Электронная библиотека (репозиторий) Томского государственного университета
Novitskaya, Irina V.

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Source: Linguistic and cultural studies: traditions and innovations : proceedings of the XVIIth International Conference on Linguistic and Cultural Studies (LKTI 2017), October 11-13, 2017, Tomsk, Russia. Cham, 2018. P. 310-319
Type: статьи в сборниках
Date: 2018
Description: The Stroganovs’ personal library as an organic whole unit is housed in the Scientific Library at Tomsk State University and contains some Shakespeare’s literary works in English which are accompanied ... More
Source: Linguistica Uralica. 2017. Vol. 53, № 1. P. 54-64
Type: статьи в журналах
Date: 2017
Description: The paper presents an analysis of the structural types of the adnominal possessive constructions in three little-studied Southern dialects of Selkup: Narym, Vasjugan and Middle-Ob. Apart from the othe ... More
Source: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2015. Vol. 200. P. 344-352
Type: статьи, опубликованные в зарубежных изданиях
Date: 2015
Description: Although investigated in numerous studies, abstract nouns in Gothic have not yet been considered from the standpoint of the field approach. It is argued that this approach to the Old Germanic abstract ... More
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