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QCD compositeness as revealed in exclusive vector boson reactions through double-photon annihilation: e+ e− → γγ∗ → γV0 and e+ e− → γ∗ γ∗ → V0V0 1
QCD constituent counting rules for neutral vector mesons 1
QFT treatment of processes in strong external backgrounds 1
Quaestiones super sex libros ethicorum Aristotelis 1
Qualification of intentional and reckless violations of traffic and vehicle operation regulations 1
Qualitative assessment of souls in technogenic landscapes of Gorlovskiy anthracitous deposit 1
Qualitative transformations of the social subject in the general context of changes in modern society: theoretical and methodological approaches 1
Quality as one of effective ways of successful production 1
Quality control of ZnGeP2 single crystals using optical methods 1
Quality management as a condition for the development of E-learning in a modern university 1
Quality management system (QMS) as a basis for competitiveness research laboratory at the university 1
Quality of life 2.0: challenges of digitalization 1
Quality of life and psychological safety of people living and working in the conditions of technogenic and ecological trouble 1
Quality of life as the basis for achieving social welfare of the population 1
Quality of life of elderly people with varying degrees of openness 1
Quality of life: problems of measurement 1
Quality of life: regional aspect of socio-cultural components of modernization 1
Quality of university teaching staff 1
Quantifying changes in lenticular stiffness with optical coherence elastography 1
Quantifying lens elastic properties with optical coherence elastography as a function of intraocular pressure 1
Quantitative analysis of local coenofloras in the steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan 1
Quantitative assessment of normal fetal brain myelination using fast macromolecular proton fraction mapping 1
Quantitative assessment of soil erosion in agricultural landscapes of southern taiga 1
Quantitative assessment of submicron scale anisotropy in tissue multifractality by scattering Mueller matrix in the framework of Born approximation 1
Quantitative comparison of the absorption spectra of the gas mixtures in analogy to the criterion of Pearson 1
Quantitative estimation of the monsoonal mode of the wind near Khabarovsk 1
Quantitative evaluation of polarity of silica gel modified with transition metals chelates for gas chromatography 1
Quantitative imaging of white and gray matter remyelination in the cuprizone demyelination model using the macromolecular proton fraction 1
Quantitative mapping of white and gray matter myelination 1
Quantitative relations identification of the structural dynamics of the investment and constructive complex in Russia 1
Quantum chemical investigations on molecular complexes of p-chloranil with piperidine, aniline, and their derivatives 1
Quantum deformation of the angular distribution of synchrotron radiation. Emission from particles in the first excited state 1
Quantum Dirac fermions in a half-space and their interaction with an electromagnetic field 1
Quantum effects under migratory polarization in nanometer layers of proton semiconductors and dielectrics at ultralow temperatures 1
Quantum electromagnetic nonlinearity affecting charges and dipole moments 1
Quantum mechanics without quanta: 2. The nature of the electron 1
Quantum mechanics without quanta: the nature of the wave-particle duality of light 1
Quantum motion in superposition of Aharonov–Bohm with some additional electromagnetic fields 1
Quantum suprematism picture of Triada of Malevich's squares for spin states and the parametric oscillator evolution in the probability representation of quantum mechanics 1
Quantum-chemical model of studying competition of photophysical and photochemical processes 1
Quantum-chemical study of electronically excited states of protolytic forms of vanillic acid 1
Quantum-chemical study of protonated forms of vanillic acid in electronically excited states 1
Quantum-chemical visualization of lactic and glycolic cyclic diesters 1
Quantum-well states with image state character for Pb overlayers on Cu(III) 1
Quartz luminescence from pegmatites of the Turkestan belt 1
Quasi-experimental modeling of cognitive trajectories and personality factors of youth radicalization and extremalization psychoprophylaxis 1
Quasi-optical 2D system for non-contact non-destructive testing of defects in natural and artificial crystals 1
Quasi-singular control in discrete systems control problem with nonlocal boundary conditions 1
Quasi-static and shock-wave loading of ultrafine-grained aluminum: effect of microstructural characteristics 1
"Quasi-translation" of the pun: the specificity of using algorithms 1
Quasibinary section Ag2SnS3-Sb2S3 1
Quasinatural sites in russian legislation 1
Quasiparticle band gap in the topological insulator Bi2Te3 1
Quasiparticle interference on the surface of Bi2Se3 induced by cobalt adatom in the absence of ferromagnetic ordering 1
Quasiparticle spectrum and plasmonic excitations in the topological insulator Sb2Te3 1
Quasiparticles described by the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in the semiclassical approximation 1
Quasirent, as a source of stimulating innovation development in VINK 1
Quasistationary solution of a two-component hyperbolic system on an interval 1
Quaternary glaciation in Northern Central Asia 1
Quaternary mammal remains from the Krasniy Yar locality (Tomsk region, Russia) 1
The quaternary mammals from Kozhamzhar locality (Pavlodar region, Kazakhstan) 1
Quaternary skulls of the saiga from Eastern Europe and Siberia. Saiga borealis versus Saiga tatarica - one species or two? 1
Quatriesme balade 1
Qubit representation of qudit states: correlations and state reconstruction 1
Que la voix du peuple est la voix de dieu. Contre le sentiment de celui qui nous a proposé une question toute contraire 1
Quenched polyampholytes for polymer flooding 1
The quest for a universal language throughout human history 1
Quest for Casimir repulsion between Chern-Simons surfaces 1
Question cardinale, plaisamment agitée ou dasthicotée entre un hollandois et un suisse, et décidée par un Français 1
Question morale et politique, très-importante à decider & pour la gloire du roy, & pour le bien de son peuple, sçavoir quelle de ces deux vertus est plus necessaire au souverain, ou la clemence ou la justice 1
Question of Brexit in pre-election rhetoric of the British political parties and their leaders on the eve of snap parliamentary elections on June 8 2017 1
The question of the economic structure of the Rusins of Bessarabia in the 19th - beginning of the 20th century 1
Question, s'il y doit avoir un premier ministre dans le conseil du roy. Raison d'Estat et politique tres-importante a decider, pour le bien du souverain, & pour le repos de la patrie 1
Question, si la voix du peuple est la voix de dieu? 1
Question, s’il y doit avoir un premier ministre dans le conseil du roi. Raison d’État et politique très importatante à decider, pour le bien du souverain, & pour le repos de la patrie 1
Questions about Subcarpathian Rus’ in foreign policy calculations of Poland (October 1938 - March 1939) 1
Questions of "Soviet life" in the political debate of the 20-ies of XX century 1
Questions of development of cassation proceedings in Russian criminal procedure 1
The questions of development of fiberoptic sensors for measuring pressure with improved metrological and operational characteristics 1
Questions of implementation of the principle of freedom of contract in the law of the People's Republic of China 1
Questions paleozoogeography of Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger 1839) (Rhinocerotidae, Mammalia) 1
Queueing network MAP−K(GI/∞)K with high-rate arrivals 1
Queueing system GI/GI/∞ with n types of customers 1
Queuing network MMPP-(GI /∞)K subject to the extremely rare arrval process transitions 1
Quickest change-point detection in time series with unknown distributions 1
"Quitness" and "silence" in B. L. Pasternak's poetry: linguistic aspect 1
Quittung über Hinterlegung eines Pfandes für Pfundzoll für feine Tuche von Bertoldus Holthusen 1
Quittung über Hinterlegung eines Pfandes für Pfundzoll für Tuch von Hermannus de Molne 1
Quittung über Hinterlegung eines Pfandes für Pfundzoll für Tuch, unter anderem feines Tuch von Symon Bucstok 1
Quittung, dass Hermannus Schele ein Pfand für ein Fass Mandeln von Johannes Basthorst hinterlegt hat 1
Quittung, dass Heyno Verwer ein Pfand für Tuch, Mandeln, leere Tonnen und Öl hinterlegt hat 1
Qvatriesme balade 1
Qve la voix dv Pevple est la voix de Diev. Contre le sentiment de celuy qui nous a proposé vne Question toute contraire 1
Qvestion cardinale, plaisamment agitée ou dathicotée entre vn Holandois et vn Svisse, et decidée par vn François 1
Qvestion morale et politiqve, tres-importante a decider & pour la gloire du Roy, & pour le bien de son peuple, Sçauoir quelle de ces deux vertus est plus necessaire au Souuerain, ou la Clemence ou la Iustice 1
Qvestion, s'il y doit avoir vn premier ministre dans le conseil dv Roy. Raison d'estat et politiqve tres-importante a decider, pour le bien du Souuerain, & pour le Repos de la Patrie 1
Qvestion, si la voix dv Pevple est la voix de Diev? 1
R. Bauman's views on the suspension of L. Cornelius Cinna from magisterial duties in 87 BC 1
R. Bernstein’s concept of the pragmatic turn 1
RAB-тариф – новый источник инвестиций в российской экономике? 1

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