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O. Messiaen. Theme and Variations for violin and piano 1
O. Wilde's "The Harlot's House" translated by Fyodor Sologub: style and concept features of the translated text 1
Oases for digital nomads 1
Obituaries as a source for studying the corporate culture of church historians of the xix – first quarter of the xx centuries 1
Object model of application for simulation of cyclic queueing systems 1
The object of the public prosecutor's activity - a new category or a necessity 1
Object realities as genre indicators of ritual texts in the volga region ("samolena/pozlashchena boroda" and "svinye nozhki") 1
Objectives and conditions for protection of unique peatlands in the south of West Siberia 1
Objectives and conditions for protection of unique peatlands in the south of Western Siberia in connection with issues of conservation and use of unique reed mire in suburbs of Tomsk 1
Objectives of the criminal penalty system and means of their achievement 1
Objectives, tasks, principles and subject content of teaching foreign-language military discourse to military interpreters 1
Objects of natural heritage as a legal category 1
Objects safety systems review 1
The oblique impact of a rigid sphere on a power-law graded elastic half-space 1
Oblomovka as Anti-Ithaca: the Odyssey archetype in I. A. Goncharov's works 1
Observability estimation of a state variable when the LOS technique is applied 1
Observation and measurement of Higgs boson decays to WW* with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation and measurements of the production of prompt and non-prompt J/ψ mesons in association with a Z boson in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation and Spin-Parity Determination of the X(1835) in J/ψ →γ K0SK0Sη 1
Observation of a different birefringence order at optical and THz frequencies in LBO crystal 1
Observation of a highly spin-polarized topological surface state in GeBi2Te4 1
Observation of a neutral charmoniumlike state Zc(4025)0 in e+e- → (D*D¯*)0π0 1
Observation of a neutral structure near the DD¯* mass threshold in e+e− → (DD¯*)0π0 at √s = 4.226 and 4.257 GeV 1
Observation of an anomalous line shape of the η′π+π−mass spectrum near the pp mass threshold in J/ψ→γη′π+π− 1
Observation of an excited Bc± meson state with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation of e+e- →ηhc at center-of-mass energies from 4.085 to 4.600 GeV 1
Observation of hc Radiative Decay hc → γη' and Evidence for hc → γη 1
Observation of J/ψ→p¯pa0(980) at BESIII 1
Observation of long-range elliptic azimuthal anisotropies in √s = 13 TeV and 2.76 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector 1
Observation of partial wave resonances in low-energy O2-H 2 inelastic collisions 1
Observation of single-spin Dirac fermions at the graphene/ferromagnet interface 1
Observation of the Dalitz decay η' → γe+e- 1
Observation of the decay Λc+→Σ−π+π+π0 1
Observation of the doubly radiative decay η' → γγπ0 1
Observation of the electromagnetic doubly OZI-suppressed decay J/ψ → фπ0 1
Observation of the isospin-violating decay J /ψ →φπ0f0 (980) 1
Observation of the singly Cabibbo-suppressed decay D+ → ωπ+ and evidence for D0 → ωπ0 1
Observation of top-quark pair production in association with a photon and measurement of the tt¯γ production cross section in pp collisions at √s =7 TeV using the ATLAS detector 1
Observation of η’ → ωe+e− 1
Observation of Λc+ →nK0Sπ+ 1
Observation of ψ (3686) →e+e-χcJ and χcJ →e+e-J /ψ 1
Observationes politicae super nuperis Galliae motibus 1
Observationes politicae. Svper nvperis Galliae motibvs 1
Observations sur quelques lettres ecrites au cardinal Mazarin, et par le cardinal Mazarin 1
Observations svr qvelqves lettres ecrites av cardinal Mazarin, et par le cardinal Mazarin 1
Obsidian as a commodity to investigate human migrations in the Upper Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Paleometal of Northeast Asia 1
The obstacle detection on a way of mobile robot with a video camera 1
Obtaining materials based on a lactide-glycolide copolymer for the neogenesis of blood vessels 1
Obtaining of biodegradable polylactide films and fibers filled hydroxyapatite for medical purposes 1
Obtaining of porous composites based on hydroxyapatite and copolymers of lactide and glycolide 1
Obtaining of sodium glyoxylate from oxidation products of glyoxal 1
Obtaining of V - 4Ti - 4Cr alloys, solving method at temperers 1600 - 1800 °C 1
Obtaining the optimal order quantities through asymptotic distributions of the stockout duration and demand 1
Obtainment of cold-curing resin based on acetone and formaldehyde 1
Occasional compound word of James Joyce: characteristics and translation 1
Occupation and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Minsk tractor plant workers 1
Occupational exposure to metals and other elements in the tractor production 1
October celebrations in Siberia during the Great Patriotic war: a commemorative aspect 1
October celebrations in the administrative centers of Eastern Siberia: a commemorative aspect (1920-1945) 1
Octomap: construction of 3D cards with unmanned flying vehicle 1
Octomap: построение 3D карт беспилотными летательными аппаратами 1
Ode au roi sur les mouvements arrivés à Paris au commencement de l'année 1649 en suite de l'enlèvement fait de Sa Majesté par le cardinal Mazarin 1
Ode au roy. Sur les mouvemens arrivez à Paris, au commencement de l'année 1649. en suite de l'enlevement fait de Sa Majesté, par le cardinal Mazarin 1
Ode av roy. Svr les movvemens arriuez à Paris, au commencement de l'année 1649. en suite de l'enleuement fait de sa Maiesté, par le cardinal Mazarin 1
Ode royal et pacifique dediee au roy et a monseigneur le duc d'Anjou 1
Ode royal et pacifiqve dediee av roy et a monseignevr le dvc d'Aniov 1
Odour description in the aspect of polymodal perception 1
Of the possibility of ecological tourism in republic of Khakassia 1
Off-axis holographic laser speckle contrast imaging of blood vessels in tissues 1
Official explanations of fiscal bodies about the certainty of taxation 1
Oil and gas in Tomsk region as resource of development of industrial tourism 1
Oil contamination of the Ob basin 1
Oil products. Intra annual course and longterm fluctuations of concentration of oil products in the Tom rivers and Oba 1
Oirotia - Gorny Altai: a national project in early Soviet literature (Mountains by V. Ya. Zazubrin) 1
The old believer singing books of znamenny notation in the funds of Tomsk Regional Museum of Local History named after M.B. Schatilov and its affiliates 1
Old traditions in Chinese holidays 1
Old Turkic graves with signs of primary raw horn processing in the south-west of the Altai 1
Old-believers and Soviet reality of the middle of XX century: materials of Tomsk State University Research Library 1
OLED - органические светодиоды 1
Oligochaetes in the water ecosystems of Western Siberia 1
Olympic education at physical culture universities based on anthropic education technologies 1
Ombustion of the solid propellant with addition of aluminum powder under an acceleration load 1
On a family of non-affine models of the term structure of yield 1
On a quadratic model of yield term structure 1
On a quantization of the classical θ-functions 1
On a question of the information technology construction based on self-learning medicine intelligent system 1
On a record of Choristoderes (Diapsida, Choristodera) from the Lower Cretaceous of Western Siberia 2
On a role of seasonally flooded forests in methane cycle 1
On a semi-superwized graph clustering problem 1
On a tandem queue with retrials and losses and state dependent arrival, service and retrial rates 1
On abelian groups having all proper fully invariant subgroups isomorphic 1
On adaptation of digraph local primitiveness conditions and local exponent estimations 1
On adaptive estimation using a prior guess 1
On adaptive optimal prediction of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process 1
On almost (para)complex Cayley structures on spheres S2,4 and S3,3 1
On almost nilpotent varieties of anticommutative metabelian algebras 1
On an algorithm for calculating optimal strategies on an infinite time interval 1
On an extremal problem for nonoverlapping domains 1
On an invariant for the problem of underdetermined data decomposing 1
On APF test for Poisson process with shift and scale parameters 1

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