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Blue and green jets in laboratory discharges initiated by runaway electrons 1
Blue-green laser radiation from dyes in matrix 1
Blue-shift of Eu2+ emission in (Ba,Sr)3Lu(PO4)3:Eu2+ eulytite solid-solution phosphors resulting from release of neighbouring-cation-induced stress 1
Blueschist metamorphism of pillow basalts of the Chara zone (NE Kazakhstan) 1
The blurred boundaries of the definition of disability: medical, political and philosophical work 1
Body and internet: the anthropology of laboratory 1
The body of a miner in discourse tradition of coal region 1
Bolshevism in Oswald Spengler's cultural and historical concept 1
Bons advis sur plusieurs mauvais advis 1
Bons advis svr plvsievrs mavvais advis 1
Bons avis sur plusieurs mauvais avis 1
The book as a space of images and meanings: the range of young students’ reading preferences 1
Book monuments in the digital age: problems of creation and use of electronic resources 1
The Book of Psalms as the archetext of Quirinus Kuhlmann’s poetry 1
Book review : Andreeva, S. L. The destiny of the phraseological unit "crystal palace": methods of phraseological transformation predicting and interpreting. Magnitogorsk : ZAO "Magnitogorskiy Dom pechati" 1
Book Review. Jason Hannan (ed), Philosofical Profiles in the Theory of Communication, New York, Peter Lang Publishing Inc., 2012, 519 p. 1
Book review: Ayzikova, I.A. et al. (2014). The book culture of Tomsk (the 19th - early 20th centuries). Tomsk: Tomsk State University 1
Book review: Demchenkov, S. A. The last of the great prophets (biblical prophetic tradition in the life of the archpriest Avvakum, by himself. Moscow ; St. Petersburg: Tsentr gumanitarnykh initsiativ, 2018. - 256 p. 1
Book review: Demeshkina, T. A. et al. Portraits of speech genres: different discourse practices 1
Book review: Dictionary of modern political slogans of Russia and Germany: Give a chance to the world! 1
Book review: Gasek B. Lexico-semantic interference in the process of translation (on material of the Russian and Polish languages) 1
Book review: Ivantsova E. V. The idiolect dictionary of precedent texts of the Siberian old-timer 1
Book review: Krasnykh, V. V. & Izotov, A. I. (eds) (2016) Yazyk, Soznanie, Kommunikatsiya [Lnguage, Mind, Communication]. Issue 53. Moscow: Max Press 1
Book review: Malygina, N. M. (2018) Andrey Platonov and literary Moscow: A. K. Voronsky, A. M. Gorky, B. A. Pilnyak, B. I. Pasternak, Artem Vesely, S. F. Budanzev, V. S. Grossman. Moscow; St. Petersburg: Nestor-Istoriya 1
Book review: Matyash, S. A. Enjambement in Russian poetry (essays on theory and history) 1
Book review: Rezanova, Z. I. (ed.) (2011) Nostalgia for the soviet. Tomsk:Tomsk State University 1
Book review: Rezanova, Z. I. (ed.) (2011) Nostalgiya po sovetskomu [Nostalgia for the Soviet]. Tomsk: Publishing House of Tomsk State University 1
Book review: Television of the siberia: history, theory 1
Book review: The unity of Europe according to vocabulary 1
"Books are written with ink, aren’t they?" (Interpreting a story for children by Daniil Harms) 1
Books on the history of Siberia development from the library of count G. A. Stroganov 1
Boolean differentiation equations applicable in reconfigurable computational medium 1
Boris Pilnyak’s americanisms in the novel "Ok" 1
Boris Porshnev, an absentee participant in the discussion on formations and controversies about merchant capitalism (early 1930s) 1
Born-Infeld f(R) gravity 1
The borrowed lexicon in verbalization of a concept fashion in the modern popular literature 1
Bounce universe from string-inspired Gauss-Bonnet gravity 1
Boundary problems in a special domain for an equation of mixed type 1
Bounded Hamiltonian in the fourth-order extension of the Chern-Simons theory 1
A boy growing in the Makonde tribe (Mozambique): funeral of socio-cultural life 1
Boyhood as a sociocultural phenomtnon 1
Boyish face of social orphanhood in Russia: socialization of boys in institutional care and foster families 1
Branched cyclic coverings of connected sums of lens spaces 1
Branching ratios for the decay of d*(2380) 1
Branding of Liao song tradition of Zhuang people (Guangxi-Zhuang autonomous region of the PRC) 1
Brattleboro rats as the model of blood hyperviscosity syndrome for testing substances with hemorheological activity 1
Breakdown features of a high-voltage nanosecond discharge initiated with runaway electrons at subnanosecond voltage pulse rise time 1
Breaking the 100 kDa barrier using phase plate cryogenic electron microscopy: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 03.04.02 - Физика 1
Breaking time-reversal symmetry at the topological insulator surface by metal-organic coordination networks 1
Breath air measurement using wide-band frequency tuning IR laser photo-acoustic spectroscopy 1
Brewing vocabulary in the Russian North: an ethnolinguistic aspect 1
Brexit как следствие политического кризиса в Европейском союзе 1
BREXIT: Геополитическая трансформация единой Европы: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 41.03.05 - Международные отношения 1
Brief description of interrogative speech acts in the French language 1
A brief review of the Russian tea heritage 1
Bring a digital nomad with you: challenges and issues in video remote interpreting 1
The British Royal Navy. English Language 1
British studies at Tomsk State University 1
Brittle or quasi-brittle fracture of ceramic nanocomposites under dynamic loading 1
Broadband and narrowband terahertz generation and detection in GaSe1− xSx crystals 1
Broadband IR lidar for gas analysis of the atmosphere 1
Broadening parameters for H2O lines perturbed by argon in infrared region 1
BRST analysis of general mechanical systems 1
Bryophyte flora of hydrocarbon deposit sites in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 1
Buckling analysis for large-sized space reflector 1
Buckling analysis of umbrella - type space reflector and it's elements 1
Buddhism and politics in Inner Asia: history and modernity 1
Buddhism and Soviet identity in Buryatia in 1920s-1930s 1
The Buddhist ritual dagger "phurpa" 1
The building of a single information space and the elimination of administrative barriers under the enlargement of the Eurasian Economic Union 1
Building profile teaching staff university based model competence 1
Bukovinian village Velykyi Kuchuriv and its residents in the Moldavian period 1
The Bulgarian language in the current laws of Serbia 1
Bulk and surface electron dynamics in a p-type topological insulator SnSb2Te4 1
Bulk and surface electronic structure of SnBi4Te7 topological insulator 1
Bulk and surface Rashba splitting in single termination BiTeCl 1
Bulk electronic structure of the InGeTe 1
Bull and cow: images and symbols in the traditional culture of the Khakas (late 19th - mid-20th centuries) 1
The bull as the embodiment of the demonic origin in the traditional beliefs and folklore of the Khakas (late XIX - mid XX centuries) 1
Bulletin board "City wall" 1
Bulletin de l' Institut de l'exploration de la Siberie 4
Bulletin de L'Institut de l'exploration de la Siberie 1
Bulletin of Tomsk State Üniversity 1
Bupleurum krylovianum B. Schischk. f. intermedium Kryl. (ТК-000840) 2
Bupleurum longeinvolucratum Kryl. (ТК-000845) 1
Bupleurum longiradiatum Turcz. (TK-000846) 1
Bupleurum martjanovii Kryl. (TK-000847) 1
The burden of labor, or how not to work 1
Burials with the bronze-casting equipment of the Andronovo (Fedorovo) culture of the Tartas-1 burial ground (Central Baraba) 1
"A burning issue of new life": the ban on housescommunes in Novosibirsk 1
Burning stability of coal-dust methane-air mixture in heat recovery burner 1
"Burnout" as a result of emotional exhaustion in a profession: sociocultural discourse 1
Buryat intelligentsia: nationalism and ethnic question 1
Business ecosystem concept of TSU 1
Business models of companies: from profit to sustainable development and value creation 1
Buxtehude's Passacaglia: music, number, mysticism 1
"By Lenin's way to happiness and glory": visual propaganda of the 1940s-1960s and the political ideal of the Soviet person 1
The By-Laws of the Russian Orthodox-Catholic Society of Mutual Aid as a source for studying Rusin immigration in the United States of America 1
Bеtween tradition and innovation: the image of Florence in the urban literature of the Trecento 1
C-fos expression and cell proliferation in mice after exposure to nanosecond repetitively-pulsed X-rays 1

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