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Ukrainian-Russian parallels in translation of contemporary French prose 1
Ultra-thin broadband nanostructured insulator-metal-insulator-metal plasmonic light absorber 1
Ultra-wideband tomography of land cover 1
Ultrafine-grained structure and its thermal stability in low-carbon steel 1
Ultrasonic degassing of aluminium alloys: basic studies and practical implementation 1
Ultrasonic melt processing: opportunities and misconceptions 1
Ultrasonic surface treatment of titanium alloys. The submicrocrystalline state 1
An ultrasonic treatment of the paraffinic highly resinous crude oil 1
Ultrastructural characterization and comparative phylogenetic analysis of new microsporidia from Siberian mosquitoes: Evidence for coevolution and host switching 1
The ultraviolet and vacuum-ultraviolet Excilamps... 1
Ultrawideband monostatic ultrasonic tomography in water 1
Ultrawideband radiotomography with movable parabolic reflector 1
The ummah of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the past and present 1
Uncompleted construction of the imperfect 1
Under the sign of war, or a look at the cultural archetypes of boyhood in Central Africa (the example of the Republic of the Congo) 1
Understanding neurocognitive developmental disorders can improve education for all 1
Understanding of the essence of the phenomenon "law" in the humanistic tradition 1
Underwater archeological developments on Issik-Kul lake in 2015 1
Unfinished project as a way to conceive Soviet urban planning in the 1920s and the 1930s: the case of socialist cities 1
Unfolding spinor wave functions and expectation values of general operators: Introducing the unfolding-density operator 1
Unified description of BABAR and Belle data on the bottomonia decays Υ(mS)→Υ(nS)π+π- 1
Uniform law of large numbers for indicator-based statistics 1
Unimodular F(R) gravity 1
Union de la noblesse de France. Touchant leurs préminences 1
The unique image of the city in the context of the characteristics of the formation of architectural and landscape space key 1
Unitary transform and subadditivity condition for composite and noncomposite systems 1
Universal limiting shape of worn profile under multiple-mode fretting conditions: theory and experimental evidence 1
Universal properties of materials with Dirac dispersion relation of low-energy excitations 1
The universal vulnerability exploitation platform for CTF 1
Universities and local communities: problems and perspectives of interaction 1
The Universities and the local community development (the case of Tomsk region) 1
Universities in the History and Culture of the pre-Revolutionary Russia 1
University Mottoes: Style and Functions 1
University students 1
University teaching community of Russia late XIX - early XX centuries: forms of manifestation of corporate identity 1
Unoccupied electronic structure and relaxation dynamics of Pb/Si(1 1 1) 1
Unoccupied topological states on bismuth chalcogenides 1
Unoccupied topological surface state in Bi2Te2Se 1
Unruh effect for neutrinos interacting with accelerated matter 1
Unsteady conjugate natural convection in a three-dimensional porous enclosure 1
Unsteady Conjugate Natural Convection in a Vertical Cylinder Containing a Horizontal Porous Layer: Darcy Model and Brinkman-Extended Darcy Model 1
Unsteady conjugate natural convection in a vertical cylinder partially filled with a porous medium 1
Unsteady free convection in a porous open wavy cavity filled with a nanofluid using Buongiorno 1
Unsteady gasless combustion of planar symmetrical samples 1
Unsteady natural convection with temperature-dependent viscosity in a square cavity filled with a porous medium 1
Unsteady rise of a bubble in a viscous fluid at small Reynolds numbers 1
Unusual 1,2-dichloroethane dehydrochlorination over ruthenium-oxychloride catalyst 1
Unveiling mode-selected electron–phonon interactions in metal films by helium atom scattering 1
Update on the genomics and basic biology of Brachypodium: International Brachypodium Initiative (IBI) 1
Upgrading the foreign language learning educational programme for students of non-linguistic specialties 1
Urban boundary layer analysis in the complex coastal terrain of Bilbao using Enviro-HIRLAM 1
The Urban Ethnography Reader. Edited by Mitchell Duneier, Philip Kasinitz and Alexandra Murphy. Oxford University Press, 2014. – 896 p., ill. ISBN: 9780199743575 : [рецензия] 1
Urban landscape dynamics by the example of Kyakhta (Buryat Republic) 1
Urbanization through samostroy: slums in oil-producing regions of Soviet Siberia in the 1960s to the 1980s 1
Urgent problems concerning economics and interdisciplinary research 1
The US government policy aimed at the development of the industrial and technological capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (1980s–1990s) 1
US-China economic cooperation during the war against Japan (1942-1944) 1
The usage of problem method in teaching foreign language 1
Usage of training podcasts technology in the interactive learning process of Hindi language in technical university as the basis of upbringing process in supplementary humanitarian education 1
The use of acoustic emission for detection defects in electronic boards 1
Use of autoleukocyte, labelled with 99mTc-exametazine for evaluation of inglammatory changes in myocardium 1
The use of driving simulators in psychological research 1
Use of dynamic factors to assess metal uptake and transfer in plants - Example of trees 1
The use of game-based methods for teaching law disciplines in a technical university 1
The use of information and communication technologies by elderly people 1
The use of ion exchange to remove the interfering Fe(III), Cu(II) ions and Mn(II) in the determination of different forms of arsenic in water by stripping voltammetry 1
The use of logistic regression in choosing method of cardioplegia 1
The use of mathematical modeling for the safe operation of buildings and structures 1
Use of reception "clusters" in the course of "Physical geography of Russia" 1
The use of remote technologies in theory and their functioning in practice in the process of studying the countries of Europe and America in Modern history in the historic faculty of TSU 1
The use of script by Siberian old believers as a cultural marker for texts 1
Use of silochrome with grafted layers of transition metal acetonates for sorption concentration of volatile organic substances from aqueous media 1
Use of the project technologies on the foreign language lessons in higher education institution 1
Use of visual methods for the foreign language teaching 1
The use of weighting interpolation spline to construct monotone difference schemes for solving the equations of convection-diffusion 1
Using a magnetic field in the management of medical microrobots 1
Using a test solution of NaCl in water for studying the finely dispersed spraying of liquid 1
Using adsorbents with immobilized metal chelate layers for the gas-chromatographic separation of aromatic hydrocarbons 1
Using competency-based tasks for evaluating students’ linguistic talent: defining issues 1
Using electronic courses in teaching master’s degree students 1
Using endografts from superelastic titanium-nickelid-based alloy singular tissue plural tissues in organ-preserving surgery of laryngeal cancer 1
Using foreign language discourse in teaching students of Institute of economics and management in insurance 1
Using GIS to predict peat fires 1
Using inexact results for the reduction of the computational costs of the exact three-value simulation of sequential circuits 1
Using linguistic corpora for developing lexical skills of students in linguistics 1
Using microorganisms for cleaning oil-contaminated concrete 1
Using narrow-band optical filter to termography for radiation research combustion products in the middle- IR range 1
Using of information systems for socio-economic management applications in mechanical engineering enterprises 1
Using of objects of the world natural heritage of the southern continents in the tourist purposes 1
Using parallel computing in queueing network simulation 1
Using satellite radiometric and ground based lidar measurements for detection of cirrus clouds, containing ensembles of preferred oriented ice particles 1
Using springs in Selenga middle mountains at the first third of the XX century 1
Using the numerical WRF model for the prediction of weather parameters in Tomsk region 1
Using weather prediction data for simulation of mesoscale atmospheric processes 1
Using WRF mesoscale model to restore temperature profile in atmosphere boundary layer in Tomsk 1
Using орtions of electronic training in communicative courses for IT specialties 1
Using, citing and publishing scholarly content in the digital age: case study of humanities researchers 1
Ust-Polui: the earliest evidence of iron metallurgy in the Arctic region 1
Utilizing heavy metal-laden water hyacinth biomass in vermicomposting 1
UV photodetectors based on wide-gap AlGaN semiconductors 1

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