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Objects safety systems review 1
Observability estimation of a state variable when the LOS technique is applied 1
Observation and measurement of Higgs boson decays to WW* with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation and measurements of the production of prompt and non-prompt J/ψ mesons in association with a Z boson in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation and Spin-Parity Determination of the X(1835) in J/ψ →γ K0SK0Sη 1
Observation of a highly spin-polarized topological surface state in GeBi2Te4 1
Observation of a neutral charmoniumlike state Zc(4025)0 in e+e- → (D*D¯*)0π0 1
Observation of a neutral structure near the DD¯* mass threshold in e+e− → (DD¯*)0π0 at √s = 4.226 and 4.257 GeV 1
Observation of an anomalous line shape of the η′π+π−mass spectrum near the pp mass threshold in J/ψ→γη′π+π− 1
Observation of an excited Bc± meson state with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation of hc Radiative Decay hc → γη 1
Observation of J/ψ→p¯pa0(980) at BESIII 1
Observation of long-range elliptic azimuthal anisotropies in √s = 13 TeV and 2.76 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation of partial wave resonances in low-energy O2-H 2 inelastic collisions 1
Observation of single-spin Dirac fermions at the graphene/ferromagnet interface 1
Observation of the Dalitz decay η' → γe+e- 1
Observation of the electromagnetic doubly OZI-suppressed decay J/ψ → фπ0 1
Observation of the isospin-violating decay J /ψ →φπ0f0 (980) 1
Observation of the singly Cabibbo-suppressed decay D+ → ωπ+ and evidence for D0 → ωπ0 1
Observation of top-quark pair production in association with a photon and measurement of the tt¯γ production cross section in pp collisions at √s =7 TeV using the ATLAS detector 1
Observation of η’ → ωe+e− 1
Observationes politicae super nuperis Galliae motibus 1
Observationes politicae. Svper nvperis Galliae motibvs 1
Obtaining of biodegradable polylactide films and fibers filled hydroxyapatite for medical purposes 1
Obtaining of sodium glyoxylate from oxidation products of glyoxal 1
Occasional compound word of James Joyce: characteristics and translation 1
Of the possibility of ecological tourism in republic of Khakassia 1
Oil and gas in Tomsk region as resource of development of industrial tourism 1
Oil contamination of the Ob basin 1
Oil products. Intra annual course and longterm fluctuations of concentration of oil products in the Tom rivers and Oba 1
Oirotia - Gorny Altai: a national project in early Soviet literature (Mountains by V. Ya. Zazubrin) 1
Old traditions in Chinese holidays 1
Old-believers and Soviet reality of the middle of XX century: materials of Tomsk State University Research Library 1
OLED - органические светодиоды 1
Olympic education at physical culture universities based on anthropic education technologies 1
Ombustion of the solid propellant with addition of aluminum powder under an acceleration load 1
On a quadratic model of yield term structure 1
On a quantization of the classical θ-functions 1
On a record of Choristoderes (Diapsida, Choristodera) from the Lower Cretaceous of Western Siberia 2
On abelian groups having all proper fully invariant subgroups isomorphic 1
On adaptation of digraph local primitiveness conditions and local exponent estimations 1
On adaptive estimation using a prior guess 1
On application of multidimensional complex analysis in formal language and grammar theory 1
On calculation of effective transport coefficients in monodisperse suspension of spherical particles 1
On clarification of the term "language game" in linguistics 1
On commutator fully transitive Abelian groups 1
On eastern border of polichrome style objects spreading 1
On forms and procedure for compensation of harm caused to the environment 1
On generic complexity of decidability problem for diophantine systems in the Skolem's form 1
On generic complexity of the discrete logarithm problem 1
On generic NP-completeness of the boolean satisfiability problem 1
On guaranteed sequential change point detection for TAR(1)/ARCH(1) process 1
On homeomorphisms of certain modifications Sorgenfrey line 1
On initial width of contention window influence on wireless network station IEEE 802.11 characteristics 1
On military-political cooperation between Poland and Japan against the Soviet Union (1931-1935) 1
On modification of the Sorgenfrey line 1
On Newtonian singularities in higher derivative gravity models 1
On nuclear magnetic resonance, metabolomics and “metabolic individuality” 1
On one-dimensional velocity approximation for speed-dependent spectral line profiles 1
On optimal adaptive prediction of multivariate ARMA(1,1) process 1
On optimal adaptive prediction of multivariate autoregression 1
On parameter estimation of partly observed bilinear discrete-time stochastic systems 1
On photosynthesis 1
On pnBext projective abelian p-groups 1
On primitivity of mixing digraphs associated with 2-feedbacks shift registers 1
On punishment execution in the form of compulsory community service and correctional labour in the event the convict develops a mental disorder or another serious disease that prevents serving the sentence 1
On quasistationary solution of the equation of gas diffusion in hydrate layer 1
On reducing test length for FSMs with extra states 1
On reforms at city-forming agricultural machinery enterprises of Altai krai during the 1990s as exemplified by the Altaiskiy Traktor (Alttrak) company 1
On removal of singularities of the mappings with s-averaged characteristic 1
On seizure of objects and documents when checking crime reports 1
On separating UML specified non-deterministic finite state machines with time-outs 1
On sign-based regression quantiles 1
On some classes of nilgroups 1
On systematic errors in spectral line parameters retrieved with the Voigt line profile 1
On the "expanded local mode" approach applied to ethylene 1
On the accuracy of approximation of a small celestial body motion using intermediate perturbed orbits calculated from two position vectors and three observations 1
On the accuracy of explicitly correlated methods to generate potential energy surfaces for scattering calculations and clustering: application to the HCl-He complex 1
On the argumentative hyperlanguage notion: the pragma-analytical approach 1
On the charge neutrality level and the electronic properties of interphase boundaries in the layered ε-GaSe semiconductor 1
On the classification of linguistic phenomena of asymmetry (evidence from the Russian and English languages) 1
On the combined description of deformation and flow of continuous media 1
On the completeness of spaces of continuous functions in the topology of pointwise convergence 1
On the Corpus of Dialectal Texts in the Russian National Corpus 1
On the denotation of action in Russian and Czech 1
On the development prospects of chapter 22 of the RF Criminal code 1
On the dipole polarizability and dipole sum rules of ozone 1
On the effect of cloud microstructure on the polarization characteristics of double scattering lidar return 1
On the efficiency of application of quasi-optical resonator technique to investigation of the electrophysical properties of materials 1
On the enforcement of penal orders 1
On the equivalence of two approaches to the construction of interactions in higher-derivative theories 1
On the film looking nature of the novel Mary by Vladimir Nabokov 1
On the finite BRST transformations: the Jacobians and the standard model with the gauge-invariant Gribov horizon 1
On the gauge symmetries of Maxwell-like higher-spin Lagrangian 1
On the improvement of the rotational structure analysis of 13CH3D ground vibrational state 1
On the issue of accuracy of the solution of the direct problem of external ballistics 1
On the legal nature of depository receipts and credit notes in terms of financial derivatives 1
On the length of homing sequences for nondeterministic finite state machines 1
On the lexical organization of the text (reading experience of I. A. Bunin’s story "The pine trees") 1
On the list of general conditions of judicial proceedings in the Russian criminal process 1

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