Sukhovo-Kobylin. On the problem of the textology of Russian cosmism 1
Khorezmian "tropics": the anthropology of the Ullu-Pir mazar 1
Khosrow Mirza: historical figure and artistic image. On the cultural originality of Russian-Persian ties 1
The Khotin uprising: causes and consequences 1
Khowledge transformation: digital technology and family psychology 1
"A killing excellence": Anthony Trollope’s The Bertrams in Leo Tolstoy’s evaluation 1
Kim Il Song’s birthday as a part of DPRK ideology 1
"A kind of gentle painting". On the divine origin of artistic talent in the Hilliard’s treatise 1
Kinematic identification of the angular power distribution and the linear polarization of radiation of an arbitrarily moving charge 1
Kinematics of a power-law fluid flow in a pipe with a varying cross section 1
Kinematics of the fountain flow during pipe filling with a power-law fluid 1
Kinesiological physical education model for preschoolers 1
Kinesiological potential of senior schoolchildren 1
Kinetic approach to the development of computational dynamic models for brittle solids 1
Kinetic determination of thiocyanate by the reaction of bromate with crystal violet immobilized in a polymethacrylate matrix 1
Kinetic features of l-lactide production by catalytic depolimerization of oligomers of l-lactic acid 1
Kinetic investigation on the smouldering combustion of boreal peat 1
Kinetic model for UV/H2O2 degradation of 8-methoxypsoralen 1
Kinetic model of the initial stage of the nanowire growth 1
Kinetic model of the manganese vapor active medium 1
Kinetic modeling of amplifying characteristics of copper vapor active media for a wide range of input radiation power 1
Kinetic study of photodegradation 2,4-d by photoreactor based on KrCl exilamp 1
Kinetics and mechanisms of cyanobacterially induced precipitation of magnesium silicate 1
Kinetics of crack bridged zone formation in self-healing process 1
Kinetics of deformation bands in a low-carbon steel — stainless steel bimetal 1

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