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N2-broadening coefficients of CH3CN rovibrational lines and their temperature dependence for the Earth and Titan atmospheres 1
The names of Rusin holidays as the evidence of linguistic and ethnocultural specificity of the nation 1
Nanodipoles of partial disclinations in the region of localized elastic distortions 1
Nanosecond triggering for sealed-off cold cathode thyratrons with a trigger unit based on an auxiliary glow discharge 1
Nanostructural states in Nb-Al mechanocomposite after conbined deformation treatment 1
Nanostructured titanium-based materials for medical implants: Modeling and development 1
Nanostructuring of the surface layers of construction materiaks and nanostructured coating deposition 1
Nanotechnology and nanometrology in Russian. Problems and progress 1
Narodnost and the state in the slavophile doctrine (1840s–1880s) 1
Narration of emotions as an element of the cognitive system of the documentary 1
Narymsky museum of political exile. History of creation and formation 1
Nasal aerodynamics protects brain and lung from inhaled dust in subterranean diggers Ellobius talpinus 1
National chinese cuisine 1
National identity in new media 1
National interest and personal responsibility in Hannah Arendt’s "Eichmann in Jerusalem" 1
National parks of Siberia and ecological tourism 1
National pedagogical traditions of physical education discipline in foreign universities: comparative aspect 1
The national, the imperial, the colonial as a factor of private life: V. A. Zhukovsky's epistle "To Voeikov" 1
The national-cultural component in the semantics of words and ways of presenting it in a database of pragmatically marked vocabulary 1
Native oxide nanocrystals formation on the GaSe(001) cleaved surface 1
Natural and chemotherapy-induced clonal evolution of tumors 2
Natural and cultural-historical potential national parks of Siberia 1
The natural and recreational potential of national parks of Russia 1
Natural coal fires in the Kuznetsk Coal Basin: geologic causes, climate, and age 1
Natural convection coupled with thermal radiation in a square porous cavity having a heated plate inside 1
Natural convection in a cubical porous cavity saturated with nanofluid using Tiwari and Das 1
Natural convection in a horizontal cylindrical annulus filled with a porous medium saturated by a nanofluid using Tiwari and Das 1
Natural convection in a square cavity filled with a porous medium saturated with a nanofluid using the thermal nonequilibrium model with a Tiwari and Das 1
Natural convection in a trapezoidal cavity filled with a micropolar fluid under the effect of a local heat source 1
Natural convection in a wavy open porous cavity filled with a nanofluid: Tiwari and Das' nanofluid model 1
Natural convection in a wavy porous cavity with sinusoidal temperature distributions on both side walls filled with a nanofluid: Buongiorno 1
Natural convection of micropolar fluid in a wavy differentially heated cavity 1
Natural convective heat transfer and nanofluid flow in a cavity with top wavy wall and corner heater 1
The natural factors promoting development of medical and improving tourism in the Tomsk region 1
Natural heritage as a factor of development scientific tourism in the arhipelago of Franz Josef Land 1
Natural Materials and Their Synthetic Analogs: The Experience of the Kola Nanomaterials Research Centre 1
Natural motives in Buryat ornaments 1
Naturalized alien flora of the world: species diversity, taxonomic and phylogenetic patterns, geographic distribution and global hotspots of plant invasion 1
Nature of Electron Excited States and Energy Transfer in Bichromofore Coumarin Molecules 1
The nature of ethnic policy in the PRC during the Period of destruction (1957-1978) 1
Nature of immunity, pathologies, including biominerals 1
The nature of island-arc dacites: case study of pumices of the Vetrovoy isthmus large-volume caldera eruption (Iturup Island, Kurile Islands) 1
Nature of the scalar-isoscalar mesons in the uniformizing-variable method based on analyticity and unitarity 1
Nature that is thawing before our eyes: the diary of the second International Aktru Summer School in the Altai Mountains 1
Near-field interaction of closed cells for metamaterial creation 1
Near-field interference microwave diagnostics 1
Near-resonant rotational energy transfer in HCl–H2 inelastic collisions 1
Necessary conditions for effective interaction and supplementary education and the implementation of cooperation with universities and public organizations 1
Necessary optimality condition in one discrete control problem from nondifferentiable control cost 1
Necessary optimality conditions in the one boundary control problem for Qoursat-Darboux systems 1
The necessity of legislative regulation for the institute of tax consultation 1
Necessity of revising the approach to developing the gender of the robot in social robotics 1
The necessity to organize learner autonomy in the process of acquiring foreign language 1
Need a creative solution? Go for a walk, says science 1
Negative refraction and Fermat’s princnple 1
The Nelson-Siegel-Svensson yields. Probability properties and estimation 1
Neo-industrial base of network social prosperity in the Russian economy 1
Netocracy - the illusion of power? 1
Netoкратия - иллюзия власти? 1
Network interaction of higher education institutions as factor of improvement of quality educational programs 1
Network model of university television 1
A neural network measurement of the level and pace of global economic and technological development 1
Neurogenesis of adult brain in ischemic lesions: research perspectives 1
Neurometabolic effect of altaian fungus Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi Mushroom) in rats under moderate alcohol consumption 1
Neurophysiological patterns of search and creative behavior in patients with psychoactive substance-induced disorders 1
Neuropsychological and neuroimaging markers in prediction of cognitive impairment after ischemic stroke: a prospective follow-up study 1
Neuropsychological assessment of compensatory response to cognitive impairment in aging at chronic cerebral ischemia 1
Neutralisation as a derivational mechanism of the dialogical text genesis 1
Neutrino interaction with background matter in a non-inertial frame 1
Neutrino interaction with matter in a noninertial frame 1
New "fairy tales of Europe" told by russian anthropologists 1
A new ab initio potential energy surface for the collisional excitation of HCN by para- and ortho-H2 1
A new ab initio potential energy surface for the collisional excitation of N 2H+by H2 1
A new ab initio potential energy surface for the collisional excitation of O2 by H2 1
New ab initio potential energy surfaces for the ro-vibrational excitation of OH(X2Π) by He 1
New and rare alien species for the Republic of Khakassia 1
New class of bicyclic compounds derived from thiobarbituric acid with representative compound 1,3-diethyl-7-hydroxy-5,5,7-trimethyl-2-thioxo-1,2,3,5,6,7-hexahydro-4H-pyrano[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-one. Preparation, crystal structure, mass spectrometry and IR spectroscopy 1
The new concept of knowledge production in technoscience 1
New consumer services provided by smart metering 1
New data on geochemistry of ongonites 1
New data on middle and late Albian foraminifera and biostratigraphy of the northern palaeobiogeographical district of western Siberia 1
New data on mineralogy of Delbek Ti-Nb mineralization (Kyrgyzstan) 1
New data on the family Blaberidae (Dictyoptera) from Southeast Asia: new species, morphological diversity and phylogeny on the base of ribosomal DNA sequences 1
New data on the geological structure of the field Yuzik (Northern Khakassia) 1
A new DBD-driven atmospheric pressure plasma jet source on air or nitrogen 1
New design of cutters for coal mining machines 1
New findings of ectoparasites of bats (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) of South Siberia 1
New fluorinated 1,2-diaminoarenes, quinoxalines, 2,1,3-arenothia(selena)diazoles and related compounds 1
New generation of two-dimensional spintronic systems realized by coupling of Rashba and Dirac fermions 1
New Holocene refugia of giant deer (Megaloceros giganteus Blum.) in Siberia: updated extinction patterns 1
A new insight into the dipole-quadrupole and dipole-octupole polarizabilities of CCl4 from ab initio calculations and anisotropic light scattering experiment 1
New insight into the history of domesticated apple: secondary contribution of the European wild apple to the genome of cultivated varieties 1
New insights into aromatic pathways of carbachlorins and carbaporphyrins based on calculations of magnetically induced current densities 1
A new instrument of legal regulation of the status of participants in criminal proceedings 1
New luminophors based on the binuclear helicates of d-METALS with BIS(DIPYRRIN)S 1
New materials based on polylactide modified with silver and carbon ions 1
New media: technological design of forms and boundaries of cultural experience 1
New method of spectral analysis of human hair 1
A new mineral species rossovskyite, (Fe3+,Ta)(Nb,Ti)O4: crystal chemistry and physical properties 1
A new model of a "significant adult" in the intra-family relationships (based on modern Russian prose for children and young adults) 1

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