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The influence of scandium on the composition and structure of the Ti-Al alloy obtained by "Hydride Technology" 373 453 83
Study of macroplastic flow in surface layers of porous titanium nickelide by digital image correlation 556 557 2
Experimental study of deformation fields under axial tension on composite surface with prestressed carbon tape 256 257 2
A theoretical and experimental investigation on the SHS synthesis of (HfTiCN)-TiB2 high-entropy composite 274 351 88
Phase content, structural and thermodynamic properties of AlMgB14, obtained by SHS using the chemical furnace 255 257 2
Experimental and theoretical study of ultra-hard AlMgB14-TiB2 composites: structure, hardness and self-lubricity 91 107 17
Study of macroplastic flow in surface layers of porous SHS-TiNi by digital image correlation 20 21 1
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Abzaev, Yuri A.

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Abzaev, Yuri A.

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