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Annealing behavior of cryogenically-rolled Cu-30Zn brass 1
Annealing kinetics of radiation defects in boron-implanted p-Hg1-xCdxTe 1
Annealing temperature influence on the behavior of stressinduced martensitic transformations in high-strength Ni50,2Ti37,3Hf12,5 crystals 1
An annotated list and current state of ichthyofauna of the Middle Ob River basin 1
An annotated list of cartilaginous fishes (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii, Holocephali) of the coastal waters of Sakhalin Island and the adjacent southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk 1
The annual runoff of the right bank rivers in the basin of the Middle Ob (Tomsk region) 1
Anode and cathode spots in high-voltage nanosecond-pulse discharge initiated by runaway electrons in air 1
Anomaly-induced effective action and Chern-Simons modification of general relativity 1
"Another Germany": public and political activity of German antifascist writers in Czechoslovakia, 1933-1939 1
Ansymptotic analysis of queueing system with MMPP arrivals and feedback 1
The Antarctic ozone depletion caused by Erebus volcano gas emissions 1
The anthropocentric paradigm of modern liberal arts: a metadisciplinary "house of knowledge" 1
Anthropogenic landscapes in the territory of Tom-Yaya interfluve (in the border of Tomsk oblast) 1
Anthropogenic transformation of flora of Siberia: invasive plants 1
Anthropogenic transformation of the landscapes of the hollow "Gusinoozerskaja" (the Republic of Buryatia) 1
Anthropogenic transformation of the landscapes of the left bank of the upper Ob river: the history of exploration 1
Anthropogenic transformation of vegetation in urban pine forests 1
Anthropological reconstruction of the Ainu appearance and their position in the pancumenous system of the brain skull craniotypes 1
An anthropological study of Transbaikal neolithic sites (Pad Tokuy, Zhindo, and Ust-Menza 2) 1
"Anthropological turn" in Russia’s economic history and Yuri Petrov’s researches 1
Anthropology and ethnology at Omsk State University 1
Anthropology in Search of a New Language of Description (First Tomsk Anthropological Forum), 15-17 September 2016 1
The anthropology of innovations 1
Anthropology of Interdisciplinarity 1
An anthropology of outer space: planetary imagination and placemaking practices 1
Anthroponyms of Russian Germans in Tomsk region according to survey 1
Anthroponymy of the residents of Bolgarsky village in Kazakhstan (on ethnogenesis of the Gagauz in Budja) 1
Anti-alcohol campaign (1985-1987) in the perception of people of the Tomsk city 1
Anti-Chinese pogrom in Wyoming in 1885: causes, course, consequences 1
Anti-cosmopolitan campaign in Khakassia (1949-1953) 1
"Anti-Soviet" Valery Tarsis: the behaviour model of the nonconformist writer as a realisation of identity 1
Anti-sovietism as part of Winston Churchill’s foreign policy views 1
Antibacterial and photochemical properties of cellulose nanofiber-titania nanocomposites loaded with two different types of antibiotic medicines 1
Antiferromagnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te2Se2 1
Antiferromagnetic topological insulators MnBi2Te2Se2 and VBi2Te2Se2 1
Antigen-induced changes in odor attractiveness and reproductive output in male mice 1
Antisymmetric stress component associated with polycrystal deformation and fracture of mesovolumes 1
Antitoxic activity of extract from Salix viminalis leaves under conditions of 5-fluorouracil treatment 1
Antitumor therapy efficiency of different types of nanosecond pulseperiodic microwave radiation in combination with doxorubicin in vitro 1
Anton Chekhov's "Ionych" and George Eliot's Middlemarch: the fate of man in a "soul-wasting struggle with worldly annoyances" 1
Anxiety (trait and spatial) of male and female students as a success factor in spatial tasks 1
Anxiolytic activity of diterpene alkaloid songorine 1
Apllication of digital images correlation method for an experimental study of a steel angle surface in a deformed state under a noncentrosymmetric tensile deformation 1
Apokamp - a new source of ionisation waves in potential pulse-periodic discharge 1
Apokamp discharge as a source of nitrogen oxcides 1
Apokamps produced by repetitive discharges in air 1
Apollonius and Apollinaris: "The Life of Apollonius of Tyana" in the controversy between christians and pagans in the 3rd-5th cc. AD 1
Apologie de messieurs les deputez du parlement de Bordeaux, sur les affaires de ce temps 1
Apologie de messievrs les depvtez dv Parlement de Bordeavx, Sur les affaires de ce Temps 1
Apologie des frondeurs 1
Apologie des frondevrs 1
Apologie des Normands au roi pour la justification de leurs armes 1
Apologie des Normans, au roy. Pour la justification de leurs armes 1
Apologie des Normans, av Roy. Povr la ivstification de levrs armes 1
Apologie pour Messieurs les Princes envoyée par Madame de Longueville à Messieurs du Parlement de Paris 1
Apologie pour monseigneur le cardinal Mazarin, tiree d'une conference entre Son Eminence et Monsieur ****** homme de probité & excellent casuiste. Tenuë à Sainct Germain en Laye deux jours consecutifs. Premiere [-seconde] journee 1
Apologie pour monseigneur le cardinal Mazarin, tirée d’une conférence entre Son Éminence et Monsieur ******* homme de probité & excellent casuiste. Tenue à Saint Germain en Laye deux jours consécutifs. Première [-seconde] journée 1
Apologie pour monsieur de Broussel conseiller du roy, en son parlement, sous-doyen de la Grand'chambre, & prevost des marchands de Paris. Contre les imposteurs qui le qualifient du nom de factieux, dans les edicts, declarations, & arrests du conseil 1
Apologie povr Messievrs les Princes envoyee par Madame de Longveville à Messievrs dv Parlement de Paris 1
Apologie povr Monseignevr le Сardinal Mazarin, tiree d'vne conference entre son Eminence et Monsieur ****** homme de probité & excellent Casuiste. Tenuë à Sainct Germain en Laye deux iours consecutifs. Premiere [-seconde] iournee 1
Apologie povr monsievr de Brovssel conseiller dv roy, en son parlement, sovs-doyen de la Grand'Chambre, & Preuost des Marchands de Paris. Contre les impostevrs qui le qualifient du Nom de Factievx, dans les Edicts, Declarations, & Arrests du Conseil 1
The apotheosis of the collectivization campaign: the role of Komsomol 1
An apparatus for blasting ice emulsion explosives 1
The apparatus for fight against oncology by means of EHF-therapy 1
The appeal period for the court decision and the way of its calculation 1
The appearance and development of iron production on the border between the steppe and taiga cultural worlds in Western Siberia (Tomsk Ob Region) 1
Appearance of new words in the Chinese language 1
Applanation optical coherence elastography: noncontact measurement of intraocular pressure, corneal biomechanical properties, and corneal geometry with a single instrument 1
The applicability of acoustic emission method to modeling the endurance of metallic construction elements 1
Application by arbitration courts of foreign private law: legislative regulation and legal positions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation 1
The application by courts of the consequences of release by amnesty to a person who was not amnestied 1
Application of a plate sonotrode to ultrasonic degassing of aluminum melt: Acoustic measurements and feasibility study 1
Application of a solution of polyvinyl alcohol for improvement of physical-mechanical properties of wood for the application in construction designs 1
Application of a voltammetric method for investigation the formation mechanisms of silver nanoparticles in multicomponent solutions 1
The application of an assisting gas plasma generator for low-temperature magnetron sputtering of Ti-C-Mo-S antifriction coatings on titanium alloys 1
Application of certain fungicide in a complex sanitary and therapeutic measures in the apiary 1
Application of cluster analysis to the assessment of technological criteria in European economic integration 1
Application of cognitive graphics means for decision-making and substantiation of decisions in intelligent system 1
Application of criteria for testing homogeneity of distribution laws 1
Application of crowdfunding in publishing 1
Application of cryotropic gel to improve the water-physical properties of soils 1
Application of Data mining methods to predict used cars demand 1
Application of dual energy method for non-destructive testing of materials designed to work in extreme conditions 1
Application of excilamps in agriculture and animal breeding (review) 1
Application of external fields to the development of aluminum-based nanocomposite and master alloys 1
Application of Gauss sums to calculate the exact values of the number of appearances of elements on cycles of linear recurrences 1
Application of hybrid parallel technologies to calculate the motion of the cosmic body at hypersonic speeds in the atmosphere 1
Application of kufarev method to problem of subsoil waters move ment under hydraulic engineering constructions 1
Application of laser module with driver based on avalanche S-diode for light-emitting diode structure characterization 1
Application of laser spectroscopy to find relative concentrations of volatile metabolites in the exhaled air at different states of the organism 1
Application of learning and testing intelligent system with cognitive component based on mixed diagnostics tests 1
Application of mathematical methods in researches on the Russian agrarian history of the post-reform and soviet periods: historiographical aspects of the problem (the 1960s – the beginning of the 1990s) 1
Application of models of regional innovation systems to the analysis of pharmaceutical clusters in Russia 1
Application of multivariate statistical analysis for delineation of prospective geochemical anomalies in Providenskaya Area (Chukotka, Russia) 1
Application of multiwavelength IR lasers for lidar and path measurements of the meteorological parameters of the atmosphere 1
Application of neural networks to predict daily average water levels in rivers (by the example of the rivers Ob and Tom) 1
An application of neural networks to solution of the credit scoring task 1
Application of neuro-fuzzy methods in intellectual robotic systems 1
Application of one method of linear code recognition to the wire-tap channel 1
Application of open water exercises to stabilize the status of female students with signs of hypertension 1

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