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U-Pb baddeleyite age of a ne trending doleritic dyke swarm in the Tagragra of Akka Inlier: additional constraints on the ca. 1416-1360 Ma Mesoproterozoic magmatic event(s) in the anti-atlas of Morocco (West African Craton) 1
U-Pb baddeleyite ages of key dyke swarms in the Amazonian Craton (Carajás/Rio Maria and Rio Apa areas): Tectonic implications for events at 1880, 1110 Ma, 535 Ma and 200 Ma 1
U-Pb geochronolgy of the deformed Juzbado Granite (Salamanca, NW Spain) 1
U-Pb изотопное датирование цирконов из ультрамафитовых реститов Шаманского массива (Восточное Забайкалье) 1
U-последовательности и примарные группы, содержащие собственные изоморфные себе вполне характеристические подгруппы 1
The U. S. Greater Middle East initiative and the Strategic Depth doctrine of Turkey: challenges and opportunities for the Russian foreign policy in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea region 1
U.S.-China strategic economic dialogue in progress: tasks for Trump administration 1
UAV platform for testing autonomous navigation algorithms 1
Ubiquitous and cell type-specific transcriptomic changes triggered by dissipation of monovalent cation gradients in rodent cells: Physiological and pathophysiological implications 1
Ueber barometrische hoehenbestimmungen im Nordwestlichen Altai 1
Ugrian Rusins in the works of Volodymyr Hnatiuk: the archeology of memory 1
UHP metamorphism in the Polar Urals: evidences from the Marun-Keu Complex (Russia) 1
UHT metamorphism of granulites from the Kaltygei cape, Western Baikal region: pseudosection and U-PB (SHRIMP) age 1
UHT метаморфизм гранулитов мыса Калтыгей, Западное Прибайкалье: псевдосекции и U-PB (SHRIMP) возраст 1
UI/UX Дизайн мобильного приложения moodle.tsu.ru для преподавателей: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 09.03.02 - Информационные системы и технологии 1
UI/UX дизайн мобильного приложения для абитуриентов: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 09.04.02 - Информационные системы и технологии 1
UK universities: choosing the right partner 1
Ukrainian movement and Czechoslovak policy in the Rusin question during the interwar period as reflected by Amerikansky Russky Viestnik 1
The "Ukrainian question" in the newspaper "Yuzhny kray" (March – October 1917) 1
Ukrainian village in Siberia: the dynamics of building traditions 1
Ukrainian émigré press in the interwar Romania 1
Ukrainian-Romanian diplomatic and economic relations in the context of the Bessarabian question in 1918 1
Ukrainian-Russian parallels in translation of contemporary French prose 1
Ukrainisation in the Soviet educational policy in the Far East of the USSR (1922–1930) 1
Ukrainization in the Far East in 1931: the essence and difficulties of the process 1
Ulkan-Bilyakchan LIP (ca. 1.7 ga), SE Siberian platform, associated triple junction rifting, and ore deposits 1
Ulmus japonica (Ulmaceae) communities in Western Transbaikalia: distribution, value for biodiversity conservation and perspectives of protection 1
Ultra-fast line-field low coherence holographic elastography using spatial phase shifting 1
Ultra-high speed OCT allows measurement of intraocular pressure, corneal geometry, and corneal stiffness using a single instrument 1
Ultra-right movement in FRG and Bundestag election at 24 of September 2017 1
Ultra-thin broadband nanostructured insulator-metal-insulator-metal plasmonic light absorber 1
Ultra-violet radiation in area of lake Shira (Hakasiya) 1
Ultra-wideband tomography of land cover 1
Ultrafast diffusive cross-sheet motion of lithium through antimonene with 2 + 1 dimensional kinetics 1
Ultrafine-grained structure and its thermal stability in low-carbon steel 1
Ultrasonic degassing of aluminium alloys: basic studies and practical implementation 1
Ultrasonic dispersion of agglomerated particles in metal melt 1
Ultrasonic impact on a metal melt containing electrostatically charged nanoparticles 1
Ultrasonic impact on a metal melt containing electrostaticly charged nanoparticles 1
Ultrasonic liquid metal processing: The essential role of cavitation bubbles in controlling acoustic streaming 1
Ultrasonic melt processing: opportunities and misconceptions 1
Ultrasonic processing of molten and solidifying aluminium alloys: overview and outlook 1
Ultrasonic surface treatment of titanium alloys. The submicrocrystalline state 1
An ultrasonic treatment of the paraffinic highly resinous crude oil 1
Ultrasound velocity measurements in high-chromium steel under plastic deformation 1
Ultrastructural characterization and comparative phylogenetic analysis of new microsporidia from Siberian mosquitoes: Evidence for coevolution and host switching 1
The ultraviolet and vacuum-ultraviolet Excilamps... 1
Ultrawideband combined antenna with improved matching 1
Ultrawideband dipole receiving antenna for measuring short pulses with extended bandwidth 1
Ultrawideband monostatic ultrasonic tomography in water 1
Ultrawideband radiotomography with movable parabolic reflector 1
Ultrawideband receiving antenna array 2х2 for rec with spectrum within 0.01-2 ghz 1
The ummah of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the past and present 1
(Un)dying rural countryside of Japan 1
The Unbaptized Pope and the Vicar of Bullhampton: a response to Anthony Trollope's novel in Nikolay Leskov's story 1
Uncodified usage of capital/lowercase letters in mass communication texts 1
Uncodified vocabulary in the language of hydropower engineers 1
Uncompleted construction of the imperfect 1
Under the sign of war, or a look at the cultural archetypes of boyhood in Central Africa (the example of the Republic of the Congo) 1
Understanding as psychology of possible 1
Understanding global infrared opacity and hot bands of greenhouse molecules with low vibrational modes from first-principles calculations: the case of CF4 1
Understanding neurocognitive developmental disorders can improve education for all 1
Understanding of collisions in law: the link between conceptual and axiological aspects 1
Understanding of the essence of the phenomenon "law" in the humanistic tradition 1
Understanding of the phenomenon of the unconscious in the philosophy of Plato 1
Understanding the amoral in the context of the moral foundations theory: a sociopsychological and linguocognitive study 1
Understanding the process of decision-making in universities in a VUCA-world 1
Understanding trauma: a discussion of one analysis 1
Underwater archeological developments on Issik-Kul lake in 2015 1
Unemployment as a problem of education: a view of the American economist P. Z. Pilzer 1
Unexpected expenses of the victory: November 4 in the context of the policy of memory and massive historical consciousness 1
Unexplored within us or the problem of consciousness in modern society 1
Unfinished project as a way to conceive Soviet urban planning in the 1920s and the 1930s: the case of socialist cities 1
Unfolding spinor wave functions and expectation values of general operators: Introducing the unfolding-density operator 1
Unfree gauge symmetry in the BV formalism 1
The unicellular microorganisms "Amoeba Proteus" locomotion simulation with the use of movable cellular automata method 1
Unifactorial structure of anxiety. Factors of gender and educational track in eight measures of anxiety among adolescents with high academic achievement.: магистерская диссертация по направлению подготовки: 37.04.01 - Психология 1
Unified description of BABAR and Belle data on the bottomonia decays Υ(mS)→Υ(nS)π+π- 1
Unified field of detection probabilities for heterogeneous means of observations 1
Uniform law of large numbers for indicator-based statistics 1
Unimodular F(R) gravity 1
Union de la noblesse de France. Touchant leurs préminences 1
Union de la ville de Paris avec Son Altesse Royale et monseigneur le Prince, suivant l'arrêt du parlement du premier jour de ce mois 1
Union de la ville de Paris avec Son Altesse Royalle et Monseigneur le Prince, suivant l'Arrest du Parlement du premier jour de ce mois 1
The Union of Rusins and Ukrainians of Yugoslavia: creation and first years of activity 1
The Union of Russian National Communities in 1918-1920: history of creation, ideology and activity 1
The unique image of the city in the context of the characteristics of the formation of architectural and landscape space key 1
The unique nature monuments of the Chai River basin (Tomsk oblast, Western Siberia) 1
Unique thickness-dependent properties of the van der Waals interlayer antiferromagnet MnBi2Te4 films 1
The unit-idea of "the forced labor of prisoners" in English public thought of XVI-XVIII centuries 1
Unitary and nonunitary evolution of qubit states in probability representation of quantum mechanics 1
Unitary quantization and para-Fermi statistics of order 2 1
Unitary transform and subadditivity condition for composite and noncomposite systems 1
United database on polarization laser sensing of high-level clouds: optical and meteorological characteristics 1
The United Kingdom and the factor of the “open borders” in the European Union 1
The United Nations as an institute of global governance: a view of Russian emigrants (mid-1940s – early 1950s) 1
The United States - EURATOM agreement of 1958: The Cold War impact 1
"Unity in essence, not in form": European political integration projects of the middle of the 1960s 1
The universal algorithm for solving the gas dynamics equations on the mesh with arbitrary number of cell faces 1
The universal characteristic of G. W. Leibniz and the prospective developments in the foundations of mathematics 1

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