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J. Perry’s qualia-phisicalism as an answer to the knowledge argument 1
Jan Assman's theory of cultural memory and formation of the image of Genghis Khan on the example of "The Secret Legend of the Mongols" and "The Novel about Genghis Khan" of the Franciscan Mission of Giovanni da Pian del Carpine 1
Japan innovation system formation (1898-2016) 1
Japan Self-Defence Forces 1
Japanese characters and ikebana: from yin yang balance to breaking of form with shin gyo so 1
Japanese traditional orchestra music: correlation between time and tembra 1
Japanese translation tradition 1
Japan’s oda cooperation with ASEAN countries 1
Japan’s policy in Central Asia (1992–2016) 1
Jarret Zigon. Making the new Post-Soviet person: moral experience in contemporary Moscow. Leiden: Boston Brill, 2010. 257 p. 1
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. The first evolutionary theory in light of new breakthroughs in biology 1
Jet energy measurement and its systematic uncertainty in proton-proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector 1
Jewelry atelier of Vasiliy Lipin at Ekaterinburg: forgotten heritage of Ural's jewelers 1
Jewish question in Russian liberal publicists of the 1870s - 1890s 1
Jewish question in Russian liberal publicists of the 1870s-1890s 1
The Jewish theme in Soviet journalism. Subjective notes about time, authors and their heroes 1
The jews of the Samara province and the provinces of Western Siberia of the second half of the 19th - early of the 20th century: a comparative analysis of the adaptive practices of communities "outside the line" 1
The Jews' contribution to the pharmacy of a Siberian city in the second part of the 19th – early 20th centuries based on Tomsk archives 1
The Jigets: a great history of a small people 1
Jihadist terrorism as a counter-power: explication in the logic of Manuel Castells’ communication network concept 1
Jitter in geolocation data processing 1
Johanna domina Wallie 1
Johannes Steke an Dameke Vosser über den Versand von Tuch 1
John Dewey's educational philosophy: museum as an experimental platform 1
John Locke's thoughts about miracles in the commentaries of contemporary Western researchers 1
John's Stone: a possible fragment of the 1908 Tunguska meteorite 1
Joint effect of small additives of carbon nanoparticles of different morphologies on the mechanical characteristics of cross-linked polyurethanes under static and dynamic loads 1
Joint effect of ultrasonic vibrations and solid metal addition on the grain refinement of an aluminium alloy 1
Joint probability density of the intervals length of modulated semisynchronous integrated flow of events under the conditions of the constant dead time 1
Joint probabiliy density function of the interval duration between an adjacent events of the modulated synchronous flow in conditions of fixed dead time and recurrence conditions of the flow 1
Joint research of the northern hemisphere surface pressure and air temperature fields 1
A joint study of meteorological fields on the Asian territory of Russia 1
Jorge Luis Borges’s "La trama": evidence of intertextual interpretation 1
Journal "Free word: Carpatho-Russian monthly" as an important source on the history of Subcarpathian Rus in the inter-war period 1
Journal contenant ce qui se passe de plus remarquable en tout le royaume. Depuis le vendredy 11. jusques au vendredy 18. octobre, 1652 1
Journal de la Lettre de M. la princesse douairiere de Condé, presentée à la reyne regente. Contenant tous les moyens dont le cardinal Mazarin s'est servy pour empescher la paix, ruyner le parlement & le peuple de Paris; pour tâcher de perdre monsieur le duc de Beaufort, monsieur le coadjuteur, monsieur de Brousselles, & monsieur le president Charton; par l'assassinat supposè contre la personne de monseigneur le Prince, & pour la detention de messieurs les princes 1
Journal du siege de Guyse, depuis son commencement jusques à sa levée 1
Journal du siège de Guise, depuis son commencement jusques à sa levée 1
Journal historique du voyage de M. De Lesseps, consul de France, .... P. 1 1
Journal historique du voyage de M. De Lesseps, consul de France, .... P. 2 1
"The journal of the Moscow Patriarchate" as a source of the Mukachevo-Uzhgorod eparchy history in 1945–1955 1
Journal, contenant ce qui s'est fait et passé en la cour de parlement de Paris, toutes les chambres assemblées & autres lieux; sur le sujet des affaires du temps present és années 1648 & 1649 1
Journal, contenant ce qui s’est fait et passé en la cour de parlement de Paris, toutes les Chambres assemblées & autres lieux; sur le sujet des affaires du temps présent ès années 1648 & 1649 1
Journal, d’airs choisies avec accompagnement de harpe, mêlés de préludes, petits airs, ou pièces 1
Journal, d’airs choisis. Avec accompagnement de harpe, melés de préludes, petits airs, ou pièces 1
Journalism as a value in a digital environment 1
Journalism education evolution in view of communicative culture revolutionary changes 1
"Journalism school 2030": is the impossible possible? Strategic sessions on the issues of professional education at the Tomsk State University Faculty of journalism 1
Journalism studies: the subject-object field and the structure 1
A journalist in the discourse of media: determinism or position? (a case study of informational argument around Sergey Gurkin's interview with Svetlana Alexievich) 1
Judge as an independent participant of criminal proceedings 1
Judgment of the art plan of work in the course of its individual analysis 1
Judicial authority and its manifestation in criminal trials 1
Judicial control of the new religious movements: a historical overview and a sociological analysis 1
Judicial systems of the Swiss cantons of Aargau and Bern: a comparative-legal analysis 1
Judith Marquand. Development aid in Russia: Lessons from Siberia; with foreword by Lord Patten of Barnes CH, Chancellor of the University of Oxford and former European Commissioner. Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. 281 p. ISBN 978-0-230-23362-1 1
Jules l'Apostat 1
Jules l’appostat 1
Jumper technique preparatory phase excelling model for academic basketball 1
Junior rhythmic gymnasts’ jumping ability progress tests 1
Juridical community and the problem of Russia’s alcoholization at the turn of the 20th century (based on the material of all-Russian juridical periodicals) 1
Jurinea mongolica Maxim. (Asteraceae) – новый вид для флоры России 1
Jury as a collection of ephemical ideas 1
The jury verdict and social needs of society 1
Justes reproches de la France a monsieur le prince de Condé 1
Justice as a transcendental a priori of sociality: the economic component of modern social theory (on the example of Georg Simmel's "philosophical" sociology of fashion) 1
Justice in the genomic and digital era: a ‘different world’ requiring ‘different law’ 1
Justice of the peace in the Bessarabia province: a comparative analysis in the imperial context 1
Justification of a court decision as a component of a fair trial 1
Justification of choice of the spectral range for the study of combustion processes with the use of thermography in the middle IR range 1
Justification of the main pedagogical conditions of interactive teaching a foreign language in high school 1
Juvenile remains of the "woolly rhinoceros" Coelodonta antiquitatis (Blumenbach 1799) (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae) from the Tomsk Priob'e area (southeast Western Siberia) 1
Juvenilia : сборник студенческих и аспирантских работ : [тезисы докладов научно-практической конференции филологического факультета Томского государственного университета 1999 года]. Вып. 4 1
K современном понимании понятий "правовые средства прокурорского надзора" и "формы реализации правовых средств прокурорского надзора" 1
K-contact structures on Lie groups 1
K-pop cover dance и сетевое поколение: влияние и формы реализации на сцене и в жизни 1
k-вполне транзитивность однородно разложимых групп 1
k-вполне транзитивные абелевы группы без кручения : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.01.06. 1
k-вполне транзитивные абелевы группы без кручения : диссертация на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.01.06. 1
K-контактные структуры на группах Ли 1
K-плоскости в n-мерно упорядоченных группах 1
K-транзитивность одного класса блочных преобразований 1
K. M. Golodnikov – critic, author and editor of "Tobolsk provincial sheets" 1
K. Marx and A. A. Bogdanov about revolution in Russia 1
K. Pavlova – tranlsator of W. Scott’spoetry 1
Kai Donner: Linguist, ethnographer, photographer. Donner Joakim & Juha Janhunen (eds.), Peter Sandberg (photo ed.). Helsinki: Société Finno-Ougrienne, National Board of Antiquities, 2014. 175 p. (Travaux ethnographiques de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 21) 1
Kaizen system - Japanese strategy of improvements 1
Kalacheevskaya cave in the Middle Don: interpretation of sacred topos in the context of the Via Dolorosa 1
The Kalahari and Grunehogna Cratons, and their placement within neoproterozoic Rodinia, defined by new U-Pb geochronology on large igneous provinces 1
Kalman filtering in the problem of noise reduction in the absorption spectra of exhaled air 1
Kalmyk art: local style of the Buddhist iconografy 1
Kamchatka soils provinces distinguishing by the composition and age of volcanic ashes on which they are formed 1
Kantian linguistic tradition in Peter Strawson's philosophy of language 1
Karate classes as a means of motor and psychomotor training for preschool children 1
Karst area of Kokuya mountain (Altai Mountains) 1
Karyotypes and nuclear DNA content in some Trollius L. and Hegemone Bunge ex Ledeb. (Ranunculaceae) species of Asian Russia and China 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de l'Announciation. Blakovestchensky : (17 septembre 1839) 1
Kasan. Cathédrale de St. Pierre et St. Paul : 13 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Dôme de Nikolskoï. Dans le Gostinnoi-dwor (Grand Bazar) : 10 septembre 1839 1
Kasan. Entrée par les Moulins et la Kasanka, : 16 septembre 1839 1

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