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A M(2)|M(2)|1 retrial queueing system with r-persistent exclusion of alternative customers 1
M-learning prospects: educational usage of mobile devices 1
M. A. Balugyansky's reformmative ideas and politics: to the 250th anniversary of his birth 1
M. A. Kachkovskii - patriot and patron 1
M. A. Polumordvinov as orientalist and collector (based on materials of the Tomsk regional museum and TSU Scientific library) 1
M. N. Germanova’s My Treasure Casket as a memory archive 1
M. N. Katkov as the director of the Lyceum of Crown Prince Nicholas 1
M2 cardiac macrophages in wound healing following myocardial infarction: translation to clinic 1
The Maasai of Tanzania: problems of sustainable development in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area 1
Macrokinetics of combustion of layered compositions with a low-melting inert layer 1
Macrophage activation and polarization in post-infarction cardiac remodeling 1
Macrophage and tumor cell responses to repetitive pulsed X-ray radiation 1
Macrophage polarization markers of blood monocytes in patients with breast cancer 1
Macrophage responses to implants: prospects for personalized medicine 1
Macrophage subsets and mesenchymal stem cells in regulation of bone tissue remodeling 1
Macrophages in immunopathology of atherosclerosis a target for diagnostics and therapy 1
Macroporous Ag/SiO2 composites for monolithic flow-through catalytic reactors 1
Macroscopic model of formation of the domain of multiple filamentation in glass and water 1
Macroscopic models for active control of friction and frictional actuators 1
Macrosegmentation and strain hardening stages in copper single crystals under compression 1
Macrozoobenthos diversity of the Middle Ob river tributaries 1
The "mad" scientist: the shadow side of scientific vocation? 1
"The Madonna with a veil" by Raphael Santi. Original. Copies. Imitations 1
Magazine "Slavic century" on the situation of the Ruthenians of Galicia in the late XIX – early XX centuries 1
The magazine "Socialist revolutionary" (1927-1932) as a historical source 1
The magazine "Voprosy strahovaniya" ("Issues of Insurance") (1922-1937): revival, editorial and authorial staff, and contribution into the study of the history of social (employee) insurance 1
The magician and the juggler in Nabokov's aesthetic and artistic frame (based on stories of the 1920s and the 1930s) 1
Magmatic and tectonic evolution of the southeast margin of the Siberian craton in ordovician 1
The magmatic history of the West European Variscan Belt. Pulsated vs. continuous magmatic events 1
Magna Carta from the Middle Ages to the early modern time. About John Baker’s book "Reinvention of Magna Carta 1216–1616". Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. XLIX + 570 p. 1
Magnesium isotopes in permafrost-dominated Central Siberian larch forest watersheds 1
Magnetic and optical properties of the iron oxide nanoparticles obtained via pulsed laser ablation 1
Magnetic effects on surface electronic structure of REY2Si2 1
Magnetic field effect on the unsteady natural convection in a right-angle trapezoidal cavity filled with a nanofluid: Buongiorno's mathematical model 1
Magnetic field instability in a neutron star driven by the electroweak electron-nucleon interaction versus the chiral magnetic effect 1
Magnetic field of conductive objects as superposition of elementary eddy currents and eddy current tomography 1
Magnetic fields in turbulent quark matter and magnetar bursts 1
Magnetic fluctuations in topological insulators with ordered magnetic adatoms: Cr on Bi2Se3 from first principle 1
Magnetic helicity evolution in a neutron star accounting for the Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly 1
Magnetic helicity in plasma of chiral fermions electroweakly interacting with inhomogeneous matter 1
A magnetic induction introscope for flaw detection of metal objects 1
Magnetic interactions in NiO at ultrahigh pressure 1
Magnetic pole as produced by a point-like electriccharge embedded in constant-field background 1
Magnetic properties and structural characteristics of BaFe12O19 hexaferrites synthesized by the zol-gel combustion 1
Magnetic properties of metal-organic coordination networks based on 3d transition metal atoms 1
Magnetic properties of plastically deformed nickel-titanium alloy 1
Magnetic properties of soft magnetic alloys 5BDSR and 82K3HSR 1
Magnetic proximity effect at the three-dimensional topological insulator/magnetic insulator interface 1
Magnetic proximity effect in the three-dimensional topological insulator/ferromagnetic insulator heterostructure 1
Magnetic Resonance (MR) rectography in diagnostics of small-size rectal neoplasms 1
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with retrograde intralumen contrast enhancement of the rectum in diagnostics of rectovaginal fistulas after combination therapy of rectal cancer. Experience of application 1
Magnetic resonance imaging of the labeled cells in central neural system 1
Magnetic response from constant backgrounds to Coulomb sources 1
Magnetic response to applied electrostatic field in external magnetic field 1
Magnetic structure of nanosized ferromagnetic particle depending on external parameters 1
Magnetic suceptibility of materials of the Dy-In-O system 1
Magnetic susceptibility tensor of the composite material consisting of single-domain magnetic particles with uniaxial magnetic anisotropy 1
Magnetism and dynamic stability of Co, Fe and Cr mononitrides from first principle calculations 1
Magnetite hollow microspheres with a broad absorption bandwidth of 11.9 GHz: toward promising lightweight electromagnetic microwave absorption 1
Magneto-optic conductivity and transport properties of bilayer graphenes in the external fields with broken symmetry of the ground state 1
Magneto-spin-orbit graphene: interplay between exchange and spin-orbit couplings 1
Magneto-transport in inverted HgTe quantum wells 1
Magnetocrystalline anisotropy and spinorientation phase transitions of Co2Z hexaferrite doped with Ti4+ and Zn2+ ions 1
Magnetocrystalline anisotropy of the multiphase samples of the hexaferrites Ba2Ni2-xCuxFe12O22 studied by the ferromagnetic resonance method 1
Magnetohydrodynamic in partially heated square cavity with variable properties: Discrepancy in experimental and theoretical conductivity correlations 1
Magnetohydrodynamics flow of a nanofluid driven by a stretching/shrinking sheet with suction 1
Magnetron deposition of protective coatings on the basis of Si-Al-N on glasses of windows of space vehicles 1
Magnetron sputtering of Si-Al-N nanocomposite coatings on quartz for protection against impacts of high speed microparticles 1
Main activities of the European Union in the sphere of culture and their hierarchy 1
The main approaches to chronological problems of the military revolution theory in modern English-language and Russian studies 1
The main approaches to the content and organization of civic education and upbringing 1
The main arguments of Counter-Enlightenment 1
Main characteristics of the information on terroristic acts both in American and Russian press 1
The main conceptual approaches to the development of tolerance in intercultural environment 1
The main directions of archiving informatization in the context of electronic society development 1
The main events of the Russo-Japanese war in coverage "Frankfurter Zeitung" newspaper 1
The main factors of republican state languages vitality (on the material of Kabardian and Balkar languages) 1
The main features of beijing opera 1
The main features of issue and circulation of exchange bonds in the Russian Federation 1
The main features of the near lunar object’s dynamics 1
Main indicators of criminological recidivism in condemnation without detention 1
The main policy directions in the sphere of small and medium-sized enterprises’ development in Taiwan in 2010-2016 1
Main routes of ethanol conversion under aerobic/anaerobic conditions over ag-containing zirconium phosphate catalyst 1
Main scientific fields of modern English-language historiography of the Thirty Years’ War history 1
The main stages of development of the cryptographic protocols SSL/TLS and IPsec 1
The main stages of the Jewish population’s growth in the territories of Kemerovo Region 1
Main stages of the paleozoic alkaline magmatism in the Western CAOB: isotope age and geochemistry of plutonic rocks according the periodic mantle plumes activity 1
Main strategies of plant expression system glycoengineering for producing humanized recombinant pharmaceutical proteins 2
Main trends in the development of theological education in Siberia in the 18th - early 20th centuries 1
The main trends of ornamental design in modern book publishing 1
Major and trace elements in suspended matter of western Siberian rivers: First assessment across permafrost zones and landscape parameters of watersheds 1
Major concepts of politeness in modern linguopragmatics: principle of politeness of G. Leech 1
Major subjects of Siberian regional history in Anglo-American scientific periodicals 1
Major trends in Russian coal industry in the late 20th – early 21st centuries 1
Making of professional and personal qualities of successful fresh specialist in spheres of advertising and public relations and creating its professiogram 1
Male reproductive cycle in a population of the common lizard Zootoca vivipara (Squamata, Lacertidae) from southeast of Western Siberia 1
Male reproductive cycle of the Siberian salamander Salamandrella keyserlingii (Caudata: Hynobiidae) in coastal tundra of the Sea of Okhotsk 1
Malicious disobedience to the requirements of a correctional facility administration: problems of interpretation, liability and security in detention facilities 1
Malleus maleficarum 1
Malokultayga massif of Mountain Shoria: general characteristic, petrogeochemical features 1

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