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W,ch - марковские преобразования 1
W,ch-марковость и импримитивность в блочных шифрсистемах 1
W. Scott’s poetry in W. Küchelbecker’s diary 1
Wallrock metasomatites of barite-polymetallic deposits of Zmeinogorsk ore district (Rudny Altai) 1
Warranties against abuse of right to appeal the judicial decision res judicata 1
Water in melt inclusions from phenocrysts of dacite pumice of the Vetrovoy Isthmus (Iturup Island, Southern Kuriles) 1
The water regime of the river Aley in the conditions of anthropogenous loading 1
Water tourism of the Crimean peninsula in the Russian market 1
Water vapour self-continuum absorption within 0.94 and 1.13 μm bands at high temperatures 1
Water-repellent coatings for surface and 3D wood processing 1
Watermarking ciphers 1
Wave functions and lifetimes of ozone metastable states above the dissociation threshold: impact on the dynamics 2
The wave parameters of a ircular waveguide with ferrite and metamaterial layers 1
Wave scattering by a nonlinear object 1
Waveguide elements of reflective antenn array with electric scanning 1
Wavelet based de-noising of breath air absorption spectra profiles for improved classification by principal component analysis 1
Ways of language training modernization for students of technical universities 1
The ways of textual representation of Tomsk Mayor’s image in local political culture 1
Ways to achieve the equivalence and adequacy of the translation of military documents 1
"We hate with the all force of our hearts slave tyranny, which reigned in every part of your governance": about the reasons for the unpopularity of the ataman M. I. Chertkov on the Don 1
"We have no literature of art" (A. N. Maikov): on the state of Russian artistic criticism in the 1840s. Article one: V. G. Belinsky's legacy in shaping Russian artistic criticism in the 1840s - early 1850s 1
Wear resistance and fatigue fracture of materials with shape memory 1
Web-site administration 1
Web-документы: проблема определения и классификации 1
Web-зоомузей на базе Lotus Notes/Domino 1
Web-сайт как инструмент продвижения компании 1
Well-being and management of employee incentives 1
Well-being and the role of working-environment factor: research and assessment 1
Well-being in the workplace: the case of working pensioners 1
Wellbeing of rural areas and family farming in the agro-industrial economy 1
Wenyan and Baihua: comparative analysis of two forms of isolated language 1
The West Siberian city holidays in the aspect of value-sign system 1
West Siberian Peatlands and Carbon Cycle: Past and Present 1
West-east identity: the case of Henry von Heiseler 1
Western Siberia in the context of global nature conservation concerns 1
WETCHIMP-WSL: intercomparison of wetland methane emissions models over West Siberia 1
What and how does the index of economic freedom measure? 1
What can iron slag tell an archaeologist? 1
What can the study of genetics offer to educators? 1
"What if it is the taiga that he is meant to know inside out?". Educational trajectories of Tsaatans and Tozhu Tuvans 1
What problems does the graduate of the university face when interviewing? 1
What reads Russian service agent officer in early XX century (to the question of the reconstruction of the library M. A. Polumordvinov, 1867–1917) 1
What should we do with the myths about Stalin? 1
When electric charge becomes also magnetic 1
When languages collaborate: novel and screen version multilingual structure (“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown) 1
When study guide has scientific value (Russian literature of the twentieth century: 1930 - mid-1950: study guide for students institutions of higher education: 2 m. / ed. N. L. Leiderman, M. N. Lipovetsky and M. A. Lithuania. - M.: Publishing center "Academy", 2014. - (Ser. Undergraduate)) 1
Where and how early career researchers find scholarly information 1
Where do history and ethics meet? 1
Whether there is a difference between English "bed" and russian "кровать" (to a question of semantic structure) 1
Who was the father of pharaoh Siptah? 1
Why Apple costs more than Russian stock market 1
Why children differ in motivation to learn: Insights from over 13,000 twins from 6 countries 1
Why did Russia sell Russian America? : (on the 150th anniversary of the signing of the treaty (March, 18 (30), 1867) on the cession of the North American colonies to the United States) 1
Why did Vladimir Gurkin write no tragicomedies? 1
Why do we differ in number sense? Evidence from a genetically sensitive investigation 1
Why does parental language input style predict child language development? A twin study of gene-environment correlation 1
Why intermediate rocks are rare in LIPs? 1
Why Swedish model of professional education is successful 1
Widely linear and non-phase-matched optical-to-terahertz conversion on GaSe:Te crystals 1
Wild and domestic animals in the survival strategies and adaptation practices of the agricultural population of the south of Western Siberia in 1941-1945: oral history answers to anthropological challenges 1
Will the barbarians come? K. Kavafy in the perception and translation of J. Brodsky 1
"Will to power" and the coordinates of modernity in the philosophy of art of Boris Groys 1
The wind in the boundary layer on data balloon observations in Tomsk airport 1
Winter soccer as a promising form of motor recreation of students in Siberia 1
Wirtschafts-Kommunikation Deutsch : учебно-методический комплекс 1
Wishful thinking: Belarus joining the Bologna process 1
Wissenschaftliche Berichte der biologischen Fakultat der Tomsker Staats-Universitat 1
Wisstnschaftliche der Tomsker Staats-Universität 1
Within-year runoff distribution in rivers of the Vasyugan river basin 1
Wittgenstein on Rules and Private language 1
Wittgenstein on the law of excluded middle in mathematics 1
Wolf Ridge is the location with the largest concentration of the remnants of mammoths in Asia 1
Women elementary education at schools in the Perm province department of religious affairs in the latter half of the XIXth – early XXth centuries 1
Woodsia taigischensis (Stepanov) A. A. Kuznetsov – новая комбинация для таксона из Западного Саяна 1
Woodwork everyday life and household goods from excavation in Tyumen of 1988. 1
The word "legend" through speech and dictionary representation: borrowing, functioning, ideology 1
Word meaning is important a response to w-m. Roth & þ. Jóhannsdóttir on perezhivanie 1
Word play as a tool for effective communication in radio discourse 1
Work incentives of academic staff and motivational environment concept 1
Work on album editions "Tomsk. Walks at known places" and "I love Tomsk" 1
Working with formulaic language as a way to evaluate and improve EFL non-linguistics students 1
Working with HITRAN database using HAPI: HITRAN Application Programming Interface 1
Working with the HITRAN database using HAPI: HITRAN Application Programming Interface 1
Works of art modern multimedia presentation technologies 1
Wrinkling and folding in copper single crystals under compression and sliding 1
Writing news stories in British newspapers: traditional and new style 1
WWI and the villagers of Budjak (the experience of micro-history) 1
X-ray diffraction study of residual elastic stress and microstructure of near-surface layers in nickel-titanium alloy irradiated with low-energy high-current electron beams 1
X-ray fluorescence analysis of metal finds, slag and ores from the bronze age the Soviet Way-1 settlement in the foothills of Altai 1
X-ray pulsed beam detection and diagnosis method 1
XEI-эксилампа барьерного разряда 1
XI Экономические чтения памяти заслуженного деятеля науки РФ профессора Александра Петровича Бычкова : сборник материалов конференции, 6-7 ноября 2015 года 1
XX–XXI в. – глобализация социокультурного кризиса современности 1
Yamal nomads: facing risks and maneuvering 1
Yard complex of Semeyskie of Trans-baikal region: construction culture and terminological variability 1
Yaroslavl Demidov Juridical Lyceum at the beginning of the 20th century 1
The Yassy-Kishinev Military Strategies - the most brilliant offensive operation of WWII and its interpretation in current Rumanian historiography 1
Yekaterinburg, Tomsk, further everywhere: what is it: the Russian "city every day life" and why it is necessary? 1
Yelets fortress at the southern boundaries Moscow state at the end to the XVI first half of the 17th centuries. (construction, restoration, reconstruction) 1
Yorick's Whiskers: the poetics of T. Tolstaya's small prose and its translations into English 1

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