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K-pop cover dance и сетевое поколение: влияние и формы реализации на сцене и в жизни 1
k-вполне транзитивность однородно разложимых групп 1
k-вполне транзитивные абелевы группы без кручения : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.01.06. 1
K-плоскости в n-мерно упорядоченных группах 1
K-транзитивность одного класса блочных преобразований 1
K. M. Golodnikov – critic, author and editor of "Tobolsk provincial sheets" 1
K. Marx and A. A. Bogdanov about revolution in Russia 1
K. Pavlova – tranlsator of W. Scott’spoetry 1
Kai Donner: Linguist, ethnographer, photographer. Donner Joakim & Juha Janhunen (eds.), Peter Sandberg (photo ed.). Helsinki: Société Finno-Ougrienne, National Board of Antiquities, 2014. 175 p. (Travaux ethnographiques de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 21) 1
Kaizen system - Japanese strategy of improvements 1
Kalman filtering in the problem of noise reduction in the absorption spectra of exhaled air 1
Kalmyk art: local style of the Buddhist iconografy 1
Kamchatka soils provinces distinguishing by the composition and age of volcanic ashes on which they are formed 1
Kantian linguistic tradition in Peter Strawson's philosophy of language 1
Karate classes as a means of motor and psychomotor training for preschool children 1
Karst area of Kokuya mountain (Altai Mountains) 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de l'Announciation. Blakovestchensky : (17 septembre 1839) 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de St. Pierre et St. Paul : 13 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Dôme de Nikolskoï. Dans le Gostinnoi-dwor (Grand Bazar) : 10 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Entrée par les Moulins et la Kasanka, : 16 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. La Forteresse. Côté de la Kasanka 1
Kasan. Monastère de Saint-Jean-Baptiste : (15 septembre 1839) 1
Kasan. Ruines du Palais tatare et tour de Soumbecka : interieur de la forteresse (18 septembre 1839) 1
The Kashpar cambrian-ordovik gabbro-diorite-quartzmontsodiorite-syenite complex - new petrography department on the Eastern slope of the Kuznetsk Alatau 1
Kasten, Erich (Hg.) Reisen an den Rand des Russischen Reiches: Die wissenschaftliche Erschließung der nordpazifischen Küstengebiete im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Fürstenberg/ Havel: Kulturstiftung Sibirien, 2013. – 320 pp., 9 Farbabbildungen. ISBN: 978-3-942883-16-0 : рецензия на книгу 1
The Kazakh steppe of the Orenburg Department in the regional policy of the Russian Empire in the 19th century 1
Kazakhstan education in the context of globalization 1
Kazakhstan model of ethno-confessional consent 1
The keeper who put the Khanty of the Vasyugan on the map 1
Keeping pagan sanctuaries in ancient Russia: facts against myths 1
Kenmotsu manifolds with a zero curvature distribution 1
Kennzeichen der Mündlichkeit in den schriftlichen Aushängen (im Russischen im Vergleich zum Deutschen) 1
The Ket shaman drums from the Kunstkamera and the Ethnographic Museum of the Kazan University 1
The Kets and their culture. Research problems in the 20th–21st centuries (the statement of the problem) 1
Key areas of education according to V. Sukhomlinsky, and their significance for modern professional education 1
Key eye movement measures in Russian-Chinese and Chinese-Russian bilingual reading 1
Key features and strategies for interpreting ‘buffo’ phenomena in screenplay translation 1
Key ingredients of the alkali atom – metal surface interaction: chemical bonding versus spectral properties 1
Key problems in the labor market of the youth of Tomsk 1
Key role of elastic vortices in the initiation of intersonic shear cracks 1
Key tendencies of triolet evolution in the russian poetry of the 18th–21st centuries 1
The key to the future: predictive meanings of political metaphor (based on British texts about Russia of the Great Patriotic War period) 1
Keyword as a tool for linguistic and cultural analysis of paremia 1
Khakas ethnos as of tourist interest 1
Khanty consonants of the second articulation range (physical data) 1
The Kharkov researcher of Kazakhstan antiquities (about Semen Semenov-Zuser) 1
"Khitryy" and "khitar" in the linguistic consciousness of native speakers of cognate languages (on the Russian and Serbian language material) 1
Khlebnikov and Sukhovo-Kobylin. On the problem of the textology of Russian cosmism 1
The Khotin uprising: causes and consequences 1
Khowledge transformation: digital technology and family psychology 1
Kim Il Song’s birthday as a part of DPRK ideology 1
Kinematic identification of the angular power distribution and the linear polarization of radiation of an arbitrarily moving charge 1
Kinematics of a power-law fluid flow in a pipe with a varying cross section 1
Kinematics of the fountain flow during pipe filling with a power-law fluid 1
Kinesiological physical education model for preschoolers 1
Kinetic approach to the development of computational dynamic models for brittle solids 1
Kinetic features of l-lactide production by catalytic depolimerization of oligomers of l-lactic acid 1
Kinetic investigation on the smouldering combustion of boreal peat 1
Kinetic model for UV/H2O2 degradation of 8-methoxypsoralen 1
Kinetic study of photodegradation 2,4-d by photoreactor based on KrCl exilamp 1
Kinetics of destruction of disperse systems ion-covalent compounds MexCy, MexOy in different types machining 1
Kinetics of formation and propagation of steps on the sidewalls of nanowires: the role of the Ehrlich-Schwoebel barrier 1
Kinetics of optical properties of colorectal muscle during optical clearing 1
Kinetics of rat skin optical clearing at topical application of 40%glucose: ex vivo and in vivo studies 1
Kinetics of second layer nucleation with permeable steps 1
Kinetics of the active medium of a copper vapor brightness amplifier 1
Kinetics of the coefficient of friction of elastomers 1
Kinetics of two-dimensional island nucleation on reconstructed surfaces 1
King Haakon V’s privilege to Hamburg from the manuscript collection of the Tomsk State University Research Library 1
The Kingdom of Cambodia as a unique tourism product to the Russian tourist market 1
"The kingdom of dream" by Igor Severyanin: a utopia or a parody? 1
The Kizhi island in Russian literature of the Khrushchev thaw 1
Knowledge acceptance by an extended mind in the information society conditions 1
Knowledge as a virus: principles of metaphorical transfer 1
Knowledge management as a strategy for the administration of education in the research university 1
Knowledge of ignorance in epistemic puzzles 1
"Knowledge vendors" and "alms-askers": studying scientific and political discourse in Anglo-American and Russian socio-humanities 1
Knowmad Society 1
Kolchak coup d'état in coverage of Russian memoirs 1
Kolmogorov goodness -of -fit test for S-symmetric distributions in climate and weather modeling 1
Kolmogorov goodness-of-fit test for S-symmetric distributions in climate and weather modeling 1
The Komi-Permyak mythological lexis and phraseology as an object of lexicographic description 1
Konovnitzin, Lieutenant-General-Adjudant 1
Konstantin Aksakov on the role of poetry in the spiritual life of a person 1
The Korean question: strategic significance for Russia 1
Kostroma toponymic legends as a source of information about toponymy and the realia reflected in it 1
Kostroma. Intérieur de l'église du monastère de la S.te Trinité : (23 septembre 1839) 1
Koulneff General Major 1
Koutaisoff General Major 1
Kritische Überlegungen zur deutschen Sprachenpolitik der Gegenwart in Russland 1
Kronstadt. Entrée de la rade : (13 juin 1839) 1
Kulunda plain origin 1
Kurdish question in the Middle East policy of the administration of J. Carter in 1979-1980 1
The Kuznetsk Tatars' bloomery complexes from site Sharton 1 1
Kyoto model of entrepreneurship 1
The Kyoto Protocol in the context of global environmental problems 1
Kyrgyzstan state policy regarding enterpreneurship and its withdrawal to the markets of the EAEU 1
L' arrest du Conseil d'en-haut, prononcé par le prophete royal David, contre Mazarin & les partisans 1
L' Entrée et la marche de l'armée de Monseigneur le duc d'Orleans, commandée par Monsieur le duc de Nemours avec la deffaite de quatre cent chevaux des troupes du duc d'Elbeuf. Et la posture du cardinal Mazarin à la Cour 1
L' Entrée et la marche De l'Armée de Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans, commandée par Monsieur le Duc de Nemours. Avec la deffaite de qvatre cent Cheuaux des Troupes du Duc d'Elbeuf. Et La Posture du Cardinal Mazarin à la Cour 1

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