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d-metal folates and the folic acid-imidazole conjugate 1
D. A. Kraynov as the researcher of the stone age of Crimea 1
D. Ioh. Georgii Gmelin Flora Sibirica sive historia plantarum Sibiriae 1
D. Johann Georg Gmelins ... Reise durch Sibirien, von dem Jahr 1733. bis 1743.. T. 1 1
D. Johann Georg Gmelins ... Reise durch Sibirien, von dem Jahr 1738 bis zu Ende 1740. T. 3 1
D. Johann Georg Gmelins ... Reise durch Sibirien, von dem Jahr 1740 bis 1743. T. 4 1
D. Johann Georg Gmelins ... Reise durch Sibirien. T. 2 1
The D2O absorption spectra in SiO2 airgel pores: technical features of treatment 1
Dacha in Post-Soviet Russia: institutional analysis 1
DaF an der TSU feiert Jubiläum: 120 Jahre Erfolg 1
Daily activities of adolescents in mixed reality: user activity and multitasking 1
The daily life of Germans in St. Petersburg in the second half of the XIX – at the beginning of the XX centuries: the historiography of the subject 1
The daily life of the university community of Tomsk during the revolutionary events of 1917 1
Daily movements of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Kamchatka and Sakhalin 1
The daily routine of the starostwo administration in Red Rus and Subcarpathia in the early 17th century (based on the letters from Yury Mniszek to Sigismund III) 1
"Dama Pic" by Pavel Lungin as intertext 1
Damage of high-chromium steels under deformation in a wide temperature range 2
Dance-movement therapy in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders 1
Danemark. Chateau de Kronenbourg a Elseneur : vue prise à bord du Steamer le Tage (8 novembre 1839) 1
Danemark. Cour intérieure du chateau de Kronenbourg à Elseneur : (9 novembre 1839) 1
Danger due to the translocation of nanoparticles in soil: mathematical modeling 1
The danger of the mountains: mountain sickness and isolated altitude psychosis 1
Dangerous weather events associated with the temperature in the Tomsk region 1
Dangerous weather phenomena for aviation in Tomsk airport 1
Daniil Andreyev's ideas and mythical images: Reception in works by contemporary prose writers (Yuri Arabov and Viktor Pelevin) 1
Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Vyacheslav Ivanov: Plato's motive of souls reunion and intermedial poetics 1
The Danube army and the war of 1812 as interpreted by the authors of the Collection of verses related to unforgettable 1812 (m., 1814): historical facts and social mythology 1
Darboux transformations for differential operators on the superline 1
Dark current and detectivity of multilayer Ge/Si photodetector with quantum dots 1
Dark current of photodetectors based on multilayer structures with quantum dots 2
Dark currents of barriode structures based on mercury cadmium telluride for mid-wave and long-wave infrared detectors 1
Dark currents of unipolar barrier structures based on mercury cadmium telluride for long-wave IR detectors 1
Dark forest bee Apis mellifera mellifera L. in Siberia: current state and ways of population conservation 1
Dark forest bee: ecological and genetic characteristics of bee colonies 1
Dark photon search in the mass range between 1.5 and 3.4 GeV/c2 1
Dark-colored forest bee Apis mellifera in Siberia, Russia: current state and conservation of populations 1
Darkness without dark matter and energy - generalized unimodular gravity 1
Das Bild von Tübingen im deutschsprachigen Raum: korpusunterstützte Analyse 1
Das problem der Übersetzung der Novelle "Der Tod in Venedig" von Th. Mann: antiker Zusammenhang des Werkes 1
Das Problem des Eigenen und Fremden in den deutschen Čechov-Übersetzungen (anhand der Übersetzungen von T. Brasch) 1
Das russisch-österreichische Sommerkolleg "Tandem" als Möglichkeit, das Jugendpotential zu fördern: Erfahrungen einer Studierenden des Lehrstuhls für deutsche Sprache der Staatsuniversität Tomsk 1
Das Thema der Migration nach Sibirien unter dem Aspekt der Selbstidentifikation (am Material von Literatur aus dem Zentrum und der sibirischen Region Russlands von den 1860er-90er Jahren) 1
Das Unterrichten von fremdsprachigen sozialen Kompetenzen für Erwachsenen anhand von Akmelinguistik 1
Data acquisition from digital holograms of particles 1
Data and knowledge base on the basis of the expanded matrix model of their representation for the intelligent system of road-climatic zoning of territories 1
Data Art: разработка дизайнерских и художественных решений для визуализации научных данных: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 54.04.01 - Дизайн 1
Data bank of light backscattering matrices for atmospheric ice crystals of non-convex shape for wavelengths 0.355, 0.532, 1.064 μm 1
Data journalism in combating misinformation during the 2018 Bangladesh national election 1
Data on the demographic structure of a common viper, Pelias berus (Linnaeus, 1758) of the Kuznetsky Alatau 1
Data on U-Pb isotopic dating of zircons from ultramafic restites of Shaman massif (Eastern Transbaikalia) 1
Data processing and analysis of glucose concentration according to the immittance meter 1
Data processing automation in physics research 1
Data science and artificial intelligence as tools for the practical implementation of the philosophy of open education 1
Data storage security and full disk encryption 1
Data visualization tools for materials properties research 1
Data-driven retrospective correction of B1 field inhomogeneity in fast macromolecular proton fraction and R1 mapping 1
Databank of light backscattering matrices for ice atmospheric particles with sizes of 10-100 microns for f laser sounding of the atmosphere 1
Databank of Mueller matrices on atmospheric ice crystals of 10–100 μm for interpretation of ground-based and space-borne lidar data 1
Database of Amphibia distribution in West Siberia (Russia) 1
A database of NO2 spectral line parameters at T=1000 K 1
The database of russian metaphorical terminology: a term description model 1
Dating of lithospheric buckling: 40Ar/39Ar ages of syn-orocline strike–slipshear zones in northwestern Iberia 1
"David and Goliath": David Ben-Gurion and disagreement with the United States on the Israel's nuclear program, 1960-1963 1
David Pearce’s Hedonistic Imperative and paradise engineering as a moral and religious basis of modern transhumanism 1
"A day without a selfie is a wasted day" or digital visual strategies of self-identification 1
DBD-driven Xe2 excilamp radiation power control by pressure jump method 1
De anima 1
De facto marital relations: legal significance and consequences in cases of insolvency (bankruptcy) of individuals 1
De fuga mulierum ; De continentia ; De contemptu mundi 1
De la puissance qu'ont les roys sur les peuples, & du pouvoir des peuples sur les roys 1
De la pvissance qv'ont les roys svr les pevples, & du pouuoir des Peuples sur les roys 1
De passionibus animae; De modo vivendi omnium fidelium 1
De planctu beatae Mariae Virginis 1
De re attitude reports: some current problems and discussions 1
De sphera 1
De variis loquendi regulis sive poetarum praeceptis 1
De vita beata 1
De Warheyt my gantz fremde ys, De Truwe gar seltzen, dat ys gewiss. Reynke Voss de olde, nyge gedrücket, mit sidlikem vorstande und schonen figuren, erlüchtet vn[d] vorbetert 1
De-icing compositions based on peat 1
Deacetylation of per-acetatylated glycopyranosides: An overall pattern for acidic catalyzis 1
Dead time duration and active reset influence on the afterpulse probability of InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diodes 1
Dead-letter regimes in the post-Soviet space: Strategies and communication 1
Deadjectival verbs of essive semantics in German, English and Ukrainian: a typological approach 1
Deagglomeration and dispersion particles in metal melt 1
"Dear friend Zhukovsky …": Letters from Ivan Kozlov to Vasily Zhukovsky (1819–1839) 1
Dear members of the Editorial Board, authors and readers 1
Dear members of the editorial board, authors and readers! 1
Dear members of the Editorial Board, authors and readers! 1
Dear Readers! 1
Death in the plot of Russian memoirs of the 18th century 1
The death of a subject as the death of a reader in the novel house of twins by Anatoly Korolev 1
Death of the author and the legacy of Fredrik Barth 1
The death of the cemetery: new funeral traditions in Europe 1
Debate in the leadership of the National Rifle Association of the United States on the issue of attitude towards the Gun Control Act of 1968 1
Debates between pluralism and solidarism in English school of international relations on the boundary XX-XXI centuries 1
Debt transfer in Russian civil law 1
Decadance de l'inivste parti des Mazarins refugiez à S. Germain, & leurs pernicievx desseins auortez, par la conclusion de la paix 1
Decadance de l'injuste parti des Mazarins refugiez à S. Germain, & leurs pernicieux desseins avortez, par la conclusion de la paix 1
"Decadence" – первый английский перевод романа "Дело Артамоновых" М. Горького 1
Decadence: the first English translation of Maxim Gorky’s Delo Artamonovykh 1

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