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Adjoint of the Global Eulerian Lagrangian Coupled Atmospheric transport model (A-GELCA v1.0): development and validation 1
Adjoint of the global Eulerian-Lagrangian coupled atmospheric transport model (A-GELCA v1.0): development and validation 1
Administration and personnel of corrective institutions as subjects of criminal and executive activity 1
Administration and security personnel of Nazi concentration camps in the occupied territory of Ukraine: criminal activity and a socio-psychological portrait 1
Administrative documentation structure in medium-sized businesses as a reflection of business culture and typical organizational issues 1
The administrative documentation structure of small business enterprises in Siberia as the reflection of poor management culture 1
Administrative procedures of protective direction 1
Administrative supervision of the implementation of binding resolutions in the context of everyday life studies (on materials of the Kurgan district in 1923–1930) 1
The administrative-territorial division of Asian Russia: discussion of 1860th–1887th 1
Administrator and military officer Peter Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky 1
Admission of defense lawyer to participate in investigative actions carried out on his or her application 1
Admittance investigation of MIS structures with GgTe-based single quantum wells 1
Admittance measurements in the temperature range (8-77) K for characterization of MIS structures based on MBE n-Hg0.78Cd0.22Te with and without graded-gap layers 1
Admittance of HgCdTe MIS structures with HgTe single quantum well 1
Admittance of metal-insulator-semiconductor structures based on graded-gap HgCdTe grown by molecular-beam epitaxy on GaAs substrates 1
Admittance of MIS structures based on graded-gap MBE HgCdTe with Al2O3 insulator 1
Admittance of MIS structures based on MBE Hg1-xCdxTe ( x = 0.22-0.23) in a wide temperature range 1
Admittance of MIS-structures based on HgCdTe with a double-layer CdTe/Al2O3 insulator 1
Admittance Spectroscopy for the Research of Germanium-on-Silicon Quantum Dot Structures Parameters 1
Admittance spectroscopy of Ge/Si p-i-n structures with Ge quantum dots 1
Adnominal possessive constructions in Narym, Vasjugan and Middle-Ob dialects of Selkup 1
Adnominal possessive constructions with a pronominal possessor in narym, vasyugan and middle-ob dialects of selkup 1
Adolescents and the Internet: reactions of parents 1
Adoption legislation in different countries: a comparative legal analysis 1
Adsorption and diffusion of oxygen on γ-TiAl(001) and (100) surfaces 1
Adsorption from aqueous solutions of organic substances on nanodiamonds 1
Adsorption of volatile organic compounds by SiO2 with different porous structure 1
Adsorption properties of a silicagel surface with grafted transition metal acetylacetonate complexes 1
Adsorption properties of new Silochrome-based chelate-containing gas chromatographic materials 1
Adsorption properties of silica surface layers modified with acetylacetonates of transition metals 1
Adsorption properties of Silochrom chemically modified with nickel acetylacetonate 1
Adsorption properties of surfaces silochrom c-120 grafted acetylacetonate layers of transition metals 1
Adult learners' personal development by means of foreign language teaching: aims and ways of implementation 1
"Adult`s word" in the language of contemporary poetry for children 1
Advanced development territories as a tool of development of the region: economic and social aspects 1
Advanced laser technologies for biophotonics 1
Advanced of rare earth fluorides technology 1
Advanced pattern recognition and deep learning for colon polyp detection 1
Advanced personnel training in accordance with the forecast of the emerging technological cycle in Russia 1
Advantages and disadvantages of IPO and ICO 1
Advantages of group methods in the recruitment of personnel with high potential 1
Adversarial activity of the defender at the stage of the jury formation 1
The adverse effect of the action of the legal mechanism of applying house arrest as a measure of restraint 1
Adverse fortune in business and its impact on entrepreneurs 1
Advertissement a Cohon, evesqve de dol et de fravde, par les cuistres de l'Vniversité de Paris 1
Advertissement au Sieur Cohon, evesque de Dol et de Fraude : par les cuistres de l'Université 1
Advice to young musicians 1
Advis aux grands de la terre. Sur le peu d' asseurance qu' ils doivent avoir en leurs grandeurs. Dedié aux conservateurs de leurs vies 1
Advis aux Parisiens pour la conservation de monsieur de Beaufort 1
Advis avx Grands de la Terre. Sur le peu d'asseurance qu'ils doiuent auoir en leurs Grandeurs. Dedié aux Conseruateurs de leurs vies 1
Advis avx parisiens povr la conservation de monsievr de Beavfort 1
Advis d'Estat a la Reyne, Sur le gouuernement de sa Regence 1
Advis d'Estat a la reyne, sur le gouvernement de sa regence 1
Advis desinteressé sur la conduite de monseigneur le coadjuteur 1
Advis desinteressé svr la condvite de monseignevr le coadivtevr 1
Advis important de monsieur de Chasteauneuf, donné devant le depart de Sa Majesté a Fontainebleau. Touchant la resolution qu'on doit prendre sur le mécontentement de monsieur le Prince 1
Advis important de monsievr de Chasteavnevf, donné devant le depart de Sa Maiesté a Fontainebleav. Tovchant la resolvtion qu'on doit prendre sur le mécontentement de Monsieur le Prince 1
Advis important et necessaire a Monsievr de Beavfort et Monsievr le coadivtevr 1
Advis important et necessaire sur l'Estat, et la crise des affaires présentes. Donné par un notable bourgeois en l'Assemblée de l'Hostel de Ville 1
Advis important et necessaire svr l'Estat, et la crise des affaires presentes. Donné par vn notable bovrgeois en l'Assemblée de l'Hostel de Ville 1
Advis important et necessaire à Monsieur de Beaufort et Monsieur le coadjuteur 1
Advis salvtaire envoyé par les bovlangers, cabaretiers, bovchers, et arqvebvziers, a Ivles Mazarin, a sainct Germain en Laye 1
Advis tres-important de Dom Gabriel de Tolede, apporté a Messievrs les Princes de la part du Roy d'Espagne. Pour faire avancer l'Armée du Duc de Lorraine en France 1
Advis très important de Dom Gabriel de Tolede, apporté à Messieurs les Princes de la part du Roy d'Espagn. Pour faire avancer l'Armée du Duc de Lorraine en France 1
Advis, remonstrance et requeste. Par huict paysans de huict provinces deputés pour les autres du royaume, sur les miseres & affaires du temps present 1649. Au parlement de Paris, et de ceux deputez & assemblez à Ruël, sur la conferance 1
Advis, remonstrance et reqveste. Par huict paysans de huict prouinces deputés pour les autres du Royaume, sur les miseres & affaires du temps present 1649. Au Parlement de Paris, & de ceux Deputez, & assemblez à Ruël, sur la Conferance 1
Aegopodium podagraria L. subsp. nadeshdae Stepanov (ТК-000832) 1
Aero-optical effects caused by the supersonic flow around the ogival body 1
Aerodynamic design for an isolated three-dimensional wing of an unmanned aerial vehicle 1
Aerodynamic nature of the vocal sound 1
Aerosol cloud propagation in a closed space 1
Aerothermodynamics calculation of thermal destruction of "Fregat" upper stage at descent in the Earth's atmosphere 1
Aesthetic evaluation in the professional coordinates of journalism 1
The aesthetic function of somatic vocabulary in the poetry of J. Brodsky 1
Aesthetic value of landscapes in the Transbaikal national park 1
Aesthetics of Guo Xi: spiritual wisdom and the art of painting in the Chinese history of culture 1
Aesthetics of the narrative representation of the "documentary person": the paradoxes of physicality 1
The affair of "simulation of the priests' execution" in the Ryazan Provincial Concentration Camp in the fall of 1919 1
The affinity structures in prefaces of the eighteenth-century German travel literature 1
AFM study of charging of the Au-n-GaAs contact 1
Africa in the plans of the Clement Attlee government 1
Aftermath of a preventive disruption of a hazardous asteroid 1
Ag-CeO2/SBA катализаторы окисления VOCs 1
Against Glamour Technology: Liberation of the Outlook for Contemporary Siberian Art 1
Age and growth of blue Antimora Antimora rostrata (Moridae) in Southwestern Greenland waters 1
Age and matter sources of ophiolites of the Kuznetsk Alatau, SW Siberia: New Sm-Nd isotope data 1
The age and petrologic and geochemical conditions of formation of the Kogtakh gabbro-monzonite complex in the Kuznetsk Alatau 1
Age conditionality of self-nominations on the internet (based on the german-speaking internet-user nicknames) 1
Age dynamics and topography of an individual EEG mu rhythm reactivity in children aged 4-14 years 1
Age of acquisition and token word frequency correlation in lexical decision: recognition of Russian suffixed words 1
Age of chemistry in oil and gas recovery 1
The age of the source provenance of the Gorlovo foreland basin: detrital zircon U/Pb ages of balakhon group sandstones 1
Age stages and an estimation of formation time for the Kalguta molybdenum-tungsten ore-magmatic system (Gorny Altai, Russia) 1
Age-of-acquisition and frequency correlation for russian derivatives and their base words 1
Ageing of nanodiamond powder: Physical characterization of the material 1
Aggregation of manufactured nanoparticles in aqueoussolutions of mono- and bivalent electrolytes 1
Aggression can be contagious: Longitudinal associations between proactive aggression and reactive aggression among young twins 1
Aggression in language and aggression in reality as the call and threat of national security 1
Agreable et veritable recit de ce qui s'est passé, devant et depuis l'enlevement du roy, hors la ville de Paris, par le conseil de Jule Mazarin. En vers burlesques 1

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