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Magnetic pole as produced by a point-like electriccharge embedded in constant-field background 563 565 3
Particle creation by inverse-square electric fields 224 333 117
Vacuum instability due to the creation of neutral fermion with anomalous magnetic moment by magnetic-field inhomogeneities 402 401 2
Exactly solvable cases in QED with t-electric potential steps 1285 1277 5
Creation of neutral fermions with anomalous magnetic moment from the vacuum by magnetic steps 286 286 2
Electric charge is a magnetic dipole when placed in a background magnetic field 1005 1203 202
Particle creation by peak electric fields 419 500 93
When electric charge becomes also magnetic 1052 1248 201
Role of switching-on and -off effects in the vacuum instability 904 904 4
Magnetic response to applied electrostatic field in external magnetic field 912 919 6
General aspects on pair creation by peak electric field 735 1026 343
Magnetic response from constant backgrounds to Coulomb sources 330 486 161
Quantum electromagnetic nonlinearity affecting charges and dipole moments 1374 1368 5
Vacuum instability in a constant inhomogeneous electric field: a new example of exact nonperturbative calculations 396 517 128
Peculiarities of pair creation by a peak electric field 1193 1438 267
Coherent and semiclassical states of a charged particle in a constant electric field 817 812 5
Particle creation from the vacuum by an exponentially decreasing electric field 748 750 9
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