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T-irreducible extensions of directed starlike trees 1
T. A. Rothstein and the first steps of Soviet diplomacy in Iran (1921–1922) 1
T. May and British immigration policy after the referendum on brexit: what has changed? 1
Tabooing of the words of the thematic group "religion" in folklore poems of M. Tsvetaeva 1
Tactical and forensic problems of investigation of multi-incident criminal activities by a crime scene investigation group 1
The Talazhin plagiodunite-troctolite-anorthosite-gabbro massif (East Sayan): petrogeochemistry and ore potential 1
Talent management as a modern trend in the hr community 1
Tandem infinite-server queueing system with high-rate Markovian arrival process 1
Tandem of infinite-server queues with Markovian arrival process 1
Tangency of one-sheeted hyper-boloids as axoids of the hypoid gearing 1
Taoism: philosophy or religion? 1
"Tatkino" as the first film organization of the Volga region 1
Tax burdens of Russian oil producing companies - comparative analysis 1
Tax incentives as the tool for stimulating hard to recover oil reserves development 1
Taxes faites des maisons sises aux environs de Paris et ailleurs, en exécution de l’arrêt suivant du Conseil 1
Taxes faites des maisons sises avx environs de Paris et aillevrs, En exécution de l'Arrest suivant du Conseil 1
Taxonomic changes in genera with agglutinated tests and other data on the suggested system of foraminifera 1
Taxonomic notes on Acanthomegabunus Tsurusaki, Tchemeris & Logunov 2000 (Arachnida: Opiliones: Phalangiidae), with a description of the new species A. altaicus sp. n. from the Altai Mountains of Russia and NE Kazakhstan 1
Taxonomic structure of "Reliktovye duby" species ma nagement area flora (Zabaikalye territory) 1
Tea decomposition in mukhrino field station: the results of short-term experiment 1
Teacher talk: discourse techniques in the ESL classroom 1
Teachers and children: the formation of communicative space 1
Teachers' perspectives on the development and implementation of a short-term international education program in art therapy and psychology 1
Teachers’ perspectives on the development and implementation of a short-term international education program in art therapy and psychology 1
Teaching applied mechanics studentsforeign language professional discourse on the basis of the case study method 1
Teaching graduate students research discourse via tandem-method 1
Teaching literary translation on the basis of the literary text 1
Teaching military linguists: the experience of the British Army 1
Teaching military linguists: the experience of the United States army 1
The teaching of english tenses in german schools 1
Teaching of statistics in France: macrodidactical and microdidactical issues 1
Teaching Russian to Chinese students-philologists: grammatical aspect 1
Teaching students of a phonetic system of Chinese as one of the aspects of speech activity 1
Teaching students verbal communication on the bases of synchronous video-internet-technologies 1
Teaching translating of Russian literary texts on the basis of frame of genre 1
Teaching via webquest 1
Teambuilding in the digital nomads’ working teams 1
The technical ceramics of krotovo culture (Central Baraba) 1
Technical translation training in groups of foreign students using multimedia-based project activities 1
Technicism in the city image. the impact and ways of overcoming 1
Technique for experimental study of liquid atomizing by ejection nozzles 1
Technique for experimental study of liquid dispersion by ejection atomizirs 1
Techniques of expressing the writer's "I" in columns of British newspapers 1
Techno-science beyond criticism and justification: from agonistic fields to trajectories of attachment 1
Technological matrix testing system "NeyroTest" 1
The technological process for the preparation and isolation of phenothiazine 1
Technological structure and culture in the context of concept civilization convergence of sciences and technologies: methodological aspect 1
Technologies as powerful means for realizing foreign language educational objectives at the university level 1
Technology and the city as anthropological projects 1
Technology management : [textbook for students of the undergraduate and graduate programs "Chemistry"]. P. 1 1
Technology management : [textbook for students of the undergraduate and graduate programs "Chemistry"]. P. 2 1
Technology management : [textbook for students of the undergraduate and graduate programs "Chemistry"]. P. 3 1
Technology management as a tool of innovative strategy of education and cognitive management 1
Technology of national stereotypes’ relativization in teaching German based on the intercultural approach 1
Technology of professional portfolio in forming the intercultural competence of future foreign language teachers 1
The technology of the near-field interference microwave sensing 1
Technology project management 1
A TEFSM-based framework for QoE evaluation of OTT services 1
Telemedicine development review 1
Telemedicine system creation principles 1
Tellurium and sulfur doped GaSe for mid-IR applications 1
Temperature and field dependences of parameters of the equivalent circuit elements of MIS structures based on MBE n-Hg0.775Cd0.225Te in the strong inversion mode 1
Temperature as a methane production control in the WeMEM model 1
Temperature dependence of characteristics of the hydrogen sensors based on thin films of tin dioxide with additives of silver and yttrium in the bulk 1
Temperature dependence of quantum efficiency of InGaN/GaN led structures at high current density 1
Temperature dependence of the dynamics of the first image-potential state on Ag(111) 1
Temperature dependences of current-voltage characteristics of radiation imaging sensors based on GaAs:Cr 1
Temperature effects in low-frequency Raman spectra of corticosteroid hormones 1
Temperature mode of the Tomsk region in the XXI-st century 1
Temperature regime of peat soils of Bakchar bog 1
Temperature sensing of adipose tissue heating with the luminescent upconversion nanoparticles as nanothermometer: In vitro study 1
Temperature spectra of conductance of Ge/ Si p-i-n structures with Ge quantum dots 1
Temperature-programmed C18O2 SSITKA for powders of fast oxide-ion conductors: Estimation of oxygen self-diffusion coefficients 1
Template-free sol-gel synthesis of catalytically active mesoporous aluminosilicates 1
Temporal and spatial structure of a runaway electron beam in air at atmospheric pressure 1
Temporal dynamics of structural and functional characteristics of the Yenisei river phytoplankton downstream of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station 1
Temporal perceptions of old believers adapted from spiritual verses 1
Temporal structure and conditions of formation of dangerous phenomena at the Tomsk airdrome 1
"Ten Days on Bosphorus": travelogues of Russkiy Vestnik as a social and ideological project 1
The tendency of archaization of the russian public consciousness on the example of actions of Alexander Brener and Pussy Riot 1
The tendency to the destruction of the russian case system and predictability of syntactic relations in Beloshapkova’s theory of syntax 1
Tensor smooth length for SPH modelling of high speed impact 1
"Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kul'tury" - strategic vector of development of sports science 1
"Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury" journal: information flow content analysis 1
Terahertz dielectric properties of multiwall carbon nanotubes in polyethylene 1
Terahertz dielectric properties of MWCNT/PE composites 2
Terahertz generation from surfaces of electron and neutron irradiated semiconductors 2
Terminological differentiation of definitions "work activity quality " and "working life quality" 1
Terms of motivation of highly qualified personnel 1
Terra nullius и отношения власти в социальном пространстве 1
Terra revolutio: the left avant-garde attitude to creating "the communist world" 1
Terra revolutio: авангардное понимание идеи построения "коммунистического мира" 1
Territorial claims of Germany, Hungary and Poland to the First Czechoslovak Republic in modern Russian historiography 1
Territorial isolation and the sustainability of local communities: developing the existing approaches 1
Territorial nature protection in Russia and the Republic Slovakia: comparative and legal aspects 1
Territorial organization of p opulation within the borders of South-Minusinsk depression 1
Testing components of interacting timed finite state machines 1
Testing entropic inequalities for superconducting qudits 1
Testing of automata system 1
Testing timed nondeterministic finite state machines with the guaranteed fault coverage 1

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