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C-fos expression and cell proliferation in mice after exposure to nanosecond repetitively-pulsed X-rays 1
C60 capping of metallic 2D Tl-Au compound with preservation of its basic properties at the buried interface 1
Ca. 1.65 ga mafic sills emplaced into the quartzite of Jbel Lkest from Kerdous Inlier, Anti-Atlas, West African Craton, Morocco: additional evidence that the basal part of taghdout group is nearly 1 ga older than previously thought 1
Cadets’ foreign language teaching: the context of selforganization 1
Cahier contenant les très-humbles remontrances des deputés du Parlement de Bordeaux, présenté au roi & à la reine régente, le second octobre mil six cens quarente neuf 1
Calcium-dependent changes in the activity of antioxidant enzymes and heat resistance of wheat seedlings under the influence of exogenous putrescine 1
Calculated and field evaluations of the soil erosion intensity caused by snow melt water 1
Calculating of the mean time of life system using the properties of optimal strategies 1
Calculating the "hot" line intensities (Ka ~ 25, J ~ 30) of water vapor (000)-(000) band 1
Calculating umbrella mesh reflector form structure 1
Calculation and analysis of tariff rates using a franchise for the branch "ROSGOSSTRAKH" in Tomsk region 1
Calculation and experimental study on high-speed impact of heat-resistant coating materials with a meteoric particle 1
Calculation and use of binary image characteristics 1
Calculation method for cable-beam shell structures 1
Calculation method of gas flow of a ramjet engine 1
Calculation of a current of a layered iquid in a strip 1
Calculation of a power-law fluid flow in a single-screw extruder 1
Calculation of a stepped rod under longitudinal-transverse bending with discrete axis loading 1
Calculation of aluminized solid rocket propellant burning rate with provision for Gas-phase process 1
Calculation of Asian options for the Black-Scholes model 1
Calculation of burning speed of frozen water suspension of nano-dimensional powder of aluminum 1
Calculation of characteristics of convective heat and mass exchange 1
The calculation of effective elastic constants in a composite with 3D orthogonal nonwoven fibers 1
Calculation of flow curves of aluminium alloys based on the models of dislocation kinetics of damage accumulation, and changes in the course of their plastic deformation 1
Calculation of heat exchange characteristics transpiration cooling system 1
Calculation of ice thickness on the rivers of Tomsk region 1
Calculation of internal-ballistic characteristics of nozzles and friction loss 1
Calculation of lidar echo signals during N2O and NO2 sounding alonge tropospheric paths in 3-4 μm range 1
Calculation of losses for chemical inequality in rocket engine nozzles 1
Calculation of optical property of hexagonal ice crystals typical for cirrus clouds within the physical optics approximation 1
Calculation of parameters of detectors of terahertz range based on the system immersion lens-planar antenna-semicon­ductor sensing unit 1
The calculation of potential motion range of conical model in water 1
Calculation of the dipole moment function derivatives for hydrogen sulfide molecule 1
Calculation of the gas flow in the Laval nozzle 1
Calculation of the ignition stages and steadystate combustion of a metallized solid propellant under laser radiation 1
Calculation of the index of continentality of climate in the territory of the southern taiga of the Western Siberia 1
Calculation of the individual diet for female volleyball players 1
Calculation of the investment cost of it project for medical use 1
Calculation of the lidar signal by the DDA method applied to the data of satellite remote sensing of cirrus clouds for climate change detection 1
Calculation of the local resistance coefficient of viscous incombressible fluid flow in a pipe with sudden contraction 1
Calculation of the mechanical gripper of an industrial robot 1
Calculation of the permeability of the stackings of multi-walled nanotubes 1
Calculation of the ruin probability of an insurance company when claim size distribution is exponential with a shift 1
The calculation of the stress-strain state of composite shell structures for spatial design schemes 1
Calculation of the water vapor line intensities for rotational transitions between high-excited energy levels 1
Calculation of а critical thickness of Stranski-Krastanow transition in GeSi/Sn/Si system 1
Calculation-experimental technique for determination of physical and mechanical properties of powder materials 1
The calculus of concepts 1
The calendars of the societies with different economic systems 1
Calibration and performance assessment of an innovative high-temperature cavitometer 1
Calibration methodology of program package for optic measuring of strain and crack resistance determination of compact tension specimens 1
Calligraphy as an art form 1
Calligraphy of Chinese writing 1
Callus culture Hedysarum alpinum L. as a source of flavonoids 1
Callus culture production of Aconitum barbatum Patr. ex Pers. as a source of biologically active substances 1
Cambisols of the Kuznetsk Alatau, their properties and diversity 1
Camillerismo as the component of the language of Andrea Camilleri’s novels: structure and functioans 1
Campaigning on the information and telecommunication network Internet. On regulating some “complex” issues of electronic campaigning 1
Campanian biostratigraphy of Western Siberia (on the base of foraminifera) 1
Campanulaceae - Compositae 1
Campuses of the future in university cities in Russia and France in the context of the digital economy, innovation and a barrier-free environment 1
Can emotional words direct our attention? Experimental study 1
Can empirical science provide a justification for metaphysics? 1
Can Math be like cholesterol? (Book review: Hacking, I. (2020). Why is there philosophy of mathematics at all? Translated from English by V. V. Tselishchev. Kanon+ ROOI "Rehabilitation". 400 p.) 1
Can mice fly, or 5 facts about the bat, the most amazing creature on Earth 1
Can the territorial finance system be a driver of territory development in Russia? 1
Can tourism become a driver of socio-economic development of the Republic of Tuva 1
Can we improve vaginal tissue healing using customized devices: 3D printing and biomechanical changes in vaginal tissue 1
Canadian pondweed Elodea canadensis (Hydrocharitaceae) in the West Ssiberian Plain 1
Canadian-Russian LSP dictionary of environmental law: definition of a term within the framework of a contrastive study 1
Cancer also likes sweets 1
Cancer invasion: patterns and mechanisms 1
Cannabinoidergic regulation of functional state of heart (part I) 1
Cannabinoidergic regulation of functional state of heart (part II) 1
Canonical system of basic invariants for unitary group W(K5) 1
Capabilities of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in the differential diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome in patients with nonobstructive coronary atherosclerosis 1
Capabilities of humanitarian-oriented approach to psychological rehabilitation of schizophrenia patients having committed socially dangerous acts 1
The capabilities of neuro- and pathopsychology in the provision of psychological assistance to patients with symptoms of PTSD 1
The capabilities of olfactory forensic examination in the investigation of particularly serious crimes against the person of the past years 1
Capacitance-voltage characteristics of CdHgTe MIS structures with single quantum wells based on HgTe 1
Capacitance–voltage characteristics of metal–insulator–semiconductor structures based on graded-gap HgCdTe with various insulators 1
Capacitive properties of metal-insulator-semiconductor systems based on an HgCdTe nBn structure grown by molecular beam epitaxy 1
Capacitive properties of MIS systems based on the HgCdTe nBn structure 1
Capacity building of Russian universities staff for the design & delivery of prospective IT-oriented academic programs 1
The capacity of a packet length covert channel 1
"Capitals": the project of a multimedia dictionary for students 1
"Capitals": проект мультимедийного словаря для школьников 1
Captain Mikhail Pospeev: an experience of a reconstruction of the life path of a topographical officer 1
Carbocyclic functionalization of quinoxalines, their chalcogen congeners 2,1,3-benzothia/selenadiazoles, and related 1,2-diaminobenzenes based on nucleophilic substitution of fluorine 1
Carbon and hydrogen production technology from natural gas 1
Carbon balance of Western Siberian mires in the context of climate change 1
Carbon budget estimation of a subarctic catchment using adynamic ecosystem model at high spatial resolution 1
Carbon composite electrode for potentiometric determination of silver (I) 1
Carbon electrodes modified by metal nanoparticles obtained by laser ablation method in organic substances determination 1
Carbon electronics and photonics 1
Carbon materials with internal degrees of freedom 1
Carbon monoxide oxidation promoted by a highly active strained PdO layer at the surface of Au30Pd70(110) 1
Carbon nanotube sponges as tunable materials for electromagnetic applications 1
Carbon nanotubes influence the enzyme activity of biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and the pathogenesis of plants in annual agroecosystems 1
Cardiac macrophages in wound healing following myocardial infarction: from experiment to clinic 1

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