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Authentication encryption based on authentication code with secrecy 1
Authentication of terminology shamanic buryats cult by the example of the concepts of orgoy and mayhabshi 1
Author and user in a system of media Internet: integration of communicative relations 1
Author's term: what is it? / defining the concept "author's term" 1
The author's worldview and the specificity of its verbalization in translated poetic discourse (a case of J. Eichendorff's Nachts and V. Bryusov's Inspired by Eichendorff) 1
Authorial proverbs, sayings and proverbial expressions of the Russian language of 1905-07 formed on the basis of generalized structural models of source paroemias 1
Authoritarian word in Solzhenitsyn's works 1
Authorities' priorities and citizens' experience through the lens of multiscalarity: the case of Kuldiga (Latvia) 1
Authorization method of client applications in a heterogeneous distributed software system built on the basis of the HDP protocol 1
Author’s intent and editor’s licence: on the publication of Vasily Aksyonov’s Mysterious Passion 1
Autobiographical data in the personal record of a citizen who has applied for the restoration of electoral rights deprived for trading 1
Autobiographical practices in the context of Siberian verbal culture 1
The autobiographical story as a means of modeling global events 1
Autocorrelation analysis of orbital evolution of exhaust GNSS objects 1
Autodidactic approach: forming self-directed efl learning readiness 1
Autodidactic English for intending efl teachers: a coursebook structure 1
Automated information system for the classification of data from XML documents 1
Automated processing of equipment failure requests at «Sibirskaya agrarnaya gruppa» company 1
Automated static analysis and classification of Android malware using permission and API calls models 1
Automatic control system development of moving object, based on an algorithm using fuzzy logic and data from subsystem machine vision 1
Automation of data collection electric ballistic experiments 1
Automation of data processing and calculation of retention parameters and thermodynamic data for gas chromatography 1
Automation of insurance agent activity 1
Automatization of data processing and calculation of chromatographic parameters using Mathcad 1
Automorphic soils of the Kuznetsk basin and their radiation condition 1
Autonomous Siberia in Russia's reorganization projects at the beginning of the twentieth century 1
Autonomous weather stations for unmanned aerial vehicles. Preliminary results of measuring meteorological profiles 1
Autowave and acoustic characteristics of low-carbon steel 1008 at loading 1
Autowave mechanics of plastic flow in solids 1
Autowave process of the localized plastic deformation of high-chromium steel saturated with hydrogen 1
Av Prince dv sang, svrnommé la Cvirasse 1
Avertissement à Cohon, evêque de dol et de fraude, par les cuistres de l’Université de Paris 1
Avis au mareschal de Turenne, sur son traité avec les ennemis de l'Etat 1
Avis au maréchal de Turenne, sur son traité avec les ennemis de l'Etat 1
Avis aux Flamands 1
Avis aux Flamens 1
Avis aux grands de la terre, sur le peu d’assurance qu’ils doivent avoir en leurs grandeurs. Dédié aux conservateurs de leurs vies 1
Avis aux parisiens 1
Avis av Mareschal de Tvrenne, svr son traité avec les Ennemis de l'Etat 1
Avis avx flamens 1
Avis avx flamens. Sur le Traité que les Espagnols ont fait auec la Duchesse de Longueuille, & le Mareschal de Turenne 1
Avis avx parisiens 1
Avis désintéressé sur la conduite de monseigneur le coadjuteur 1
Avis d’État à la Reine, sur le gouvernement de sa régence 1
Avis important de monsieur de Châteauneuf, donné devant le départ de Sa Majesté à Fontainebleau, touchant la résolution qu'on doit prendre sur le mécontentement de monsieur le Prince 1
Avis important et nécessaire à monsieur de Beaufort et monsieur le coadjuteur 1
Avis salutaire envoyé par les boulangers, cabaretiers, bouchers, et arquebuziers, à Jules Mazarin, à Saint-Germain-en-Laye 1
Avis, remontrances et requête. Par huit paysans de huit provinces députés pour les autres du royaume, sur les misères & affaires du temps présent 1649. Au Parlement de Paris, & de ceux Députés & assemblez à Ruel, sur la Conférance 1
The "awkward class". Formation of the soviet peasant paradigm as a political discourse of power 1
Axiological highlights of female images in Anglo-Saxon poetic linguoculture 1
Axiological potential of diversion caritivs 1
Axiological problems of the philosopher’s calling in Hamann’s Socratic Memorabilia 1
Axiological projections of modern family-gender practices 1
Axiological shift in the analysis of entrepreneurial identity and entrepreneurial action 1
Axiology of the author and the hero in Victor Astafyev’s short novels of the 1990s: "The Jolly Soldier" 1
An axiomatic Scheme of Studying the dynamic Systems: from Criteria of Their Diversity to Self-change 1
Axions in gravity with torsion 1
The Ayalyn volost in the Tara-Irtysh region and the southern Trans-Urals 1
B2B в России: проблемы и статистика 1
The Bachka-Srem Rusin animal idioms and their English equivalents 1
Back to the USSR: Kuprin and Gorky represented by V. E. Gushchik (1938–1940) 1
Background donor concentration in HgCdTe 2
The background of the "national renaissance" process in the republic of Khakassia (on the example of the "Tun" organization) 1
Background soils humus of Vakhsky oil deposit (average taiga of Western Siberia) 1
Backward Reconstructions on GaAs(001) Surface Induced by Atomic Hydrogen Reactions: Surfactant-Assisted Low-Temperature Surface Ordering 1
Bacteria primarily metabolize at the active layer/permafrost border in the peat core from a permafrost region in western Siberia 1
Baculard d’Arnaud’s Varbeck in Pankratiy Sumarokov’s literary legacy 1
Bad censor, good censor: the specifity of censoring of the first private newspaper in Tomsk (Sibirskaya Gazeta, 1881-1888) 1
Bagration General en Chef 1
Bakchar strong point of northern gardening as a promising tourist destination 1
Bakcharian stronghold of northern gardening as a resource for excursion-cognitive tourism 1
Baking as a culturally significant component of the Siberian food tradition 1
Balade 1
Balade des maltotiers 1
Balance and steadiness correction of the upright posture of patients having withstood an ischemic stroke with the help of stabilographic rehabilitation training equipment with biofeedback 1
Balance generalization of the household's financial position 1
Balet ridicule des nieces de Mazarin, ou leur theatre renversé en France 1
Balet ridicvle des nieces de Mazarin, ov levr Theatre renversé en France. 1
Balint group as a factor of students’ professional development 1
Ballade a Ivles Mazarin svr son iev du Hoc 1
Ballade a Jules Mazarin sur son jeu du hoc 1
Ballade burlesque des partisans 1
Ballade bvrlesqve des partisans 1
Ballade des maltôtiers 1
Ballet dancé devant le roy, et la reine regente sa mere 1
Ballet ridicule des nièces de Mazarin, ou leur théâtre renversé en France 1
The Baltic type of the European penitentiary systems 1
Band alignment of Cd-free (Zn, Mg)O layer with Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 and its effect on the photovoltaic properties 1
Band bending driven evolution of the bound electron states at the interface between a three-dimensional topological insulator and a three-dimensional normal insulator 1
Band structure engineering in topological insulator based heterostructures 1
Band structure of energy levels of molecular hydrogen in the crystalline silicon matrix 1
Banioiuptcy of enterprises in the Russian Federation and abroad: effectiveness and features of mechanisms 1
The bank of biological samples representing individuals exposed to long-term ionizing radiation at various doses 1
Banner of Peace 1
Barclay de Tolly General d'Infanterie 1
Barite-polymetallic mineralization of Zmeinogorsk ore district and some genetic aspects of its formation 1
The Barnaul county administrative committee as part of the local economy management in Tomsk province at the beginning of the 20th century 1
The baroque court opera in the context of the social and aesthetic regimes of the era: the case of Vienna 1
The baroque epoch – the most important stage in the development of expressive intonation 1
The baroque strategy of representing the "Caucasian text" in the novel by V. T. Narezhny Black Year, or the Mountain Princes 1

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