Электронная библиотека (репозиторий) Томского государственного университета
Biryukov, Alexander A.

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Source: Nano hybrids and composites. 2017. Vol. 13. P. 309-315
Type: статьи в журналах
Date: 2017
Description: TiOx/CdS composites were synthesized by CdS deposition on TiOx from aqueous solutions of Cd (CH3COO)2 and Na2S with and without addition of a stabilizing agent–Na2SiO3. Initial high-defective TiOx nan ... More
Source: Key engineering materials. 2016. Vol. 683. P. 325-330
Type: статьи, опубликованные в зарубежных изданиях
Date: 2016
Description: It was shown, that using of sodium metasilicate (Na2SiO3) as stabilizing agent for CdS quantum dots or Ag nanoparticles in water leads to the formation of stable colloids of CdS/SiO32- and Ag/SiO32- p ... More
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