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Black carbon as a factor in deglaciation in polar and mountain ecosystems: A review 859 1072 223
Soil formation in technogenic landscapes: trends, results, and representation in the current classifications (Review) 441 650 261
Podzol development on different aged coastal bars of Lake Ladoga 669 934 284
Molecular and elemental composition of humic acids isolated from selected soils of the Russian Arctic 712 858 185
Physical properties as a key factor in the soil functioning in Chernevaya Taiga (Western Siberia) 412 481 73
Elemental and molecular composition of humic acids isolated from soils of tallgrass temperate rainforests (Chernevaya taiga) by 1H-13C HECTCOR NMR spectroscopy 477 548 80
Physico-chemical and electrical properties of Cryosols in the Lena River Delta 56 69 17
Micromorphological characteristics of soils in the Chernevaya taiga (Western Siberia, Russia) 11 12 1
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Abakumov, Evgeny V.

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Abakumov, Evgeny V.

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