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R. Bauman's views on the suspension of L. Cornelius Cinna from magisterial duties in 87 BC 1
R. Bernstein’s concept of the pragmatic turn 1
RAB-тариф – новый источник инвестиций в российской экономике? 1
The radiation focusing by the array of waveguide based elements with controllable reflection 1
Radiation of de-excited electrons at large times in a strong electromagnetic plane wave 1
Radiation-thermal synthesis of W-type hexaferrites 1
Radiative decay Y(4260) → X(3872) + γ involving hadronic molecular and charmonium components 1
Radiative processes in graphene and similar nanostructures in strong electric fields 1
Radical remodeling of the Y chromosome in a recent radiation of malaria mosquitoes 1
Radio talk-show as a new discourse practice 1
Radio-carbon age of the humus-eluvial part of the polygenetitic soils in the southern taiga of Western Siberia 1
Radioabsorbing materials based on polyurethane with carbon fillers 1
Radioactive isotopes of Toson-Ula basin of Mongolia 1
Radiocarbon chronology of the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Aeneolithic, and Bronze Age sites in the Trans-Urals (Russia): a general framework 1
Radiocarbon dating of pottery complexes from neolithic settlements on the Baikal coast 1
Radioholography using a spherical wave as a reference signal 1
Radiotomographic measurements using detector and tunable microvawe generator 1
Radiotomographic system construction on the basis of multi-elemental reflective array 1
Radiotomography based on monostatic interference measurement with controlled oscillator 1
Radiotomography based on movable focusing reflector 1
Radiotomography with scanning by arbitrary trajectory 1
Raising franchise: comparative analysis of assessment methods 1
Raisons d'Estat contre le Ministere Estranger 1
Raisons d’État contre le ministère étranger 1
Raman gas analyzer applic ability to monitoring of gaseous air pollution 1
Raman imaging and principal component analysis-based data processing on uranium oxide ceramics 1
Raman spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by aerosol CVD-method using ferrocene and CuNi nanoparticles 1
Random equations over free semilattices 1
Range of resistance of hydrobionts to medium contamination with manufactured nanoparticles 1
Range-wide analysis of spatial distribution of Pacific flatnose Antimora microlepis in the North Pacific 1
Rank as proxy for the observation in statistical procedures 1
Rank of formal matrix. System of formal linear equations. Zero divisors 1
Ranks (chiny) as an instrument of national and unification policy of the Russian Empire in the left-bank Ukraine, Caucasus and Bessarabia (the end of XVIII – the first half XIX centuries) 1
The ranks of planarity for varieties of commutative semigroups 1
Rapid fire railguns powered by pulsed MHD generators using plasma-generating solid propellants 1
Rapid responses of permafrost and vegetation to experimentally increased snow cover in sub-arctic Sweden 1
Rare alkali metals in micas from Shakhdarinskaya miarolitic pegmatite (South-Western Pamir) 1
Rare and endangered plants of specially protected areas of West Siberian boreal coniferous forests (inside Tomsk oblast) 1
Rare and new minerals of the Tashelga-Maizaskaya zone of Gornaya Shoriya, their peculiarities and nature 1
Rare baryon decays Λb→Λℓ+ ℓ- (ℓ=e, μ, τ) and Λ b→Λγ: Differential and total rates, lepton- and hadron-side forward-backward asymmetries 1
Rare books as historical and cultural heritage: editions from A. F. Smirdin’s bookshop as a part of A. V. Nikitenko’s personal library 1
Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium in Carbonate Reef Deposits Containing Hydrocarbons of Oil and Gas 1
Rare earth elements materials production from apatite ores 1
Rare minerals in the exhibition of the Mineralogical Museum of Tomsk State University 1
Rare plants of Halmersale mountain vicinities (Northern Urals): Eco-phytocoenotic preferences, population structure and protection 1
Rare plants of natural Siberian flora in Siberian botanical garden 1
Rare-earth elements (La, Ce, Sm, Eu, Tb, Yb, Lu) in the coals of the North Asia (Siberia, Russian Far East, North China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan) 1
Rashba split surface states in BiTeBr 1
Rate and temperature effects on the flow stress and tensile strength of metals 1
The rate of the transformation of sphagnum moss residuals in the oligotrophic peat soil 1
The rating of the Tomsk Oblast food self-sufficiency level in the regional management system for agro-industrial complex 1
The ratio of legal presumptions and other tools of the legal method 1
Ratio of need and accident of the French Revolution of XVIII age: historiographic aspect 1
Rational discourse and poetic communication 1
Rational import substitution in industry: tools for assessment 1
Rational methods of investigation of non-stationary radiation plane current distribution 1
Razin Uprising in the chaos of a temporary collapse (thinking about new book) 1
Re-analysis of the (100), (001), and (020) rotational structure of SO2 on the basis of high resolution FTIR spectra 1
The reaction of Al(O-i-Pr)3 with the SalenH2 ligand: An unexpected product 1
Reaction of the brain of mice after repeated exposure to nanosecond repetitively pulsed microwaves 1
Reaction sintering of porous shape-memory titanium-nickelide-based alloys 1
Reactivity of the central nervous system influences the sensitivity of secretory cells of the stomach to carbacholine and glycyl-proline (gly-pro) 1
A reader at the crossroads: "binary" plots in Leo Tolstoy's a circle of reading 1
Reader practice and reception of text: Tomsk official of the 19th century Aleksandr M. Gorokhov and his edification to children 1
The "reading aloud" cultural practice in the Russian tradition: genesis, "scenarios", literary representation 1
Reading music at sight as strong incentive of allmusical development performing musician 1
Reading self-perceived ability, enjoyment and achievement: A genetically informative study of their reciprocal links over time 1
Real and mythic Vilnius in "Fairytales of Old Vilnius" by Max Frei: principles and methods of modelling the fantastic area 1
Realia notion and classification 1
Realistic images-"masks" in medieval Central Asia: portrait or symbol 1
The rear medicine 70 years later: medical care in evacuation hospitals of Udmurtia 1
Rearing of Anopheles beklemishevi (Diptera: Culicidae) and the possibility of its hybridization with An. atroparvus under laboratory conditions 1
Reasoning about the fate of genres in Russian music and the oeuvres of Siberian composers 1
The rebirth of Moldavian statehood on the ruins of a great state 1
Recent dynamic of hydro-ecosystems of thermokarst depressions in the Central Siberia from satellite and in situ observations: importance for agriculture and human life 1
Recent origin of the methacrylate redox system in Geobacter sulfurreducens AM-1 through horizontal gene transfer 1
Recent progress in quantum chemistry of hetero[8]circulenes 1
Recent progress in simulations of the paramagnetic state of magnetic materials 1
Recent progress in tissue optical clearing for spectroscopic application 1
The reception and transformation of folklore plots of the indigenous peoples of Siberia in the tales of A. Remizov 1
Reception of N. V. Gogol’s Dead Souls in France: between the two world wars of the 20th century 1
Reception of the English criminal novel in Russia of the 19-th century by the example of Dostoevsky’s crime and punishment 1
The reception of the fantastic model of Pushkin’s story "Coffin Maker" by Odoevsky 1
Reception of the Horace ode "To Calliope" in the poem of E. Schwartz "Homo Musaget" 1
The reception of the renaissance conception of man in Ayn Rand’s literary works 1
The reception of The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin by A. S. Pushkin in F. M. Dostoevsky's Poor Folk: images and motives 1
Recidivism as a criterion for the effectiveness of penalties not related to deprivation of liberty 1
Reciprocal solubility of salts of rare earth elements in water at 298 K 1
Recit veritable de ce qui s'est fait et passé en toute la Normandie à la reception & magnificence royale de Leurs Majestez. Avec les harangues faites au roy par toutes les villes de ladite province 1
Recit veritable de ce qui s'est passé à l'emprisonnement des princes 1
Recit veritable de ce qui s'est passé à l'emprisonnement des Princes 1
Recit veritable de ce qui sest passé a Chaliot a l'entrevue de messieurs les princes de Conde, de Conty, de madame de Longueville, et autres princes 1
Recit veritable de ce qvi c'est passé de plvs considerable au Parlement de Paris, & ce qui a esté fait par son ordre, pour le seruice du Roy, depuis l'enleuement de sa Majesté, fait le 6. Ianuier 1649. 1
Recit veritable de ce qvi s'est fait et passé en tovte la Normandie à la reception & Magnificence Royale de leurs Majestez. Auec les Harangues faites au Roy par toutes les Villes de ladite Prouince 1
Recit veritable de ce qvi sest passé a Chaliot a l'entreveve de Messievrs les Princes de Conda, de Conty, de Madame de Longveville, et avtres Princes 1
Recit veritable de tovt ce qvi c'est fait & passé, tant dedans la ville de Bordeaux qu'aux enuirons de la ville. De Bordeaux le 13. Septembre 1649. 1
Recognition of incomplete sequences described by hidden Markov models using first derivatives of likelihood function logarithm 1
Recombination radiation in synthetic and natural diamonds exposed to pulsed UV laser radiation 1
Reconfiguring the on-board computer to increase stability in case of failure 1
Reconstructed summer temperatures over the last 400 years based on Larch ring widths: Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East 1

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