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RAB-тариф – новый источник инвестиций в российской экономике? 1
Radiation of de-excited electrons at large times in a strong electromagnetic plane wave 1
Radiation-thermal synthesis of W-type hexaferrites 1
Radiative decay Y(4260) → X(3872) + γ involving hadronic molecular and charmonium components 1
Radiative processes in graphene and similar nanostructures in strong electric fields 1
Radical remodeling of the Y chromosome in a recent radiation of malaria mosquitoes 1
Radio talk-show as a new discourse practice 1
Radioabsorbing materials based on polyurethane with carbon fillers 1
Radioholography using a spherical wave as a reference signal 1
Radiotomographic measurements using detector and tunable microvawe generator 1
Radiotomography based on monostatic interference measurement with controlled oscillator 1
Radiotomography based on movable focusing reflector 1
Radiotomography with scanning by arbitrary trajectory 1
Raisons d'Estat contre le Ministere Estranger 1
Raisons d’État contre le ministère étranger 1
Raman gas analyzer applic ability to monitoring of gaseous air pollution 1
Raman spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by aerosol CVD-method using ferrocene and CuNi nanoparticles 1
Random equations over free semilattices 1
Range of resistance of hydrobionts to medium contamination with manufactured nanoparticles 1
Rank as proxy for the observation in statistical procedures 1
Ranks (chiny) as an instrument of national and unification policy of the Russian Empire in the left-bank Ukraine, Caucasus and Bessarabia (the end of XVIII – the first half XIX centuries) 1
The ranks of planarity for varieties of commutative semigroups 1
Rapid responses of permafrost and vegetation to experimentally increased snow cover in sub-arctic Sweden 1
Rare and new minerals of the Tashelga-Maizaskaya zone of Gornaya Shoriya, their peculiarities and nature 1
Rare baryon decays Λb→Λℓ+ ℓ- (ℓ=e, μ, τ) and Λ b→Λγ: Differential and total rates, lepton- and hadron-side forward-backward asymmetries 1
Rare books as historical and cultural heritage: editions from A. F. Smirdin’s bookshop as a part of A. V. Nikitenko’s personal library 1
Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium in Carbonate Reef Deposits Containing Hydrocarbons of Oil and Gas 1
Rare minerals in the exhibition of the Mineralogical Museum of Tomsk State University 1
Rare plants of natural Siberian flora in Siberian botanical garden 1
Rashba split surface states in BiTeBr 1
Rate and temperature effects on the flow stress and tensile strength of metals 1
The rate of the transformation of sphagnum moss residuals in the oligotrophic peat soil 1
The rating of the Tomsk Oblast food self-sufficiency level in the regional management system for agro-industrial complex 1
Rational import substitution in industry: tools for assessment 1
Re-analysis of the (100), (001), and (020) rotational structure of SO2 on the basis of high resolution FTIR spectra 1
The reaction of Al(O-i-Pr)3 with the SalenH2 ligand: An unexpected product 1
Reaction of the brain of mice after repeated exposure to nanosecond repetitively pulsed microwaves 1
Reaction sintering of porous shape-memory titanium-nickelide-based alloys 1
Reactivity of the central nervous system influences the sensitivity of secretory cells of the stomach to carbacholine and glycyl-proline (gly-pro) 1
Reader practice and reception of text: Tomsk official of the 19th century Aleksandr M. Gorokhov and his edification to children 1
Realia notion and classification 1
The rear medicine 70 years later: medical care in evacuation hospitals of Udmurtia 1
Rearing of Anopheles beklemishevi (Diptera: Culicidae) and the possibility of its hybridization with An. atroparvus under laboratory conditions 1
The rebirth of Moldavian statehood on the ruins of a great state 1
Recent origin of the methacrylate redox system in Geobacter sulfurreducens AM-1 through horizontal gene transfer 1
Recent progress in simulations of the paramagnetic state of magnetic materials 1
Reception of the English criminal novel in Russia of the 19-th century by the example of Dostoevsky’s crime and punishment 1
Reception of the Horace ode "To Calliope" in the poem of E. Schwartz "Homo Musaget" 1
Reciprocal solubility of salts of rare earth elements in water at 298 K 1
Recit veritable de ce qui s'est fait et passé en toute la Normandie à la reception & magnificence royale de Leurs Majestez. Avec les harangues faites au roy par toutes les villes de ladite province 1
Recit veritable de ce qui s'est passé à l'emprisonnement des princes 1
Recit veritable de ce qui s'est passé à l'emprisonnement des Princes 1
Recit veritable de ce qui sest passé a Chaliot a l'entrevue de messieurs les princes de Conde, de Conty, de madame de Longueville, et autres princes 1
Recit veritable de ce qvi c'est passé de plvs considerable au Parlement de Paris, & ce qui a esté fait par son ordre, pour le seruice du Roy, depuis l'enleuement de sa Majesté, fait le 6. Ianuier 1649. 1
Recit veritable de ce qvi s'est fait et passé en tovte la Normandie à la reception & Magnificence Royale de leurs Majestez. Auec les Harangues faites au Roy par toutes les Villes de ladite Prouince 1
Recit veritable de ce qvi sest passé a Chaliot a l'entreveve de Messievrs les Princes de Conda, de Conty, de Madame de Longveville, et avtres Princes 1
Recit veritable de tovt ce qvi c'est fait & passé, tant dedans la ville de Bordeaux qu'aux enuirons de la ville. De Bordeaux le 13. Septembre 1649. 1
Recombination radiation in synthetic and natural diamonds exposed to pulsed UV laser radiation 1
Reconfiguring the on-board computer to increase stability in case of failure 1
Reconstructed summer temperatures over the last 400 years based on Larch ring widths: Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East 1
Reconstruction of 3D radio images from multifrequency holographic measurement 1
Reconstruction of hadronic decay products of tau leptons with the ATLAS experiment 1
Reconstruction of prehistoric and medieval dietary patterns in the Russian Far East: A review of current data 1
Reconstruction of scalar field theories realizing inflation consistent with the Planck and BICEP2 results 1
Records of Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger, 1839) (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae) from the Ob' River at Krasny Yar (Tomsk region, southeast of Western Siberia) 1
Records of Tomsk State Kuybushev-University 1
Recovery of the electric strength in a cold cathode thyratron 1
Recreation development in the neighborhood Stepanovka, Tomsk 1
Recreational and ecological assessment of relief as the key factor of tourism development (the example of Tomsk area) 1
Recreational areas in the functional zoning of the city (by the example of Astana) 1
Recreational use of natural resources 1
Recruitment of international faculty members 1
Recrystallization features in olivine from dunites of the Tarlashkinsk Ultramafic Massif: new data from the EBSD analysis of rock-forming grains 1
Recueil pour l'histoire du temps 7
Recurrence conditions of modulated MAP flow of events under its incomplete observability 1
Red and green phosphors based on oxide glass-ceramics doped with Eu3+ and Tb3+ 1
Red and green phosphors glow on the basis of oxide glass-ceramics doped with Eu3+ and Tb3+ 1
Reduction of locomotor and brain activity of Wistar rats after serial administration of titanium dioxide 1
Reduction of silver nanoparticle toxicity by sulfide 1
Reduction of synapses in the Hopfield autoassociative memory 1
Refinement of coordinates obtained from observation of navigational satellites by means of implementation of powers of weight coefficients 1
Refinement of coordinates, obtained from observation of navigational satellites, by means of implementation of powers of weight coefficients 1
A refining mechanism of primary Al3Ti intermetallic particles by ultrasonic treatment in the liquid state 1
Reflection in subfossil palynological spectra of plant middle taiga subzone (central part of West Siberia plain) 1
Reflection of ecosystem processes in the method of hydrologo-climatic calculations 1
Reflection of polycultural life of Vietnamese society on signboards in Ho Chi Minh City (on restaurant names material) 1
The reflection of the country life in the short story "Xiaoxiao" by Shen Congwen 1
Reflexions chrestiennes, morales et politiques, de l'hermite du mont Valerien, sur toutes les pieces volentes de ce temps. Ou jugement critique, donné contre ce nombre infiny de libelles diffamatoires, qui ont esté faits depuis le commencement des troubles, jusques à present 1
Reflexions chrestiennes, morales et politiqves, de l'hermite dv Mont Valerien, Sur toutes les Pieces volentes de ce temps. Ov ivgement critiqve, Donné contre ce nombre infiny de Libelles diffamatoires, qui ont esté faits depuis le commencement des Troubles, iusques à present 1
Reflexions chrétiennes, morales et politiques, de l’hermite du Mont Valérien, sur toutes les pièces volantes de ce temps. Ou jugement critique, donné contre ce nombre infini de libelles diffamatoires, qui ont été faits depuis le commencement des troubles, jusques à présent 1
Reflexions consciencievses des bons Francois, svr la regence de la Reine 1
Reflexions consiencieuses des bons Français, sur la régence de la Reine 1
Reform of chinese writing: simplification and standartization of the language 1
Reform of the administrative authorities and the implementation of measures to unify under the authoritarian regime in Romania in 1938-1939 (on the basis of Suceava Region) 1
Reforms of local governments in the cities of Tomsk province (March-October 1917) 1
Refresher courses for school teachers of English at Tomsk State University 1
The refugee policy of the United Kingdom of Great and Northern Ireland from the 2000s 1
Regalia sine rege 1
Region of validity of the finite–temperature Thomas–Fermi model with respect to quantum and exchange corrections 1
Regional calculation of potential flushing melt water runoff at Tom-Yaya interfluve 1

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