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W,ch - марковские преобразования 1
W,ch-марковость и импримитивность в блочных шифрсистемах 1
W. Dilthey as an expert historian 1
W. Scott’s poetry in W. Küchelbecker’s diary 1
Waiver of right as a complex problem relating to criminal procedure law and criminal proceedings 1
Wallrock metasomatites of barite-polymetallic deposits of Zmeinogorsk ore district (Rudny Altai) 1
Walter Ulbricht and the SED: the specifics of the party leadership in the GDR in 1961-1973 1
War correspondents of German-language periodicals about the Russian land forces in the Russo-Japanese war 1904–1905: visual aspect 1
Warming evidences recorded in loess deposits of the last glaciation and dynamics of loess accumulation in north-west Cis-Salair, (south-east of West Siberia) 1
Warranties against abuse of right to appeal the judicial decision res judicata 1
Water chemical composition in a petroleum-contaminated swamp forest within the Malaya Icha River basin, Great Vasyugan Mire, Western Siberia 1
Water in melt inclusions from phenocrysts of dacite pumice of the Vetrovoy Isthmus (Iturup Island, Southern Kuriles) 1
The water regime of the river Aley in the conditions of anthropogenous loading 1
Water relation features and pigment complex state of Pinus sibirica du tour needles in the North-Eastern Altai mountains 1
Water tourism of the Crimean peninsula in the Russian market 1
Water vapour self-continuum absorption within 0.94 and 1.13 μm bands at high temperatures 1
Water-repellent coatings for surface and 3D wood processing 1
Watermarking ciphers 1
Wave functions and lifetimes of ozone metastable states above the dissociation threshold: impact on the dynamics 2
The wave parameters of a ircular waveguide with ferrite and metamaterial layers 1
Wave scattering by a nonlinear object 1
Wave tomography 1
Wave vision 1
Waveguide elements of reflective antenn array with electric scanning 1
The waveguide regime during filamentation of femtosecond laser pulses in air 1
Wavelet based de-noising of breath air absorption spectra profiles for improved classification by principal component analysis 1
Ways of abbreviations and acronyms translation in the sphere of computer technologies (by the material of Russian and German) 1
Ways of creating different images in Chinese and Russian riddles 1
Ways of developing mobile applications simultaneously for Android and IOS 1
Ways of language training modernization for students of technical universities 1
Ways of modernization of the city telephone networks of the USSR in the post-war period (1945-1965) 1
Ways of overcoming difficulties in teaching listening comprehension of students of international relations of Historical faculty, Tomsk State University (English) 1
The ways of regulation of globalization in PRC @ CR (Taiwan) 1
Ways of speech interaction in the N. Sadur’s play "The Wondrous Woman" 1
The ways of textual representation of Tomsk Mayor’s image in local political culture 1
The ways of the revived Zaisanat in the Republic of Altai 1
Ways to achieve the equivalence and adequacy of the translation of military documents 1
Ways to improve cassation proceedings in the criminal procedure of Russia 1
"We hate with the all force of our hearts slave tyranny, which reigned in every part of your governance": about the reasons for the unpopularity of the ataman M. I. Chertkov on the Don 1
"We have no literature of art" (A. N. Maikov): on the state of Russian artistic criticism in the 1840s. Article one: V. G. Belinsky's legacy in shaping Russian artistic criticism in the 1840s - early 1850s 1
"We have one weapon in our hands - a free word": media confrontation of the Bolsheviks and Sibirskaya Zhizn', 1917 1
"We, peasants, are we a different people?": the rural population of Eastern Siberia and the rationing system of the first half of the 1930s 1
Wear resistance and fatigue fracture of materials with shape memory 1
The web portal development 1
Web scraping as a method of data extraction in sociological studies: on scientific applicability 1
Web-service for knowledge assessment based on non-anthropomorphic approach 1
Web-site administration 1
Web-документы: проблема определения и классификации 1
Web-зоомузей на базе Lotus Notes/Domino 1
Web-ориентированный модуль рассылки электронных сообщений: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 09.03.03 - Прикладная информатика 1
Web-приложение для расчёта размера вреда, причиняемого транспортными средствами, осуществляющими перевозки тяжеловесных грузов: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 02.03.02 - Фундаментальная информатика и информационные технологии 1
Web-сайт как инструмент продвижения компании 1
Web-сервис, реализующий контроль знаний на основе неантропоморфного подхода 1
Web–ориентированная информационная система учета и поиска библиотечных ресурсов: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 09.03.03 - Прикладная информатика 1
Weed plants of oilseed rape agrocoenoses in Tomsk Oblast 1
Well-being and management of employee incentives 1
Well-being and the role of working-environment factor: research and assessment 1
Well-being in the workplace: the case of working pensioners 1
Wellbeing of population of Siberia regions: analysis of data of social networks 1
Wellbeing of rural areas and family farming in the agro-industrial economy 1
Wenyan and Baihua: comparative analysis of two forms of isolated language 1
The West Siberian city holidays in the aspect of value-sign system 1
West Siberian Peatlands and Carbon Cycle: Past and Present 1
West-east identity: the case of Henry von Heiseler 1
Western European and Russian worlds in G. A. Stroganov's book collection 1
The Western European model of national citizenship in Russian conditions 1
Western Siberia in the context of global nature conservation concerns 1
The Western vector of the Cyrillo-Methodian Slavdom and Rus in the 10th century 1
WETCHIMP-WSL: intercomparison of wetland methane emissions models over West Siberia 1
What and how does the index of economic freedom measure? 1
What are the subspecies of bean goose migrating in the south of Western Siberia? 1
What can be patented? Technological innovation and the contemporary mess in patent law 1
What can iron slag tell an archaeologist? 1
What can the study of genetics offer to educators? 1
What dating site adverts can tell about a modern woman (on material of Polish and Russian languages) 1
What does the storyteller sing? On transcribing the epics of South Siberian Turks 1
What else is wrong with the "private language argument"? 1
"What if it is the taiga that he is meant to know inside out?". Educational trajectories of Tsaatans and Tozhu Tuvans 1
"What is my image to you?": The function of a visual metaphor in promoting media content 1
What problems does the graduate of the university face when interviewing? 1
What reads Russian service agent officer in early XX century (to the question of the reconstruction of the library M. A. Polumordvinov, 1867–1917) 1
What should we do with the myths about Stalin? 1
What the future journalist will be like (some speculations about the modernization of educational programs) 1
When electric charge becomes also magnetic 1
When languages collaborate: novel and screen version multilingual structure (“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown) 1
When study guide has scientific value (Russian literature of the twentieth century: 1930 - mid-1950: study guide for students institutions of higher education: 2 m. / ed. N. L. Leiderman, M. N. Lipovetsky and M. A. Lithuania. - M.: Publishing center "Academy", 2014. - (Ser. Undergraduate)) 1
Where and how early career researchers find scholarly information 1
Where did the "Tungus from Hanychar" nomadize: twists of a literary plot 1
Where do history and ethics meet? 1
Whether there is a difference between English "bed" and russian "кровать" (to a question of semantic structure) 1
Which phosphodiesterase 4D (PDE4D) isoform to target for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD)?: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 03.04.02 - Физика 1
White Island as an object of tourist interest 1
Who needs modern composers? 1
Who should miners' trade unions negotiate with? 1
Who uses early childhood education and care services? Comparing socioeconomic selection across five western policy contexts 1
Who voted for NSDAP?: On the problem of the social base of national socialists in the Weimar Republic 1
Who was the father of pharaoh Siptah? 1
Why Alexander Nikiforov advocates devil and what follows from this 1
Why Apple costs more than Russian stock market 1
Why are the university for the modern world? Glory to the university! : review of the monograph "Glory to the university! Illustrated pages of TSU history" / N. M. Dmitrienko, E. I. Chernyak, S. A. Nekrylov a. o. ; scientific editor I. Chernyak. 2-nd ed., correct. and addit. – Tomsk: Tomsk University publishing house, 2018. 320 p.: ill. 1

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