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B. А. Жуковский и его немецкие друзья: Фридрих и Николай фон Аделунги 1
B2B в России: проблемы и статистика 1
The Bachka-Srem Rusin animal idioms and their English equivalents 1
Back to the USSR: Kuprin and Gorky represented by V. E. Gushchik (1938–1940) 1
Background characteristics of soils of mineral-raw material base within tundra zone (Timyr Peninsula) 1
Background donor concentration in HgCdTe 2
Background knowledge in the field /of aviation radio traffic for usage in activity of the military interpreters 1
Background of Russian imagology: tradition as an indication of target 1
The background of the "national renaissance" process in the republic of Khakassia (on the example of the "Tun" organization) 1
Background physical and chemical characteristics of the soil cover of the northern part of the state reserve "Verkhne-Tazovsky" 1
Background soils humus of Vakhsky oil deposit (average taiga of Western Siberia) 1
Backscattering Mueller matrices of 10-100 μm atmospheric ice particles for interpretation of ground-based and space-born lidar data 1
Backward Reconstructions on GaAs(001) Surface Induced by Atomic Hydrogen Reactions: Surfactant-Assisted Low-Temperature Surface Ordering 1
Backward single-pion production in the pd→3Heπ0 reaction with WASA-at-COSY 1
Bacteria primarily metabolize at the active layer/permafrost border in the peat core from a permafrost region in western Siberia 1
Bacterial number and genetic diversity in a permafrost peatland (Western Siberia): Testing a link with organic matter quality and elementary composition of a peat soil profile 1
Bacteriocin-like substance Bacillus circulans and way of its production 1
Baculard d’Arnaud’s Varbeck in Pankratiy Sumarokov’s literary legacy 1
Bad censor, good censor: the specifity of censoring of the first private newspaper in Tomsk (Sibirskaya Gazeta, 1881-1888) 1
Bagration General en Chef 1
Bail as a preventive measure: some problems and ways to improve effectiveness 1
Bakchar strong point of northern gardening as a promising tourist destination 1
Bakcharian stronghold of northern gardening as a resource for excursion-cognitive tourism 1
Baking as a culturally significant component of the Siberian food tradition 1
Balade 1
Balade des maltotiers 1
Balance and steadiness correction of the upright posture of patients having withstood an ischemic stroke with the help of stabilographic rehabilitation training equipment with biofeedback 1
Balance generalization of the household's financial position 1
Balancing the interests of the employee and the employer 1
Balet ridicule des nieces de Mazarin, ou leur theatre renversé en France 1
Balet ridicvle des nieces de Mazarin, ov levr Theatre renversé en France. 1
Balint group as a factor of students’ professional development 1
Ballade a Ivles Mazarin svr son iev du Hoc 1
Ballade a Jules Mazarin sur son jeu du hoc 1
Ballade burlesque des partisans 1
Ballade bvrlesqve des partisans 1
Ballade des maltôtiers 1
Ballet dancé devant le roy, et la reine regente sa mere 1
Ballet ridicule des nièces de Mazarin, ou leur théâtre renversé en France 1
The Baltic type of the European penitentiary systems 1
Balto-slavic lexicography in a comparative aspect 1
Band alignment of Cd-free (Zn, Mg)O layer with Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 and its effect on the photovoltaic properties 1
Band bending driven evolution of the bound electron states at the interface between a three-dimensional topological insulator and a three-dimensional normal insulator 1
Band structure engineering in topological insulator based heterostructures 1
Band structure of energy levels of molecular hydrogen in the crystalline silicon matrix 1
Banioiuptcy of enterprises in the Russian Federation and abroad: effectiveness and features of mechanisms 1
The bank of biological samples representing individuals exposed to long-term ionizing radiation at various doses 1
Banner of Peace 1
The banquet scenes in the story "Live and Remember" by V. Rasputin 1
Baranta as a way to resolve local conflicts in the south-eastern frontier of Russia in the 1740s–1750s 1
Barclay de Tolly General d'Infanterie 1
Barite-polymetallic mineralization of Zmeinogorsk ore district and some genetic aspects of its formation 1
Barium vapor laser 1
Bark beetles 1
The Barkhatny ultramafic-mafic massif (Kuznetsk Alatau Ridge, SW Siberia): structural and compositional evolutions of rocks 1
The Barnaul county administrative committee as part of the local economy management in Tomsk province at the beginning of the 20th century 1
The baroque court opera in the context of the social and aesthetic regimes of the era: the case of Vienna 1
The baroque epoch – the most important stage in the development of expressive intonation 1
The baroque strategy of representing the "Caucasian text" in the novel by V. T. Narezhny Black Year, or the Mountain Princes 1
Barrier-free environment of the university educational environment: creating algorithms 1
Barriers in development of Smart Education: socio-cultural peculiarities of Russia 1
Barristers of the 16th - early 17th centuries: between the degree and profession 1
Barry Buzan and the English School of International Relations 1
Barsanuphius of Palestine about criterion of the truth and the gnoseological status creations of Fathers of Church 1
Baryon Structure in AdS/QCD 1
Bases of disintegration processes allocation in syntax 1
Bases of intelligent system construction of the pipeline technical condition diagnostics 1
Bases of the concept of consolidated (general, basic) forensic techniques of crime investigation 1
The basic activity modes of the dominant cognitive-pragmatic programme and the individual political consciousness (a case study of "The cold summer of 1953" film construct) 1
Basic approach on creating a series of graphical works on the topic "Cityscape" 1
Basic approaches to study of political transformation of modern China 1
Basic colour terms in the lexical-semantic field of colour in the Rusin language 1
Basic Concepts in the Tourism Industry : учебное пособие : [для студентов вузов по направлению подготовки 05.03.02 - "География"] 1
Basic Concepts in the Tourism Industry. Annexes : практикум : [приложение к учебному пособию "Basic Concepts in the Tourism Industry"] 1
Basic concepts of private law 1
Basic concepts of the ROS framework 1
Basic elements of masculinity reproduction models (practical research experience) 1
Basic historical sources for the study of living conditions of urban population in Western Siberia during the Great Patriotic War 1
Basic layout types of the russian forts in Middle Siberia on descriptions of G. F. Miller 1
Basic methodical grounds of teaching international students chinese field-specific terms in technical institutes of higher education (in the context of polymer production) 1
Basic methodological approaches to study human development as the most important priority of ensuring the national security of Russia 1
Basic notions and variants "IS - THE" - relations in semantic data models 1
Basic notions of poisson and symplectic geometry in local coordinates, with applications to Hamiltonian systems 1
Basic physical meteorology : textbook 1
Basic Physics laboratory 2
Basic physiological systems indicator's informative assessment for children and adolescents obesity diagnosis tasks 1
Basic principles of interaction between subjects of bank lending 1
Basic principles of translation strategy 1
Basic requirements for preparing an audit on a lean production standard on the example of a furniture company 1
Basic stages and components of the business process for organizing employee business trips in Tomsk State University 1
Basic stages of magnet production by fluoride technology 1
Basic theories and conceptions of language and culture co-learning 1
"Basic university": the place in the higher education system and problems of legal status 1
The basics of business ethics in Russia: history and modernity 1
Basics of creating an applied intelligent system for diagnostic and management of illness cognition of patients with neurological pathology 1
Basics of sport and health tourism: optional school course efficiency rating 1
The Basics of the US Legal System : учебно-методический комплекс 1
Basis of the cognitive theory of metaphor: a critical analysis 1
The basis of the multivariance of evolutionary consciousness 1
Basis of the phenomenon of digital nomadism 1

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