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F-polynomials and connected sums of virtual knots 1
F. I. Tyutchev’s and A. A. Fet’s landscape lyric poetry in the German anthologies of the second half of the XX – the beginning of the XXI century 1
F. M. Dostoevsky and Mahomet’s pitcher 1
F. M. Dostoevsky in Italy: influence on the Italian literature of the 19th and 20th centuries 1
F. M. Dostoevsky's ideas and principles of the modern higher education 1
F. Sologub as the editor in the publishing house "Vsemirnaya literatura" 1
F.-R. de Châteaubriand’s travel notes from Paris to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem to Paris in the Golitsyn book collection in the Tomsk University Research Library 1
Fabrication and characterization of a magnetic biocomposite of magnetite nanoparticles and reduced graphene oxide for biomedical applications 1
Fabrication and investigation of indium nitride possessing ferromagnetic properties 1
Fabrication and study of double sintered TiNi-based porous alloys 1
Fabrication of MoO3/TiO2-SiO2 with hollow spherical shape using resin as the template: Effect of decomposition of resins 1
Fabrication of PLLA/HAP functionalized scaffolds and characterisation of their properties 1
Face covers in the burial procedure of the Yudinsky people in the lower Tobol River region 1
The faces of university Spain in the Stroganov library: Spanish humanist Hernando Núñez de Guzmán 1
Facets and limits of metaphorical creativity: madness metaphors in Stephen King’s prose 1
Facial recognition technologies in criminal proceedings: problems of grounds for the legal regulation of using artificial intelligence 1
Facies composition and stratigraphic position of the quaternary Upper Yenisei sequence in the Tuva and Minusa depressions 2
A facile and convenient synthesis and photovoltaic characterization of novel thieno[2,3-b]indole dyes for dye sensitized solar cells 1
Facile solution-precipitation assisted synthesis and luminescence property of greenish-yellow emitting Ca6Ba(PO4)4O:Eu2+ phosphor 1
Facile synthesis of vanadia aerogels with controlled V3+/V4+ ratio 1
Facilities and things in the sacrifices of the Voguls / Mansi 1
Factor analysis of the crypto-currency market 1
Factor of human capital accumulation in the digital economy 1
Factor structure of alexithymia of adolescents in health and nonorganic genesis mental retardation 1
Factor structure of coping behavior of mothers raising toddlers with normative level of psychosocial development 1
Factorial structure of spatial abilities in Russian and Chinese students 1
Factors affecting the competitiveness of telecommunication companies in Russia 1
Factors affecting the cost of medical information systems development 1
Factors affecting the growth of recidivism among drug addicts 1
Factors and reasons of the birth rate of the urban population of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the late 1950s – early 1990s 1
Factors and the background of the study of rock art monuments of the Middle Yenisei (1940s–1990s) 1
Factors contributing to the performance of systemic synthesis 1
Factors determining the choice of personal names in the discourse of a dialect speaker 1
Factors determining the features of the oral speech of the interrogated: the identity of the interrogated and the situation of interrogation 1
Factors ineluencing in working time 1
Factors influencing the personnel potential of the innovation sphere in Russia 1
Factors of commenting on a news post on a football news portal 1
Factors of cultural identity formation in the Rusins of Ugric Rus in the 19th century 1
The factors of dendritic cells dysfunction at pulmonary tuberculosis 1
Factors of distribution of radioactive elements in forest landscapes of the south-east of the Tomsk region 1
Factors of formation and development of regional environmental protest movements in modern Russia 1
Factors of formation and development of the museum image 1
Factors of formation of ice jams during floating of ice and their registration for the substantiation of the events for prevention of floods at the area of Tom River Tomsk territory 1
The factors of formation of the staff's organizational commitment 1
Factors of modern ecology situation in China and measures to prevent its deterioration 1
Factors of negative psycho-emotional states among women undergoing IVF treatment 1
Factors of pragmatic, cognitive, and structural relevance of components within question-answer complexes in modern political discourse 1
The factors of regional leaders's career progress in 1945–1953 (by the example of A. B. Aristov's political biography) 1
Factors of stressogenicity and means of optimizing stress states of students in dependence on kinds of sports activities 1
Factors of students’ effective life fulfillment and professional development in the educational space of a modern campus 1
Factors of the formation of the literary process in the sociocommunicative space of the Siberian transborder region (late 18th and 19th centuries): Typology of interactions 1
The factors promoting social-psychological health of parents raising children with developmental sisabilities 1
The factors that determined the technological backwardness of the USSR on the eve of "Perestroika" 1
Factum pour Monsieur le duc d'Elboeuf contre Monsieur le duc de Vandosme 1
Factum pour monsieur le duc de Vandosme. Contre les prétentions de Monsieur & Madame d'Elbeuf 1
Factum servant au procès criminel fait au cardinal Mazarin, touchant ses intelligences avec les étrangers ennemis de l'État 1
Factum, pour messieurs les princes 1
Factum, servant au procez criminel fait au cardinal Mazarin. Touchant ses intelligences avec les estrangers ennemis de l'Estat. Premiere partie 1
Factvm Pour Monsieur le Duc de Vandosme. Contre les Pretentions de Monsieur & Madame d'Elbeuf 1
Factvm povr monsievr le dvc d'Elboevf contre monsievr le dvc de Vandosme 1
Factvm, Pour Messieurs les Princes 1
Factvm, servant av procez criminel fait au Cardinal Mazarin. Tovchant ses intelligences auec les Estrangers, Ennemis de l'Estat. Premiere partie 1
Factvm, servant av procez criminel fait av Cardinal Mazarin, touchant ses intelligences auec les Estrangers ennemis de l'Estat. Premiere partie 1
The failed elections to the Sovereign Sejm of Ukraine (1918) 1
A failed turn: from the history of organizing implementation of scientific research in agriculture in the USSR in the 1970s 1
Failure mechanisms of titanium VT1−0 and zirconium alloy E110 in ultrafine-grained, fine-grained and coarse-grained states under cyclic loading in gigacycle regime 1
Failure of metallic-intermetallic laminate composites under dynamic loading 1
"Fairly balanced" or independent: problematization of the discourse on consultative bodies in the Russian and American administrative traditions 1
Fairy tale as a structural basis for fantasy genre (on the matter of Nick Perumov novel "When the World Changed") 1
Fairytale in the domestic book graphics 1960-1980 years. Communication illustrations and text 1
Fake news as a method of information war (on the example of a conflict over the landfill construction at the Shies station) 1
Fake news as a parasit of social media 1
Fake news as a type of manipulative political technologies 1
Fake news – copy without original 1
Fake news: can young people distinguish fact from fiction? 1
Falling back to earth: outer space and the Mezen river 1
Falls among people with bilateral vestibulopathy: A review of causes, incidence, injuries, and methods 1
False accusation as a way to abuse the subjective right by the accused 1
Falsification of documents as one of the problems of modern document science 1
Falsifying the register of companies under the criminal law of Russia, UK, and USA: a comparative study 1
Familiarization of hydromineral resources in oil and gas fields of Western Kazakhstan 1
Family and school partnership: communicative readiness of future teachers for new challenges of education 1
The Family Chronicle by Sergey Aksakov as a patriarchal ideal of serfdom and its death verdict: a historical and political analysis 1
Family economy and domestic labor: the results of empirical research 1
Family group conferences as the technology of restoration of family relations: Russian experience 1
Family in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (review of current psychological research) 1
Family mental health: scientific and historical context and current research of Tomsk scientists 1
Family names in 14th–15th-century Lubeck: Syntactic and morphological aspects of translation into modern Russian 1
Family of 2-simplex cognitive tools and their application for decision-making and its justifications 1
Family of asymptotic solutions to the two-dimensional kinetic equation with a nonlocal cubic nonlinearity 1
The family Polypodiaceae Bercht. et J.Presl in the collection of the conservatory of the Samara University Botanical Garden 1
Family reading as a social practice: problem statement and review of research 1
The Far East and European Jews during the Nazi period (1933-1945) 1
The Far East futurists collection (artistic and publishing aspects) 1
The far side of the moon (Rusina, Yu. A. (2019) Samizdat in the USSR: Texts and Lives. St. Petersburg: Aleteyya; Yekaterinburg: Ural State University. 204 p.) 1
The Far-Eastern East Slavs’ concepts of outlanders (based on the materials of the prose genres of oral lore) 1
Fara's approach to the formalization of verificationist's principle 1
Farmsteading story line in white émigre literature 1
The fascization of the enemy image in the Soviet visual propaganda at the beginning of the Cold War (1946-1964) 1
Fashion as a form of self-affectation of the subject: the access code to personal identity in the postclassical project of the subject’s philosophy 1

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