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"Five to one. One in five": the number images in the language picture of the world of Jim Morrison 1
"Five to one. One in five": числовые образы в языковой картине мира Джима Моррисона 1
Fixation of the results of experimental investigative procedures: criminal procedure and forensic aspects 1
Fixed forms of behavior of indiviual and Group systems (in culture, education, science, norm and pathology) 1
A fixed partial epithelial‐mesenchymal transition (EMT) triggers carcinogenesis, whereas asymmetrical division of hybrid EMT cells drives cancer progression 1
Fixed phrase schemes with a compulsory component - a syncategorematic word - in the modern russian language 1
Flame propagation velocity in an aero-suspension of nanoscale aluminum powder 1
Flavonoids content in the cellular culture of lichnis depends on duration of cultivation 1
Flavonoids of some plants of the genera Lychnis and Silene 1
Flextime of the digital epoch: from deviation to new order of control 1
"Floating gap" в еврейском религиозно-историческом сознании: возможные интерпретации 1
Flood cycles as the leading factor dynamics of floodplain landscapes 1
Flora of Belukha Nature park (Altai Republic) 1
Flora Sibiriae Occidentalis 1
Flora Sibirica sive Historia plantarum Sibiriae. T. 1 1
Flora Sibirica sive Historia plantarum Sibiriae. T. 2 1
Flora Sibirica sive Historia plantarum Sibiriae. T. 3 1
Flora Sibirica sive Historia plantarum Sibiriae. T. 4 1
Floristic records on the floodplains of the Ob and Charysh Rivers, Altai Territory and Novosibirsk Region 1
Floristic records on the Irtysh and Ob floodplains, Tyumen and Tomsk regions 1
Floristic records on the Ob River floodplain, Tomsk Region 1
FlowerMorphology: fully automatic flower morphometry software 1
Fluid regime of magma reservoirs of large-scale caldera-forming eruptions by example of pleistocene-holocene calderas at the Iturup island (Kurile islands) 1
The fluorescence analysis of laser photolysis of phenols in water 1
Fluorescence investigations of phototransformation of phenol in aqueous solutions 1
Fluorescence spectra of humic acids with different genesis of organic raw materials 1
Fluorescent angiography of chicken embryo and photobleaching velocimetry 1
Fluorescent sensor for the detection nitroaromatic compounds 1
Fluorescent silver clusters on protein templates: understanding their structure 1
Fluorination as effective method for tuning the electromagnetic response of graphene 1
Fluorine adsorption as well as fluorine and oxygen coadsorption on In-rich InSb(111) surface 1
Fluorine and oxygen adsorption and their coadsorption on the (111) surface of InAs and GaAs 1
Flux crystal growth and the electronic structure of BaFe12O19 hexaferrite 1
FMR study of the magnetic anisotropy of composite materials with ferrite particles in microwave range 1
Foam glass ceramics as composite granulated heat-insulating material 1
The foam-glass material for a radio frequency echoless chambers 1
Focusing behavior of 2-dimensional plasmonic conical zone plate 1
Folding in FCC metal single crystals under compression 1
Folding in single crystals concavity areas during compression 1
Folk crafts as tourist resource of Tomsk region 1
Folk names of plants as a fragment of the Rusin language picture of the world 1
Folklor tendencies of the soviet ideological poster 1
The folklore and culture of the "Russian Tryokhrechye" in Manchuria 1
Folklorism and neoprimitivism of Russian avant-garde in the first decades of the XX century 1
Following Egill: the níðstöng in contemporary Iceland (the second half of the 20th to the early 21st centuries) 1
Following the practices of scientists in integrated ecological research: understanding the experience of the Tomsk summer schools in the anthropology of science 1
Font and calligraphy in works of fine arts and decorative and applied art neo-pagan orientation late XX - early XXI centuries: semiotic and functional aspects 1
The food code of greek phraseology: the phytonym "cucumber" 1
Food delivery model for kindergarten 1
Food metaphor in conceptualization, categorization and verbalization of representations about the world 1
Food security against the background of unsustainably developing Russian economy: Price aspect 1
Food supply and storage for provisions in the historical and archaeological context of Tara 1
Football fan subculture and practice of threats: mental, discoursive and behavioral strategies 1
The football technology in physical education of students 1
Footwear, spurs and parts of a saddle: horseman material culture in Muscovy XVI–XVII centuries 1
For faith, tsar, fatherland and land to peasants (on the activities of the branches of the Union of Russian People in the Khotin uezd of Bessarabian province) 1
For the history of studying the historiography and methodology of museum management in Russia 1
Foraminifera and biostratigraphy of Irbitskian Horizon (middle Eocene) on south-east of Western Siberia 1
Foraminiferal development during Middle Cretaceous Epoch in the limits of Western Siberia 1
The force model for asteroid (3200) Phaethon 1
The forced ambiguity of criminal law norms and (or) incorrect consolidation, interpretation of their features (based on Article 138.1 of the RF Criminal Code) 1
The forcing of road construction in the northern districts of Western Siberia (1980s - early 1990s) 1
Forecast of extreme weather conditions that promote aircraft icing during take-off or landing 1
Forecast of geometric characteristics of low-temperature ceramics with multilevel hierarchical pore structure 1
Forecasting the local and global socio-economic impact of climate change in the Boreal and Arctic regions of Siberia 1
Foreign experience of ensuring the personal security of juvenile convicts 1
Foreign experience of research pricing factors of cadastral value 1
The foreign in Russian literature and journalism of the 19th century: perception of the polyethnoconfessional Volga region in the works of Russian writers 1
Foreign inclusions in Edgar Poe's prose and their perception in Russian translations 1
Foreign inclusions in the correspondence of Vasily Zhukovsky and Avdotia Elagina 1
Foreign inclusions in the epistolary prose of Vasily Zhukovsky 1
Foreign informative reading and studying the semantic content of selected text fragments to make a report on a problem-based question 1
Foreign language for specific purposes textbook as a means of fostering innovative linguistic personality of students 1
Foreign language teachers' training in the system of continuing education 1
Foreign language teacher’s competence in using information and communication technologies 1
Foreign language teaching in regional development management programs for graduate students 1
Foreign language teaching in the context of competence-based approach 1
Foreign language teaching of preschoolers in the nature-activity context 1
Foreign literature in the pre-revolution periodicals of Siberia as the material for science bibliography 1
Foreign monologue teaching: an integrated basis 1
The foreign policy of Belarus (1992–2017): a small state at the geostrategic break 1
Foreign realization experience of social liability of business 1
Foreign reviews on the History of the Russian State in the perception of Nikolay Karamzin 1
Foreign students in Great Britain: the conditions before and after Brexit 1
Foreign-language project-based method as a means of forming professional competence in bachelors of management 1
Forensic characterisation of housebreaking committed in rural areas with specific living conditions of the population 1
Forensic meaning of individual features of oral speech 1
Forensic peculiarities of criminal case initiation on crimes against public authority 1
Foresight in the educational practice "self-regard" in the modern classical university 1
Forest conservation in the south of Western Siberia in the first half of 1918 1
Forest flora ether-oil plants in Kuznetsky Alatau 1
Forest guard and foresters through the eyes of the rural population of the Altai District after the events of the February Revolution 1
Forgotten complexes and Chinese coins from the timiryazevo-1 burial site 1
The forgotten golden age: Yaroslav the Wise and "Yaroslav's Rus" - rethinking in the 19th - 20th centuries 1
Forgotten names: Evgeny Kochetov as a correspondent of M. N. Katkov's editions 1
The form of action for obtaining explanations 1
Form of the contract of paid rendering legal services 1
Form of the contract of surrogacy 1
A formal deductive proof of equivalence of evaluative modalities of moral goodness, utility and pleasure within an axiomatic system of epistemology from the assumption of a-prioriness of knowledge (an axiomatic definition of the scope of relevant applying G. Moore's doctrine of the naturalistic fallacies in ethics) 1
Formal grammar of Russian language in examples 1

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