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Application of certain fungicide in a complex sanitary and therapeutic measures in the apiary 1
Application of cluster analysis to the assessment of technological criteria in European economic integration 1
Application of cognitive graphics means for decision-making and substantiation of decisions in intelligent system 1
Application of criteria for testing homogeneity of distribution laws 1
Application of crowdfunding in publishing 1
Application of cryotropic gel to improve the water-physical properties of soils 1
Application of Data mining methods to predict used cars demand 1
Application of dual energy method for non-destructive testing of materials designed to work in extreme conditions 1
Application of excilamps in agriculture and animal breeding (review) 1
Application of external fields to the development of aluminum-based nanocomposite and master alloys 1
Application of Gauss sums to calculate the exact values of the number of appearances of elements on cycles of linear recurrences 1
Application of gold and barium vapor laser in navigation 1
Application of hybrid parallel technologies to calculate the motion of the cosmic body at hypersonic speeds in the atmosphere 1
Application of kufarev method to problem of subsoil waters move ment under hydraulic engineering constructions 1
Application of laser module with driver based on avalanche S-diode for light-emitting diode structure characterization 1
Application of laser spectroscopy to find relative concentrations of volatile metabolites in the exhaled air at different states of the organism 1
Application of learning and testing intelligent system with cognitive component based on mixed diagnostics tests 1
Application of mathematical methods in researches on the Russian agrarian history of the post-reform and soviet periods: historiographical aspects of the problem (the 1960s – the beginning of the 1990s) 1
Application of models of regional innovation systems to the analysis of pharmaceutical clusters in Russia 1
Application of multiphoton imaging and machine learning to lymphedema tissue analysis 1
Application of multivariate statistical analysis for delineation of prospective geochemical anomalies in Providenskaya Area (Chukotka, Russia) 1
Application of multiwavelength IR lasers for lidar and path measurements of the meteorological parameters of the atmosphere 1
Application of neural networks to predict daily average water levels in rivers (by the example of the rivers Ob and Tom) 1
An application of neural networks to solution of the credit scoring task 1
Application of neuro-fuzzy methods in intellectual robotic systems 1
Application of one method of linear code recognition to the wire-tap channel 1
Application of open water exercises to stabilize the status of female students with signs of hypertension 1
Application of optical inspection system S2088-IIvVision for production control at the enterprise of radiotechnical speciality 1
Application of outdoor air exercises to stabilize the status of female students with signs of hypertension 1
Application of ratings in the advertising industry 1
Application of reconfigurable computing environments for image processing in X-ray tomography of materials 1
The application of regulatory mechanisms in special economic zones and IT clusters as an element of digitalization development 1
Application of short-period superlattices in InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes 1
The application of statistical tools to analyze reject rate products in the enterprise JSC «Fiztech-Energy» 1
Application of the collective agreement of a transnational corporation in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union 1
Application of the concept "responsibility to protect" in case of disasters: an issue of broad interpretation 1
The application of the concepts "registration" and "appearance" in the execution of punishments and measures not related to the isolation of convicts from society 1
Application of the European charter for regional or minority languages in the United Kingdom: modern state and prospects 1
Application of the exercise complex "Psychoemotional explosions" in the competitive period of racing skiers 11-13 years 1
An application of the Maslov complex germ method to the one-dimensional nonlocal Fisher-KPP equation 1
Application of the method of approximating polynomials for the determination of the temperature and concentration of hot carbon dioxide from its transmission spectrum 1
Application of the nonlinear theory of elasticity and similarity method for assessment of the metallic jersey deformation properties 1
Application of the shortest cover problem in testing a software product 1
The application of the synaesthetic approach in the process of choral conducting 1
Application of thermography in experimental studies of plasma jets 1
The application of tools lean JSC «Russian Railways» 1
Application of Translation Quality Index for translation quality increasing 1
Application of Walter Edelberg's perspectivalist semantics in the methodology of the history of philosophy. Part I: а statement of the problem 1
Application of Walter Edelberg’s perspectivalist semantics in the methodology of the history of philosophy. Part II: types of term meanings 1
Application of wavelet analysis to numerical modeling of deformations in multilevel hierarchical structures 1
Application package for research spatial changes of vascular 1
The application research of SAP system (module MM) in the supply chain management enterprises: take DKSH company for example: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 38.04.02 - Менеджмент 1
Applicationof recreational diving during underwater archaeological excavations 1
Applications of capacitor-switch assembly 1
Applications of development and implementation of the financial policy in the organization 1
Applications of excilamps in microbiological and medical investigations 1
Applications of laser spectroscopy and data mining methods for complex gas mixture analysis 1
Applications of principal component analysis to breath air absorption spectra profiles classification 1
The applied aspect of research dynamics seasonal rhythms of climate (for example winter season) 1
The applied of the metal-ceramic composites for photocatalytic generation of a hydrogen from the organic components 1
Applied optical properties of diamond 1
Applied professional physical training for professional work under long-term stress 1
Applying a model based testing approach for testing the communication protocol between the cash register software and the Loymax service 1
Applying of the theory of frames to solve the problems of premised knowledge 1
Applying popular songs in english for developing cognitivecommunicative skills when teaching technical learners 1
Applying the cost of capital to make investment decisions 1
Appointment of punishment for deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm that negligently caused death of the victim (Part 4, Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) 1
Approaches and principles to development of quality control of production at enterprise 1
Approaches to consistent evolutionism of consciousness 1
Approaches to designing a comprehensive assessment of the professional activity of a municipal employee 1
Approaches to Forming an Evaluative Lexicon (Juridical Linguistic Aspect) 1
Approaches to researching digital nomadism: overview of foreign research 1
Approaches to the construction of a typological model of electronic educational publications for higher education 1
Approaches to the identification of bat ectoparasitic complexes (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae, Miniopteridae, Rhinolophidae, Molossidae) in the Palearctic 1
Approaches to the scientific study of the eschatological problem in polish historiography 1
Approaches to the workflow automation in a higher education institute 1
Approaching the ultimate shear and tensile strength of aluminum in experiments with femtosecond pulse laser 1
Appropriation entrusted property according to the Soviet Criminal Code of 1918 1
The appropriation of discourses and practices: female migration from Russia to Greece in the 1990s and the 2000s 1
Approximate algorithms for graph clustering problem 1
Approximate hedging problem with transaction costs in stochastic volatility markets 1
Approximate solutions and symmetry of a two-component nonlocal reaction-diffusion population model of the Fisher-KPP type 1
Approximate solutions of the one-dimensional Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piskunov equation with quasilocal competitive losses 1
Approximation of the distribution of the nonnegative random variable by PH-distribution 1
APQC-formulation and solution the problems of knowledge management in project organisations 1
APQC-постановка и решение задач управления знаниями в проектной организации 1
APS 1: Вводная лекция (тест № 1) : учебно-методический комплекс. 1
APS 3: Судебная и бюрократическая система (тест № 3) : учебно-методический комплекс. 1
APS 4: Американский федерализм : учебно-методический комплекс. 1
APS: история и современность. Пособие к спецкурсу : учебно-методический комплекс. 1
APS: Тест 3 (Промежуточный зачет) : учебное пособие. 1
APS: Тест 5 (Итоговый зачет) : учебное пособие. 1
Aptamer-based electrochemical sensors for tumor mariners characterization 1
Aptian Foraminifera and biostratigraphy of the Northern Palaebiogeographical district of Western Siberia 1
Aquilegia barykinae (Ranunculaceae) - новый вид c российского Дальнего Востока 1
Aquilegia daingolica (Ranunculaceae), новый вид из Монголии 1
Ar/Ar-изотопный возраст и структурный контроль сподумен-пегматитовых месторождений Восточного Казахстана 1
Arabic borrowings in the English language as a consequence of an intercultural communication 1
Arabic source for the medieval history of East Caucasus: Kitab al-Buldan by Ibn al-Faqih 1
Arabic word embedding method for NLP 1

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