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Analysis of observations and results of numerical modeling of meteorological parameters and atmospheric air pollution under weak wind conditions in the city of Tomsk 1
Analysis of oxygen-containing organic substances of natural water using solid phase extraction of distillates 1
Analysis of paradoxes of the Pax Americana policy in a historical retrospective (discussions in the US think tanks) 1
Analysis of problems of growth of small and medium-sized business 1
The analysis of professional standards in the field of quality management 1
Analysis of proverbs expressing a negative view of woman in the Russian and Portuguese languages 1
Analysis of queueing tandem with feedback by the method of limiting decomposition 1
Analysis of real estate value on the example of the Tomsk's commercial real estate market 1
Analysis of regional and macro-regional factors for supporting the main political parties at the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in 2016 1
Analysis of relations between economic and social effectiveness in investment development management of Russian regions 1
Analysis of reliability of spectral water vapor line parameters at high temperatures in spectroscopic databases 1
Analysis of representations of extremism from convicted under art. 282 of the code using the multidimensional socio-psychological classification 1
Analysis of risks of the certification process on the example of the company "TANSU" 1
Analysis of river flow long-term fluctuations of Ob-Irtysh interfluve 1
The analysis of seasonal runoff from the boggy catchment of Vasyugan swamp 1
Analysis of six new band of 18O3 recorded by CRDS thechnique in the 7400-7920 cm-1 spectral range 1
Analysis of skin blood microflow oscillations in patients with rheumatic diseases 1
Analysis of snow-cap pollution for air quality assessment in the vicinity of an oil refinery 1
Analysis of social and psychological theories of the causality of serial crimes 1
The analysis of special operations forces activities in the world 1
Analysis of stress fields and elastic energies in the vicinity of nanograin boundaries using the disclination approach 1
The analysis of the algorithms of the complex optimal estimates interpolation in tasks of satellite navigation 1
Analysis of the component composition of exhaled air using laser spectroscopy and canonical correlation analysis 1
Analysis of the contemporary state of the tourism industry in Dombay 1
The analysis of the dynamics of the stock price of oil companies: causes and consequences 1
Analysis of the dynamics of time characteristics of the seasons of the year in the sub-boreal forest (sub-taiga) of the West Siberian plain in the period from 1936 to 2015 1
Analysis of the effect of external physical fields on the casting of light alloys 1
Analysis of the effectiveness of different methods of DNA extraction from the leaves of bluegrass 1
Analysis of the effectiveness of forward error correction in selective mode of transport protocol 1
Analysis of the effectiveness of supervisory activities in the field of labor protection in the Russian Federation 1
Analysis of the effects of curvature and thickness on elastic wave velocity in cornea-like structures by finite element modeling and optical coherence elastography 1
Analysis of the efficiency of CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes by the aerosol method based on ethanol 1
Analysis of the elastic-stressed state of nanocrystals borders within the framework of the disclination approach 1
Analysis of the foreign exchange value of the currency pairs in the context of the purchasing power of the currency 1
Analysis of the GI/PH/ system with high-rate arrivals 1
An analysis of the high-resolution spectrum of the weak v1+v2+v3 absorption band of the SO2 molecule 1
Analysis of the hydrological and climatic conditions for moisture assessement of the waterlogged catchments of subzone of aspen-birch forests and northern forest steppe of Western Siberia in a changing climate 1
Analysis of the influence of modes of plasma-chemical synthesis and precursor evaporation on geometric characteristics of ceramic powders produced 1
The analysis of the language personality of the radio presenter of Echo of Moscow Ksenia Larina 1
Analysis of the low temperature ceramics structure with consideration for polydispersity of initial refractory components 1
The analysis of the main approaches to formation of the consolidated financial statements 1
Analysis of the methods for attribute-based access control 1
Analysis of the model of the prismatic slip dinamics in FCC-metals 1
Analysis of the modern youth values in the context of their psychological system of activity 1
Analysis of the nBn-type barrier structures for infrared photodiode detectors 1
Analysis of the placental tissue transcriptome of normal and preeclampsia complicated pregnancies 1
Analysis of the porosity effect on convective heat transfer in an enclosure, filled with a variable viscosity fluid 1
Analysis of the results regional tour olipiads in geography in the Tomsk region in 2010 1
Analysis of the speech of the person identified in the presentation for identification: procedural and tactical aspects 1
Analysis of the spring and autumn plantings of forest cultures of Pinus sylvestris L. in ribbon-like pine forests of priirtyshie (by the example of state forest natural reserve "Semei ormany") 1
Analysis of the system of motivation and labor incentives in the LLC "Anzherskoe Moloko" 1
The analysis of the use of estimated lexicon on a fragment example from the novel "To kill a mocking bird" 1
Analysis of the Wtb vertex from the measurement of triple-differential angular decay rates of single top quarks produced in the t-channel at √s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector 1
Analysis of tourism potenital and regional tourist product promotion in Tomsk region 1
The analysis of toxic connections content in water by spectral methods 1
Analysis of transport connection by a network of queuing systems 1
Analysis of user profiles in social networks to search for promising entrants 1
Analysis the surface of silver containing oxygen by esca 1
Analytic connections on Riemann surfaces and orbifolds 1
Analytic philosophy of depiction: disciplinary and theoretical specifics 1
Analytic, emotional intelligence and noetic orientations of students from physicsdepartments with different level of autistic traits 1
Analytical approximation of spectrum for pulse X-ray tubes 1
Analytical approximations for speed-dependent spectral line profiles 1
Analytical control of iron-ore raw materials on different stages of conversion 1
Analytical control of the content of metallic impurities in welding aerosols 1
Analytical legal philosophy: the origins, genesis and structure 1
Analytical philosophy and institutional economics 1
Analytical philosophy, legal language and philosophy of law 1
Analytical possibilities of financial information 1
Analytical solution of the problem of small forced oscillations of the ideal fluid 1
Analytical study of ultrasound influence on the molten metals atomization 1
Analytical theology: God's omnipotence as a formal-axiological law of the two-valued algebra of formal ethics (demonstrating the law by "computing" relevant evaluation-functions) 1
Analyzing patterns of heat generated by the tensile loading of steel rods containing discontinuity-like defects 1
Analyzing the soil sorption and transfer environmental functions in the South-East part of Western Siberia using Pt and Ni nanoparticles 1
Anatase TiO2 co-doped with silver and ceria for antibacterial application 1
Ancestor worship and concept "xiao" in Ancient China 1
The ancient Greek agon and the experience of rivalry 1
Ancient Peopls of Siberia according toponimical Data 1
Ancient peopls of Siberia according toponimical data 2
Ancient theater in the light of the notion of catharsis 1
The ancient tradition and the art of plastics in the depiction of landscapes in The frigate "Pallada" by Ivan Goncharov 1
And Lenin is so young and new October to come... The 100th anniversary of the revolution and the historians of Siberia: events and publications 1
And opera again! 1
Anderson, G. David, P. Robert Wishart and Virginie Vate (eds.) 2013. About the hearth. Perspectives on the home, hearth and household in the circumpolar North. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books. 338 pp. Hb.: US$94.05. ISBN: 978-0-85745-980-0. 1
Andragogical approach to modeling of adaptive educational systems for adults 1
Andrew E. G. Jonas, Eugene McCann, and Mary Thomas. Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction. Wiley-Blackwell, 2015. 378 p. (Critical Introductions to Geography) ISBN 978-1-4051-8980-4 1
Andromonoecy of Aegopodium podagraria (Apiaceae) in Moscow region 1
Andy Warhol – an outstanding representative of the rusin emigration 1
Aneuploidy in human embryonic cytotrophoblast with different level of global genome methylation 1
Anglicism as a social problem of new generation 1
Angular distributions of relativistic electrons under channeling in half – wavelength crystal and corresponding radiation 1
Angular distributions of synchrotron radiation in the nonrelativistic approximation 1
Animadversiones systematicae ex Herbario kryloviano Universitatis Tomskensis 6
Animadversiones systematicae ex Herbario Kryloviano Universitatis Tomskensis 1
Animadversiones systematicae ex Herbario kryloviano Universitatis Tomskensis ... 8
Animal models of cerebral ischemia 1
The animal style in the art of Tuva 1
Animal's images in modern artistic photography (based on the website Kulturologia .ru) 1
Animistic consepts of Turkic peoples of the North Caucasus 1
Anion-induced exchange interactions in binuclear complexes of Cu(II) with flexible hexadentate bispicolylamidrazone ligands 1

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