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P. N. Krylov about tasks of the botanical-geographical researches 1
P. N. Krylov Herbarium: 130 years of the study of the flora of Siberia 1
P. P. Sumarokov and N. M. Karamzin: two views on Siberia 1
P. V. Vologodsky and sworn attorneys in Siberia 1
P. V. Vologodsky and the case of legal aid in Siberia 1
P. V. Vologodsky on the way to the legal profession: the environment, interests and activities of the lawyer at the initial stage of his professional career 1
Pachypleurum schischkinii Serg. (ТК-000870) 1
The pacific fleet theater in the system of political and educational work of the Far East in the 1930s 1
Pacta sunt servanda, или О доверии в международных отношениях 1
A page from the history of ukrainophilism 1
Pages of the musical life of Tomsk (60-90 years of the twentieth century) 1
Pages on social networks as an analogue of candidate’s summary 1
Paid internet surveys 1
Pain: medical history and premises of sociological analysis 1
Paleo-mesoproterozoic intraplate mafic magmatism in southwestern Yangtze Block of South China: implications for paleogeographic reconstruction 1
Paleoecological investigation of mammoth remains from the Krakow Spadzista Street (B) site 1
Paleogeography of the last glaciation of the mountain frame of the Mui depression (Northern Transbaikalia) 1
Paleolithic sites with bifaces in Northern Aral region: problems of chronology and periodization 1
Paleomagnetism and U-Pb age of the 2.4 Ga Erayinia mafic dykes in the south-western Yilgarn, Western Australia: Paleogeographic and geodynamic implications 1
Paleontological and stratigraphic research of the early Cretaceous vertebrates locality Bolshoy Ilek (Achinsk district, Krasnoyarsk territory) 1
Paleontological research of the Yana river middle basin (results of the expedition "Bilim") 1
Paleoreconstructions of Wyoming and Superior cratons from 2.70 to 1.72 Ga with implications for Archean-Proterozoic supercontinents and the circa 2.45-2.35 Ga great oxidation event 1
Palladium(I) and palladium(II) unsaturated carboxylate complexes with small molecules: Synthesis and X-ray structure of Pd4(μ-CO)4(μ-trans-CH3CH=CHCO2)4 and Pd4(μ-NO)2(μ-CH2=C(CH3)CO2)6 1
Palladiumcontained nanocomposites based on silica monolithes with hierarhical porosity 1
Paludification on Vasyugan Mire 1
Palynological studies in the north-eastern part of the Yamal peninsula 1
Panegirique pour Monseigneur le Duc de Beaufort pair de France, adressé à Monsieur de Palleteau 1
Panegiriqve povr Monseignevr le Dvc de Beavfort Pair de France, adressé a Monsievr de Palleteav 1
Panegiriqve povr Monseignevr le Dvc de Beavfort pair de France, adressé à Monsievr de Palleteav, 1
Panic attack as the syndrom of the XXI century 1
Panégirique pour monseigneur le Duc de Beaufort pair de France, adressé à Monsieur de Palleteau 1
Panégyrique pour Monseigneur le Duc de Beaufort pair de France, adressé à Monsieur de Palleteau 1
Paper and other writing materials in non-specialized museums: Museum of a Book of the Tomsk State University Scientific Library 1
The papers of the Third University Cities Forum "University and City Facing Global Challenges", National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia, November, 28-30, 2018 1
Papers on geology of siberia 1
Paradigm of technoscience and responsible research and innovation approach 1
The paradigm of wholeness in the interpretation of non-classical logic 1
Paradoxes of high and low velocities in modern geodynamics 1
Parafoveal processing in reading: the role of word length 1
Parag Khanna's connectography: urban networks in the 21st century 1
Parallel algorithm for constructing k-valued fault-tolerant diagnostic tests in intelligent systems 1
Parallel algorithms for solving the twodimensional heat equation using the splitting scheme 1
Parallel decomposition of a system of partial Boolean functions 1
Parallel implementation spline difference scheme for solving the problem of pollutant transport in the atmosphere 1
Parallel text corpus usage in solving problems in comparative linguistics (based on the material of the russian national corpus) 1
Parameter estimation and change-point detection for AR(p)/ARCH(q) process with unknown parameters 1
Parameter estimation and change-point detection for process AR(p)/ARCH(q) with unknown parameters 1
Parameter estimation of an unstable autoregression by sample of fixed size 1
Parameter identification method for dual-energy X-ray imaging 1
Parameters of broadening of water molecule absorption lines by argon derived using different line profile models 1
Parameters of REP DDs plasma formed during the pulse and pulse-periodic modes in dense gases 1
Parameters of runaway electron beam generated during excitation by nanosecond voltage pulses in short gaps filled with nitrogen 1
Parameters of scalar resonances from the combined analysis of data on processes ππ → ππ, KK, ηη and J/ψ decays 1
Parameters of the beam plasma formed by a forevacuum plasma source of a ribbon beam in zero-field transportation system 1
Parameters of the THL-100 hybrid femtosecond laser system after modernization 1
Parametr estimation of distributions with heavy tailes 1
Paraphrase sur le bref de sa Saincteté envoyé à la Reyne regente mere du Roy. Touchant sa reconciliation avec plusieurs des plus signalez de son Royaume, & le soulagement de son peuple. En vers burlesques 1
Paraphrase svr le bref de sa Saincteté envoyé a la Reyne regente mere dv Roy. Tovchant sa reconciliation Auec plusieurs des plus signalez de son Royaume, & le soulagement de son peuple. En vers bvrlesqves 1
Parasitic gamasid mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) associated with bats (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) on Kunashiri Island, with a description of a new species Spinturnix uchikawai sp. nov. 1
Parcelling as a cognitive and semiotic phenomenon 1
Paremias in the discourse of English-language popular songs 1
Parenthetical words and communicatives: semantic and pragmatic aspects of description 1
Parenting begets parenting: a neurobiological perspective on early adversity and the transmission of parenting styles across generations 1
Paris text in travel notes and letters of Russian travelers of late 1830s (I. G. Golovin, N. I. Grech, M. P. Pogodin, V. M. Stroev) 1
Parity anomaly in four dimensions 1
Partially programmable circuit design oriented to masking Trojan Circuits 1
Participants in the investigative actions in cases of privacy violation 1
Participants’ psychological safety in youth subcultures 1
Participation and the issue of subject-genesis in media situations 1
The participation of gendarme staff officers in improving the technical base of the gold industry in Siberia in the middle of the 19th century 1
Participation of the gendarmerie agency in the fate of A. N. Lopatin’s "peskovoz" 1
Participation of the lawyer in protection of the civil and family rights of minors: borders and opportunities 1
Participatory ethnographic filmmaking: transcultural collaboration in research and filmmaking 1
Particle creation from the vacuum by an exponentially decreasing electric field 1
Particle localization in a double-well potential by pseudo-supersymmetric fields 1
Particle scattering and vacuum instability by exponential steps 1
Particle-like representation for the field of a moving point charge in nonlinear electrodynamics 1
The particular designing knowledge management systems in multinational corporations 1
Particular philosophy of N. Berdyaev and L. Shestov on the material perception of F. Dostoevsky 1
Particularities of the implement of quality management system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 in the telecommunications companies 1
Particularity of news genre on websites of political parties 1
Parva naturalia 1
Pascal ABC: задачи и программы : методические указания 1
Pasquin ou Dialogue à bâton-rompu, sur les affaires du temps 1
Pasqvin ov Dialogve a Baston-Rompv, sur les Affaires du temps 1
Passage de Ivles Mazarin. Auec le recit des plus belles pieces trouuées en son Inuentaire 1
Passage de Jules Mazarin. Avec le recit des plus belles pieces trouvées en son Inventaire 1
Pastoral discourse in christian theology 1
Patching circuit design based on reserved CLBs 1
"Patchwork quilt" and "spirit of informationalism" – the response of the university's corporate culture to new challenges of the time 1
The patient’s chances of surviving extradition (lacunae in legislation as a condition of abuse of law) 1
Patriotic discourse in the network media space 1
Patriotism as a political value: political-psychological analysis 1
Pattern recognition on digital images usinghistograms of oriented gradients 1
Patterns of disability in visual culture 1
Patterns of folded structure formation in the maximum bending zone of [111] FCC single crystals 1
Patterns of sandy steppe vegetation in the valleys of the Samara and Ural rivers and their inflows (Orenburg region) 1
Patterns of summer distribution of fish in the water area of the Gornoslinkinskaya wintering riverbed depression of the Irtysh river 1
Paul Bayley and Geoffrey Williams (eds) European Identity: What the Media Say. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012. 336 p. ISBN 978-0199602308 1
PBL в учебном процессе кафедры: презентация образовательного проекта "Политическое пространство Томской области" 1

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