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High-speed impact of the metal projectile on the barrier containing porous corundum-based ceramics with chemically active filler 3577 3841 314
Investigation of elastoplastic properties of tungsten carbide-based alloy strikers in interaction with a steel target by the computational-experimental method 320 319 0
Intrusion features of a high-speed striker of a porous tungsten-based alloy with a strengthening filler in a steel barrier 2952 3312 412
Simulation of high-speed interaction between impactor and layered-spaced design involving explosive 2549 2769 252
Special features of high-speed interaction of supercavitating solids in water 3293 3589 350
Calculation and experimental study on high-speed impact of heat-resistant coating materials with a meteoric particle 3747 4016 313
Fracture of coarse-grained and ultrafine-grained titanium upon quasi-static and wave-impact loading 3265 3221 8
Spall destruction of coarse-grained and ultrafine-grained titanium on exposure to nanosecond heavy-current electron beam 1302 1303 13
Experimental and theoretical research of the interaction between high-strength supercavitation impactors and monolithic barriers in water 1872 2075 240
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Afanaseva, Svetlana A.

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Afanaseva, Svetlana A.

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