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V International Symposium "Evolution of Life on the Earth" 2018 1
V Международная молодежная научная конференция "Актуальные проблемы современной механики сплошных сред и небесной механики", 25-27 ноября 2015 г., Томск : [материалы конференции] 2
V Международный симпозиум "Эволюция жизни на Земле" 2018 1
V научная конференция ТГУ 2
V-Nb-W-bearing rutile from Karalveem gold deposit as a potential indicator for ore deposits 1
V-Nb-W-содержащий рутил золоторудного месторождения Каральвеем как потенциальный индикатор рудоносности 1
V. A. Zhukovsky and A. V. Nikitenko on Raphael's Sistine Madonna: the typology of ekphrasis as a representative of aesthetic consciousness 1
V. A. Zhukovsky’s complete works and self-translations in german: the principles of scientific publication and its role in the poet’s literary heritage publishing history 1
V. A. Žukovskij und seine deutschen Freunde: Friedrich und Nikolaj von Adelung 1
V. I. Lamansky vs N. G. Chernyshevsky: from the history of forgotten polemics 1
V. I. Surikov’s painting "Boyarina Morozova", as materials for studying Russian history in the 17th century 1
V. V. Mayakovsky in Russian and German literary studies of 1990–2010: review of sources 1
V. Zhukovsky and I. Turgenev (To the question of creative continuity) 1
Vaccinium myrtillus L. in Kirov region (southern taiga subzone): phytocoenotic confinement and ecological preferences 2
Vaccinium myrtillus L. в Кировской области (южно-таежная подзона): фитоценотическая приуроченность, экологические предпочтения 1
Vacuum instability in a constant inhomogeneous electric field: a new example of exact nonperturbative calculations 1
Vacuum instability in slowly varying electric fields 1
Vacuum polarization of scalar field on lie groups with bi-invariant metric 1
Vacuum quantum effects on Lie groups with bi-invariant metrics 1
Vain hopes: emperor Peter III and Kazakh rulers 1
Valery Bryusov's The Earth as an experiment of scientific poetry 1
Validation and verification: concepts, similarities and differences 1
Validation of an adapted procedure to collect hair for cortisol determination in adolescents 1
Validation of the association between gene polymorphisms and the frequency of cytogenetic abnormalities in the cohort of employees of radiation facilities 1
Validation of the remote method of determining the temperature and concentration of high-temperature water vapor from the reference transmission spectra 1
Validation of the scientific name Geranium albiflorum var. grandiflorum (Geraniaceae) 1
Validation-free offchain transactions with unlinkable double spend detection 1
Validity of criminal provisions with administrative prejudice 1
Valuable bases the city identity of high school youth 1
Value and motivation aspects in the content of specialized foreign language training 1
The value bases of the civic consciousness of the Russian youth 1
The value basis of political communication in Serbian election campaigns from 1990 to 2017 1
The value component of the concept "Ukrainian language" in the discourse of the Ukrainian media (based on the texts of analytical articles) 1
Value concept of "leadership" and "harmony" in the Russian and Chinese oil-gas corporate linguistic culture (on the material of sites’ texts "Rosneft" and "CNPC") 1
Value concept of "security" in the Russian and Chinese oil-gas corporate linguistic culture (on the material of sites' texts "Rosneft" and "CNPC") 1
Value constants of the Rusin paremiology (compared with the Ukrainian and Russian languages) 1
Value development as an indicator of personal readiness for self-realization among starting researchers 1
The value of landscape painting in development of the Russian fine arts of XVIII-XIX centuries was 1
Value of vestibular and proprioceptive sensitivity in the formation of coordination abilities 1
The value orientations system of Generation Z: social, cultural and demographic determinants 1
Value-meaning barriers in research activity of junior scientists 1
Values and model roles of modern russian youth inthe context of post-industrial sociality 1
Values and moral foundations as a basis for the socio-political views of youth 1
Values development in children raised in families and in orphan asylums 1
Values of cultural worlds in Russian and Chinese tales 1
The values of strain components and their role in formation of ultrafine-grained and nanosized structure in materials by means of severe plastic deformation 1
The values of the past in the historical and cultural media discourse: understanding the centenary of the October Revolution 1
The Van Westendorp method for finding an innovation product price and a market volume for a Tomsk enterprise 1
Varia carmina 1
Variability in grammar of poetic texts and their computer correction (on the material of the anthology poetry of Moscow University: from Lomonosov to...) 1
The variability of assimilative processes in texts with different stylistic coloring 1
Variability of characteristics and conditions leading to the formation of extreme precipitation events in the south of Western Siberia 1
Variability of colon and dash usage in English and Russian Internet business discourse contexts 1
The variability of hydrometeorological variables in the Northern Atlantic 1
Variability of properties of water and water-containing systems under various external influences 1
Variability of the composition of the microbial community from a deep subsurface thermal aquifer in Western Siberia 1
Variability of the composition of the microbial community of the deep subsurface thermal aquifer in Western Siberia 1
Variability of the immune system parameters under different inhalation loads with nitrogen dioxide of the air 1
The variability of the properties of southern chernozems of the Shira steppe (Khakasia) depending of slope exposure 1
Variability of the reproductive ability of Lonicera caerulea (Caprifoliaceae) in the seismically active zone of the Altai Mountains (Severo-Chuisky range, Kyzyl-Yaryk valley) 1
Variability of the wing venation of anoplius (Arachnophroctonus) viaticus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Hymenoptera, Pompilidae) 1
Variability of thunderstorm activity for the Tomsk region’s territory 1
Variability of verbal-substantive phraseological units with the component "have" as a feature of identity 1
Variable load distribution for the main groups of exercises in the competitive mesocycle of highly qualified weightlifters 1
Variable magnetic forces impact on magnetizable hybrid nanofluid heat transfer through a circular cavity 1
Variable regime of methane emission in periodically flooded forest 1
The variant of the phraseological unit as a feature of its identity (on the verbal phraseology with the component – alienation verb) 1
Variation and longterm trends in the timing of breeding of different Eurasian populations of Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus 1
Variation in adult body length and sexual size dimorphism in the common lizard Zootoca vivipara: testing the effects of reproductive mode, intraspecific lineage and climate 1
Variation in body size and sexual size dimorphism in the most widely ranging lizard: testing the effects of reproductive mode and climate 1
Variation in the physical parameters of oil-and gas-bearing units in the southeastern part of Western Siberia 1
Variation of Reproductive Traits and Female Body Size in the Most Widely-Ranging Terrestrial Reptile: Testing the Effects of Reproductive Mode, Lineage, and Climate 1
Variation of the character of spin-orbit interaction by Pt intercalation underneath graphene on Ir(111) 1
Variation of the temperature mode and atmospheric precipitation in Tomsk for 125 years 1
Variational tricomplex of a local gauge system, Lagrange structure and weak Poisson bracket 1
Variational tricomplex, global symmetries and conservation laws of gauge systems 1
Variations of the electric field of the monitoring data in the city of Tomsk 1
Variations of the word in the Regional Dictionary of Vyatka Dialects 1
Various households with children according to the 2002 and 2010 population censuses 1
Varying domain first-oder modal logic 1
Vasile Lupu's Code of 1646 at the intersection of legal cultures 1
Vasilii Belov and the Russian idea 1
Vasilii Shukshin's discourse and exploration of Russian masculinity 1
Vasily Kuzmich Shebuyev's activity as an example of financial success in russian art of the first half of the xix century 1
Vasily Markovich Florinsky and his contribution to Russian muzeology 1
Vasily Markovich Florinsky and the first Siberian university in Tomsk 1
Vasily Zhukovsky and Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow: based on materials from the painter’s unpublished letters 1
Vasily Zhukovsky as an ideologist and practitioner of education and bringing-up of Grand Prince Alexander Nikolaevich (based on the letters to Karl Merder) 1
Vasily Zhukovsky in the fate of Alexander Reitern (based on the letters of the 1840s to Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich) 1
Vast impact in the Neoarchean tectono-magmatic evolution of the Olenyok ring structure and its after-effect 1
Vasyugan Bog 1
Vector formulations of the laws of reflection and refraction of forward and back-ward waves 1
The vector of methodology modification: convergence of socio-humanitarian knowledge with post-non-classics 1
"Vedi Napoli e poi muori" : К. Батюшков – Е. Баратынский – Н. Гоголь 1
Vegetation and climate in the Western Sayan Mts according to pollen data from Lugovoe Mire as a background for prehistoric cultural change in southern Middle Siberia 1
Vegetation as a factor of development of recreation and tourism 1
Vegetation cover of interfluve area Evra and Chornaja in the basin of the river Konda 1
Vegetation features and cenopopulation condition of Oxytropis spicata (Pall.) O. et B. Fedsch at the northern border of their occurrence (Sverdlovsk region) 1
Vegetation features of Tundrinsky kedrovy bor and adjacent sites (by materials from the "Tsarsky" profile, Urochishche Tundrinsky materik, Sredneobskaya Lowland) 1
Vegetation history in the Lake Ilchir basin (East Sayan mountains) for the last 8500 years 1

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