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"i am going through you": on studying shamans’ altered states of consciousness 1
"I choose the eco-friendly living" - a project for kids with disabilities 1
"I had a dream; it was so cheerful...": an unknown poem by V. A. Zhukovsky 1
"I have lost the memory of everything, almost everything that has been . . . How can one not rejoice at the loss of memory?" (reflections on Leo Tolstoy's four biographies in the ZhZL series) 1
"I lose faith in socialism, i lose faith in the fact that the Komsomol is something sensible, good": a content analysis of the letters of the youth of the 1920s 1
"I owe everything to myself only": Roxandra Sturdza – acquisition of identity in the era of transformations of the late 18th – early 19th centuries 1
"I see history in the eschatological perspective...": N. A. Berdyaev about Soviet Russia in his late work period (1939-1948) 1
"I went fishing obydenkoy (within one day)" (on one group of adverbs in slavic languages) 1
I межвузовская экологическая конференция студентов и молодых ученых "Экологические проблемы и пути их решения" 1
I Международный чемпионат университетских команд по плаванию в ластах, СССР, Томск, 6-17 сентября 1991 г. : . 1
I межрегиональная научно-практическая конференция "PR-Универсум 2004" : сборник материалов 1
I. I. Dolgikh, the first leader of the Southern Kuzbass corrective labour camp of the USSR ministry of internal affairs 1
I. I. Sreznevsky and Carpathian Rus' 1
I. N. Smirnov in the Narym exile 1
I. P. Filevich and Carpathian Rus. Part 1. Biography 1
I. P. Filevich and Carpathian Rus. Part 2. Carpathian Rus in I. P. Filevich’s scholarly heritage 1
I. S. Solovenko's monograph "The protest movement of Russian miners in 1992–1999" as a source for studying the problems of the Russian coal industry in the post-Soviet period 1
I. S. Turgenev and H. de Balzac: on the way to Shakespeare (on the materials of the writer's family library). Article one 1
I. S. Turgenev and H. de Balzac: on the way to Shakespeare (on the materials of the writer's family library). Article two 1
I. Приборы для быстрого и достаточно точного определения удельного веса льда и сопротивления его на излом. II. Результаты измерений удельного веса и прочности на излом льда р. Томи перед ледоходом 1912 г. 1
ICCD-imaging of a plasma glow during the prebreakdown stage of nanosecond discharges at both polarities in nitrogen, air and argon 1
Ice-dammed lake outburst floods in the Altai Mountains, Siberia - a review with links for further readings 1
ICO as new form of attraction of financing 1
ICO as the following stage of craudfanding development 1
ICO innovative method of craudfunding 1
ICO как инновационный способ краудфандинга 1
ICO как инструмент привлечения финансирования проектов: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 38.03.01 - Экономика 1
ICO как новая форма привлечения финансирования 1
ICO как следующий этап развития краудфандинга 1
Icon tyranni in invectiva contra Mazarinum expressa 1
Icon Tyranni in invectiva contra Mazarinvm expressa 1
ICT using for students' team-working skills formation via webquest technology 1
The idea of a "jewish conspiracy" as the result of comprehension the Russian revolution 1
The idea of common slavic language: from J. Križanić to V. L. Lamanskii 1
The idea of compromise in the Russian criminal process as a meaning of court activity of crime 1
The idea of culture: Kant's boundary of reason as an imperative in the education of a modern person 1
The idea of human solidarity in philosophy Dostoevsky 1
The "idea of human" literary category: epistemological potential 1
The idea of limiting the type theory in the philosophy of mathematics in the context of the criticism of epistemological relativism 1
The idea of management objectives in medium-sized commercial enterprises 1
The idea of national revival and the fate of entrepreneurial spirit in the context of Chichikov image reception in contemporary prose 1
The idea of national revival in Return to Egypt by V. Sharov: a dialogue with Gogol 1
The idea of reviewing criminal court rulings and the first experiences of its implementation emerged 1
The idea of Slavdom in the pre-revolutionary Russian encyclopedias of the late XIX century 1
The idea of Slavic identity in early Slavs in the monuments of their prehistoric life by V. M. Florinsky 1
The ideal human and the ideal society in the philosophy of Confucius 1
Ideal teacher of higher school: personal qualities and socio-professional competencies 1
An ideal teacher: students’ and teachers’ views 1
Ideal two-dimensional electron systems with a giant rashba-type spin splitting in real materials: surfaces of bismuth tellurohalides 1
Ideals and principles of common wellbeing under social and humanistic paradigm 1
The ideals and up-bringing mechanisms in totalitarian societies (Germany and the USSR in 30-40s years of the ХХ century) 1
Ideas and methods of nonlinear mathematics and theoretical physics in DNA science: the McLaughlin-Scott equation and its application to study the DNA open state dynamics 1
The ideas of entrepreneurs and key personnel on organizational pathology in small business organizations 1
The ideas of nationalism and yugoslavism in Serbian political discourse 1
The ideas of the Russian masonry in I. Turgenev’s works of the 1870s 1
Ideas to modelling nucleon GPDs with AdS/QCD models 1
Identification and assessment of risks of the production planning process 1
Identification and assessment of social risks of the state in the Far East territories with a special economic status 1
Identification and control of air quality in the book fund of Scientific Library of Tomsk State University 1
Identification and energy calibration of hadronically decaying tau leptons with the ATLAS experiment in pp collisions at √s=8 TeV 1
Identification and prediction for compound models 1
Identification and rejection of pile-up jets at high pseudorapidity with the ATLAS detector 1
Identification and social norms of the Chukchi 1
Identification and space-time evolution of vortex-like motion of atoms in a loaded solid 1
Identification of a personality 1
The identification of archaeological obsidian sources on Kamchatka Peninsula (Russian Far East) using geochemical and geological data: Current progress 1
Identification of boosted, hadronically decaying W bosons and comparisons with ATLAS data taken at √s = 8 TeV 1
Identification of contraining factors in the processes of implementing artificial intelligence in the activities of commercial structures 1
Identification of discrete time systems with random jump parameters and incomplete information 1
Identification of field pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L., Brassicaceae) - a species of weeds regulated by importing countries 1
Identification of genes and gene pathways associated with major depressive disorder by integrative brain analysis of rat and human prefrontal cortex transcriptomes 1
Identification of high transverse momentum top quarks in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector 1
Identification of kinetic parameters of solid-state reaction 1
Identification of kinetic parameters of the desorption process 1
Identification of materials in X-ray inspections of objects by the dual-energy method 1
Identification of natural hybrids between Ahlbergia frivaldszkyi (Lederer, 1853) and Callophrys rubi (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) using mitochondrial and nuclear markers 1
Identification of objects containing child pornography in the virtual space by decrypting their names and tags 1
The identification of seasonal settlements by geographical methods 1
Identification of sedentary and migrating graylings in the Yenisei River using scales 1
Identification of seeds of Euphorbia species from agrocenoses, Russian Federation 1
Identification of size and concentration of submicron particles on the basis of rayleigh scattering model 1
Identification of some areas of development of small trade formats based on the analysis of stakeholders' interests 1
Identification of species and hybrids of Populus L. according to the signs of petiolar anatomy 1
Identification of technological strains of pharmacological significant basidiomycet Neolentinus Lepideus ((FR.) Redhead & AMP; Ginns 1985) in forest ecosystems of the Tomsk region 1
Identification of the genomic composition in allopolyploid species of the genus Elymus (Poaceae: Triticeae) with CAPS-analysis 1
Identification of the intestinal type gastric adenocarcinoma transcriptomic markers using bioinformatic and gene expression analysis 1
Identification of the key parameters of Huawei's success in the smartphone market 1
Identification of the most of specific volatile metabolites by gas chromatography in the samples of exhaled breath of lung cancer patients and healthy volunteers 1
Identification of the most specific volatile metabolites by gas chromatography in the exhaled breath of lung cancer patients and healthy volunteers 1
Identification of the origin of children (some disputable aspects) 1
Identification of university graduates in social media and digital strategy 1
Identification politics of metamodern art 1
Identification strategies of modern French cinema: tolerance, psychology, taste 1
Identifying affective personality profiles: A latent profile analysis of the Affective Neuroscience Personality Scales 1
Identifying competencies for taking online courses successfully 1
Identifying internal factors of influence on foreign language accent acquisition 1
Identity as a predictor of subjective assessment of quality of campus life: cross-cultural aspect 1
Identity construction in children's cinema: the experience of cinema in the USSR and the practice of modern Russia 1
An identity crisis solved by U-Pb dating: the case of the Cederberg dyke swarm, Western and Northern Capes, South Africa 1
Identity features and mechanisms of cross-cultural interaction in art of the peoples of Siberia 1

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