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J. Perry’s qualia-phisicalism as an answer to the knowledge argument 1
Japan innovation system formation (1898-2016) 1
Japan Self-Defence Forces 1
Japanese traditional orchestra music: correlation between time and tembra 1
Japanese translation tradition 1
Japan’s oda cooperation with ASEAN countries 1
Japan’s policy in Central Asia (1992–2016) 1
Jarret Zigon. Making the new Post-Soviet person: moral experience in contemporary Moscow. Leiden: Boston Brill, 2010. 257 p. 1
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. The first evolutionary theory in light of new breakthroughs in biology 1
Jet energy measurement and its systematic uncertainty in proton-proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector 1
Jewelry atelier of Vasiliy Lipin at Ekaterinburg: forgotten heritage of Ural's jewelers 1
The Jewish theme in Soviet journalism. Subjective notes about time, authors and their heroes 1
The Jews' contribution to the pharmacy of a Siberian city in the second part of the 19th – early 20th centuries based on Tomsk archives 1
The Jigets: a great history of a small people 1
Jihadist terrorism as a counter-power: explication in the logic of Manuel Castells’ communication network concept 1
Jitter in geolocation data processing 1
Johanna domina Wallie 1
Johannes Steke an Dameke Vosser über den Versand von Tuch 1
John Dewey's educational philosophy: museum as an experimental platform 1
John Locke's thoughts about miracles in the commentaries of contemporary Western researchers 1
John's Stone: a possible fragment of the 1908 Tunguska meteorite 1
Joint effect of small additives of carbon nanoparticles of different morphologies on the mechanical characteristics of cross-linked polyurethanes under static and dynamic loads 1
Joint effect of ultrasonic vibrations and solid metal addition on the grain refinement of an aluminium alloy 1
Joint probability density of the intervals length of modulated semisynchronous integrated flow of events under the conditions of the constant dead time 1
Joint probabiliy density function of the interval duration between an adjacent events of the modulated synchronous flow in conditions of fixed dead time and recurrence conditions of the flow 1
Joint research of the northern hemisphere surface pressure and air temperature fields 1
A joint study of meteorological fields on the Asian territory of Russia 1
Jorge Luis Borges’s "La trama": evidence of intertextual interpretation 1
Journal "Free word: Carpatho-Russian monthly" as an important source on the history of Subcarpathian Rus in the inter-war period 1
Journal contenant ce qui se passe de plus remarquable en tout le royaume. Depuis le vendredy 11. jusques au vendredy 18. octobre, 1652 1
Journal de la Lettre de M. la princesse douairiere de Condé, presentée à la reyne regente. Contenant tous les moyens dont le cardinal Mazarin s'est servy pour empescher la paix, ruyner le parlement & le peuple de Paris; pour tâcher de perdre monsieur le duc de Beaufort, monsieur le coadjuteur, monsieur de Brousselles, & monsieur le president Charton; par l'assassinat supposè contre la personne de monseigneur le Prince, & pour la detention de messieurs les princes 1
Journal du siege de Guyse, depuis son commencement jusques à sa levée 1
Journal du siège de Guise, depuis son commencement jusques à sa levée 1
"The journal of the Moscow Patriarchate" as a source of the Mukachevo-Uzhgorod eparchy history in 1945–1955 1
Journal, contenant ce qui s'est fait et passé en la cour de parlement de Paris, toutes les chambres assemblées & autres lieux; sur le sujet des affaires du temps present és années 1648 & 1649 1
Journal, contenant ce qui s’est fait et passé en la cour de parlement de Paris, toutes les Chambres assemblées & autres lieux; sur le sujet des affaires du temps présent ès années 1648 & 1649 1
Journalism as a value in a digital environment 1
Journalism education evolution in view of communicative culture revolutionary changes 1
"Journalism school 2030": is the impossible possible? Strategic sessions on the issues of professional education at the Tomsk State University Faculty of journalism 1
Journalism studies: the subject-object field and the structure 1
A journalist in the discourse of media: determinism or position? (a case study of informational argument around Sergey Gurkin's interview with Svetlana Alexievich) 1
Judge as an independent participant of criminal proceedings 1
Judgment of the art plan of work in the course of its individual analysis 1
Judicial authority and its manifestation in criminal trials 1
Judicial control of the new religious movements: a historical overview and a sociological analysis 1
Judicial systems of the Swiss cantons of Aargau and Bern: a comparative-legal analysis 1
Judith Marquand. Development aid in Russia: Lessons from Siberia; with foreword by Lord Patten of Barnes CH, Chancellor of the University of Oxford and former European Commissioner. Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. 281 p. ISBN 978-0-230-23362-1 1
Jules l'Apostat 1
Jules l’appostat 1
Jumper technique preparatory phase excelling model for academic basketball 1
Junior rhythmic gymnasts’ jumping ability progress tests 1
Juridical community and the problem of Russia’s alcoholization at the turn of the 20th century (based on the material of all-Russian juridical periodicals) 1
Jurinea mongolica Maxim. (Asteraceae) – новый вид для флоры России 1
The jury verdict and social needs of society 1
Justes reproches de la France a monsieur le prince de Condé 1
Justice as a transcendental a priori of sociality: the economic component of modern social theory (on the example of Georg Simmel's "philosophical" sociology of fashion) 1
Justice of the peace in the Bessarabia province: a comparative analysis in the imperial context 1
Justification of a court decision as a component of a fair trial 1
Justification of choice of the spectral range for the study of combustion processes with the use of thermography in the middle IR range 1
Justification of the main pedagogical conditions of interactive teaching a foreign language in high school 1
Juvenile remains of the "woolly rhinoceros" Coelodonta antiquitatis (Blumenbach 1799) (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae) from the Tomsk Priob'e area (southeast Western Siberia) 1
Juvenilia : сборник студенческих и аспирантских работ : [тезисы докладов научно-практической конференции филологического факультета Томского государственного университета 1999 года]. Вып. 4 1
K-pop cover dance и сетевое поколение: влияние и формы реализации на сцене и в жизни 1
k-вполне транзитивность однородно разложимых групп 1
k-вполне транзитивные абелевы группы без кручения : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.01.06. 1
K-плоскости в n-мерно упорядоченных группах 1
K-транзитивность одного класса блочных преобразований 1
K. M. Golodnikov – critic, author and editor of "Tobolsk provincial sheets" 1
K. Marx and A. A. Bogdanov about revolution in Russia 1
K. Pavlova – tranlsator of W. Scott’spoetry 1
Kai Donner: Linguist, ethnographer, photographer. Donner Joakim & Juha Janhunen (eds.), Peter Sandberg (photo ed.). Helsinki: Société Finno-Ougrienne, National Board of Antiquities, 2014. 175 p. (Travaux ethnographiques de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 21) 1
Kaizen system - Japanese strategy of improvements 1
Kalman filtering in the problem of noise reduction in the absorption spectra of exhaled air 1
Kalmyk art: local style of the Buddhist iconografy 1
Kamchatka soils provinces distinguishing by the composition and age of volcanic ashes on which they are formed 1
Kantian linguistic tradition in Peter Strawson's philosophy of language 1
Karate classes as a means of motor and psychomotor training for preschool children 1
Karst area of Kokuya mountain (Altai Mountains) 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de l'Announciation. Blakovestchensky : (17 septembre 1839) 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de St. Pierre et St. Paul : 13 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Dôme de Nikolskoï. Dans le Gostinnoi-dwor (Grand Bazar) : 10 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Entrée par les Moulins et la Kasanka, : 16 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. La Forteresse. Côté de la Kasanka 1
Kasan. Monastère de Saint-Jean-Baptiste : (15 septembre 1839) 1
Kasan. Ruines du Palais tatare et tour de Soumbecka : interieur de la forteresse (18 septembre 1839) 1
The Kashpar cambrian-ordovik gabbro-diorite-quartzmontsodiorite-syenite complex - new petrography department on the Eastern slope of the Kuznetsk Alatau 1
Kasten, Erich (Hg.) Reisen an den Rand des Russischen Reiches: Die wissenschaftliche Erschließung der nordpazifischen Küstengebiete im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Fürstenberg/ Havel: Kulturstiftung Sibirien, 2013. – 320 pp., 9 Farbabbildungen. ISBN: 978-3-942883-16-0 : рецензия на книгу 1
The Kazakh steppe of the Orenburg Department in the regional policy of the Russian Empire in the 19th century 1
Kazakhstan education in the context of globalization 1
Kazakhstan model of ethno-confessional consent 1
The keeper who put the Khanty of the Vasyugan on the map 1
Keeping pagan sanctuaries in ancient Russia: facts against myths 1
Kenmotsu manifolds with a zero curvature distribution 1
Kennzeichen der Mündlichkeit in den schriftlichen Aushängen (im Russischen im Vergleich zum Deutschen) 1
The Ket shaman drums from the Kunstkamera and the Ethnographic Museum of the Kazan University 1
The Kets and their culture. Research problems in the 20th–21st centuries (the statement of the problem) 1
Key areas of education according to V. Sukhomlinsky, and their significance for modern professional education 1
Key eye movement measures in Russian-Chinese and Chinese-Russian bilingual reading 1
Key features and strategies for interpreting ‘buffo’ phenomena in screenplay translation 1
Key ingredients of the alkali atom – metal surface interaction: chemical bonding versus spectral properties 1

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