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A M(2)|M(2)|1 retrial queueing system with r-persistent exclusion of alternative customers 1
M-learning prospects: educational usage of mobile devices 1
The Maasai of Tanzania: problems of sustainable development in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area 1
Macrophage and tumor cell responses to repetitive pulsed X-ray radiation 1
Macrophage responses to implants: prospects for personalized medicine 1
Macrophages in immunopathology of atherosclerosis a target for diagnostics and therapy 1
Macroscopic model of formation of the domain of multiple filamentation in glass and water 1
Macrosegmentation and strain hardening stages in copper single crystals under compression 1
Macrozoobenthos diversity of the Middle Ob river tributaries 1
Magazine "Slavic century" on the situation of the Ruthenians of Galicia in the late XIX – early XX centuries 1
The magmatic history of the West European Variscan Belt. Pulsated vs. continuous magmatic events 1
Magnesium isotopes in permafrost-dominated Central Siberian larch forest watersheds 1
Magnetic field effect on the unsteady natural convection in a right-angle trapezoidal cavity filled with a nanofluid: Buongiorno's mathematical model 1
Magnetic field instability in a neutron star driven by the electroweak electron-nucleon interaction versus the chiral magnetic effect 1
Magnetic fluctuations in topological insulators with ordered magnetic adatoms: Cr on Bi2Se3 from first principle 1
A magnetic induction introscope for flaw detection of metal objects 1
Magnetic interactions in NiO at ultrahigh pressure 1
Magnetic proximity effect at the three-dimensional topological insulator/magnetic insulator interface 1
Magnetic proximity effect in the three-dimensional topological insulator/ferromagnetic insulator heterostructure 1
Magnetic resonance imaging of the labeled cells in central neural system 1
Magnetic response to applied electrostatic field in external magnetic field 1
Magnetic structure of nanosized ferromagnetic particle depending on external parameters 1
Magnetic susceptibility tensor of the composite material consisting of single-domain magnetic particles with uniaxial magnetic anisotropy 1
Magnetism and dynamic stability of Co, Fe and Cr mononitrides from first principle calculations 1
Magnetohydrodynamics flow of a nanofluid driven by a stretching/shrinking sheet with suction 1
Magnetron deposition of protective coatings on the basis of Si-Al-N on glasses of windows of space vehicles 1
Main characteristics of the information on terroristic acts both in American and Russian press 1
The main conceptual approaches to the development of tolerance in intercultural environment 1
The main features of beijing opera 1
Main routes of ethanol conversion under aerobic/anaerobic conditions over ag-containing zirconium phosphate catalyst 1
Main trends in the development of theological education in Siberia in the 18th - early 20th centuries 1
Major trends in Russian coal industry in the late 20th – early 21st centuries 1
Making of professional and personal qualities of successful fresh specialist in spheres of advertising and public relations and creating its professiogram 1
Male reproductive cycle of the Siberian salamander Salamandrella keyserlingii (Caudata: Hynobiidae) in coastal tundra of the Sea of Okhotsk 1
Malleus maleficarum 1
Malokultayga massif of Mountain Shoria: general characteristic, petrogeochemical features 1
Mammal remains from the Lower Cretaceous Bol 1
Managing recruitment process. a case study of a Tomsk retailing business 1
Manganese catalysts to obtain olefins from C1-C4 alkanes 1
Manias, Chris. Race, Science and the Nation: Reconstructing the Ancient Past in Britain, France and Germany, 1800-1914. London & New York: Taylor and Francis, 2013. 302 p. ISBN 978-0-415-83299-1 1
Manifestation of civilization of the right in harmonization of rights and duties of citizens - owners of the general property in apartment houses, security of their realization when carrying out capital repairs 1
Manifestation of good faith at stages of obligation formation and fulfilment 1
Manifeste pour Messieurs de Parlement contre Jules Mazarin perturbateur du repos public, ennemi du roi & de son État. Exortant tous les bons Français de suivre & protéger ceux qui n'ont point d'autre dessein de remettre le Roi dans son authorité accotumée par la décision de Points qui font le service du roi le bien public & l'exemption de la tyrannie 1
Manifeste pour messieurs de Parlement Contre Jules Mazarin perturbateur du repos public, ennemy du roy & de son Estat. Exortant tous les bons François de suivre & proteger ceux qui n'ont point d'autre dessein de remettre le Roy dans son authorité accoustumée par la descision de Poincts qui font le service du roy le bien public & l'exemption de la tirranie 1
Manifeste povr messievrs de Parlement Contre Iules Mazarin Perturbateur du repos public, ennemy du Roy & de son Estat. Exortant tous les bons François de suyure & proteger Ceux qui n'ont point d'autre dessein de remettre le Roy dans son authorité accoustumée par la descision de Poincts qui font le seruice du Roy le bien Public & l'exemption de la Tirranie 1
Manipulating the topological interface by molecular adsorbates: adsorption of co-phthalocyanine on Bi2Se3 1
A mantle plume origin for the Palaeoproterozoic Circum-Superior Large Igneous Province 1
Mantle sources and conditions for the cambrian oib-magma generation of the Gorny Altai 1
Manuel du bon citoyen, ou Bouclier de défense légitime, contre les assauts de l’ennemi 1
Manvel dv bon citoyen, ov Bovclier de defense legitime, Contre les assauts de l'Ennemy 1
Many-body effects on the Rashba-type spin splitting in bulk bismuth tellurohalides 1
Many-body interactions and Rashba splitting of the surface state on Cu(110) 1
Map of mafic dyke swarms and related units of Russia and adjacent regions, and implications for continental reconstructions 1
Mapping landscapes of Olkhon island using GIS 1
Mapping of West Siberian wetland complexes using landsat imagery: implications for methane emissions 1
Marginality as a way of man’s being in the world: metaphysical justification of contemporary cultural conflicts 1
Marina Tsvetaeva’s literary prose: poetics against the background of tradition 1
Markers and the effects of information anomie in political communication 1
Market analysis mobile application promotion 1
The market of works of art in Russia: key concepts of research 1
Martensite aging - Avenue to new high temperature shape memory alloys 1
Martensite stabilization in shape memory alloys - Experimental evidence for short-range ordering 1
Martensite stabilization under loading in ferromagnetic single crystals of CoNiAl alloy 1
Marxist social theory and the instituonalization of film studies in Great Britain 1
Mass enhancement parameter in free-standing ultrathin Pb(111) films: The effect of spin-orbit coupling 1
Mass media tests: socio-cultural aspect (based on advertising texts) 1
Massive open online courses: the new vector in classical university education 1
Material composition of embriozems developing on dumps of iron ore deposits in the south of Western Siberia 1
Materialien zur flora des gouvernements Perm. 3
Materials of correspondence conferences as a means of scientific communication 1
Materials which absorb electromagnetic radiation for protection from deleterious effect of a mobile phone 1
The maternity rite of ukrainian rural population in the south of Western Siberia in the late 19th–20th centuries 1
MathCAD Plus 6. 0 PRO : [описание интерфейса, графики, функции. Программирование. Приемы моделирования] : учебное пособие 1
Mathematical investigation of tsunami-like long waves interaction with submerge dike of different thickness 1
Mathematical model and calculation of the unsteady combustion rate of the metallized solid rocket propellants 1
Mathematical model and computational method for investigation of a river stream 1
Mathematical model of a two-stage process of laser fragmentation of nitrocompound molecules and subsequent laser-induced fluorescence of characteristic fragments 1
Mathematical model of a type M/M/1/∞ queueing system with request rejection: a retail facility case study 1
Mathematical model of cellular transport network self-organization and functioning 1
A mathematical model of metallized solid propellant combustion under the changing pressure 1
A mathematical model of particle–particle interaction for discrete element based modeling of deformation and fracture of heterogeneous elastic–plastic materials 1
Mathematical model of the aircraft movement outside the atmosphere 1
The mathematical model of the chevron-arch gearing transmitter 1
The mathematical model of the multilayer circular waveguides 1
The mathematical model of the process of fluorination of tungsten 1
Mathematical model of the stress-strain state of an elastic cylindrical body with a porous filler 1
Mathematical modeling and simulation of reconfigurable computing environments 1
Mathematical modeling of a river stream based on a shallow water approach 1
Mathematical modeling of combustion of H powder with micron-sized aluminum in the force field 1
Mathematical Modeling of Crown Forest Fire Spread 1
Mathematical modeling of filtration of liquid through layer of bulk filter 1
Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer in a thermal protection coating with gas flow fluctuations 1
Mathematical modeling of inductive heating ensembles of light-wall cylindrical conductors by axial magnetic field 2
Mathematical modeling of metallized solid rocket propellant combustion taking into account processes in gas phase 1
Mathematical modeling of multilayer composite solid-phase synthesis taking into account the reactive layer melting 1
Mathematical modeling of the preparation of the working fluid to the compressor in the composition of the gas turbine plant 1
Mathematical modeling of the pulsar radiation 1
Mathematical modeling of the wood ignition proce 1
Mathematical modelling of an arch tooth surface as an envelope 1
Mathematical modelling of methane-air combustion in a channel with a porous axial insert 1

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