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H-модели для организационных процессов 1
H. Kelsen's relativism and Plato's "basic legislative principle" 1
H2, He, and CO2 line-broadening coefficients, pressure shifts and temperature-dependence exponents for the HITRAN database. Part 1: SO2, NH3, HF, HCl, OCS and C2H2 1
H216O line list for the study of atmospheres of Venus and Mars 1
H2O self-broadening coefficients of rotation-vibration lines in the 15 500-16 000 cm-1 region 1
Half-metallic spin polarized electron states in the chimney-ladder higher manganese silicides MnSi1−x (x = 1.75−1.73) with silicon vacancies 1
Halogen adsorption at an As-stabilized β2-GaAs (001)-(2×4) surface 1
Handmade деятельность как одно из направлений экономики ощущений в современном обществе: выпускная бакалаврская работа по направлению подготовки: 39.03.01 - Социология 1
Handreichungen für den Einsatz im fachorientierten Deutschunterricht des Lehrmittels "Jugendmedien" 1
The hanging attitudes to the phenomenon of disability in Russian culture and philosophical thought 1
Harangue au roi pour la paix, par un ecclesiastique 1
Harangue de Messieurs les deputez du Parlement de Rouen faite à Monseigneur le duc de Longueville, après leur retour de Sainct Germain en Laye 1
Harangue de Messieurs les deputés du Parlement de Rouen faite à Monseigneur le Duc de Longueville, après leur retour de Saint-Germain-en-Laye 1
Harangue du deputé de la ville de Lion, a nosseigneurs de Parlement, et à monsieur le prevost des marchands, & eschevins de la ville de Paris 1
Harangue du deputé de la ville de Lyon, à nosseigneurs de Parlement, et à monsieur le prévôt des marchands, & échevins de la ville de Paris 1
Harangue faite au roi, sur son heureux retour en sa ville de Paris ; et prononcée dans le Palais Royal devant sa Majété le 3. septembre 1649 1
Harangue faite au Roy, sur son heureux retour en sa ville de Paris; et prononcée dans le Palais Royal devant sa Majesté le 3. Septembre 1649. 1
Harangue faite par le président de La Tresne, au mareschal Du Plessis dans la ville de Bordeaux, le dernier Janvier mil six cens cinquante 1
Harangue faite à la reine, à Amiens 1
Harangue faite à Monsieur le Duc D'Orléans 1
Harangues faites à la reine régente 1
Harangve av Roy povr la Paix. Par vn ecclesiastiqve 1
Harangve de Messievrs les Depvtez dv Parlement de Roven faite a Monseignevr le Dvc de Longveville, apres levr retovr de Sainct Germain en Laye 1
Harangve dv Depvté de la ville de Lion, a Nosseignevrs de Parlement, et à Monsievr le Prevost des Marchands, & Escheuins de la ville de Paris 1
Harangve faite a la Reine, a Amiens 1
Harangve faite a Monsievr le Dvc D'Orleans, 1
Harangve faite av Roy, svr son hevrevx Retour en sa Ville de Paris; et prononcée dans le Palais Royal deuant sa Majesté le 3. Septembre 1649. 1
Harangve faite par le President de la Tresne, av Mareschal Dv Plessis. Dans la ville de Bordeaux, le dernier Ianvier mil six cens cinquante 1
Harangves faites a la Reyne Regente. 1
"Harbinian" operation of the NKVD of the USSR in 1937–1938 in the Altai territory 1
Hardening by ion implantation of VT1-0 alloy having different grain size 1
Hardware and software procuring of automatic system for positioning mobile object 1
Hardware implementation of radio signals fast digital detection and demodulation algorithms 1
"The Harlot's House" Оскара Уайльда в переводе Ф. Сологуба: стилевые и концептуальные особенности переводного текста 1
Harnessing the multifunctionality in nature: a bioactive agent release system with self-antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties 1
Harvesting periodicity of medicinal plants: calculation for sustainable use of plant resources 1
He-broadening and shift coefficients of water vapor lines in infrared spectral region 1
Headlines in British newspapers: structural and language characteristics 1
Health care in Zabaikalskaya Oblast during the regime of ataman G. M. Semenov (Fall 1918 - Spring 1919) 1
Health recovery: Psychological ways of optimizing 1
Heat and mass transfer in a high-porous low-temperature thermal insulation in real operating conditions 1
Heavy outgoing call asymptotics for MMPP/M/1/1 retrial queue with two-way communication 1
Hegel's dialectic in political philosophy of Sergius Hessen 1
Heidegger’s "Heraklit", aletheia, and the liar paradox 1
Helium broadening parameters of water vapor in the 10,200 - 11,200 cm-1 spectral region 1
Hello Barbie интерактивная кукла или социальный робот? 1
Hemorheological parameters and their correlations in OXYS rats: A new model of hyperviscosity syndrome 1
Hemozoin is a product of heme detoxification in the gut of the most medically important species of the family Opisthorchiidae 1
Hereditary catalepsy in mice is associated with the brain dysmorphology and altered stress response 1
Hermann Sudermann and his play "Honour" in Siberian Tomsk periodicals at the turn of the 20th century 1
Herophilus on pulse 1
Heterogeneity and plasticity of immune-inflammatory responses in tumor microenvironment: a role in antitumor effect and tumor aggressiveness 1
Heterogeneity in breast tumor microenvironment: A report from one case 1
Heterogeneity of morphological subsystem units and the methods of its description 1
Heterogeneity of the plastic flow in the bimetallic material 1
Heterostructures with self-organized quantum dots of Ge on Si for optoelectronic devices 1
Hexafluoroisopropyl alcohol as a new solvent for aerogels preparation 1
"Hey, what's your name?": anthroponymics in the language picture of the world of Jim Morrison 1
"Hey, what's your name?": антропонимика в языковой картине мира Джима Моррисона 1
A hierarchic system of recovery and genetic prevention of mental health in families 1
Hierarchical model of assessing and selecting experts 1
High Energy Electrons Behind the Plane-Grid Cathode at Subnanosecond Discharge in Atmospheric Pressure Air 1
The high heritability of educational achievement reflects many genetically influenced traits, not just intelligence 1
A high performance scan flip-flop design for serial and mixed mode scan test 1
High resolution analysis of 32 S18O2 spectra: The ν1 and ν3 interacting bands 1
High resolution analysis of S18O2 spectrum: The v1 and v3 interacting bands 1
High resolution analysis of the (111) vibrational state of SO2 1
High resolution analysis of the SO2 spectrum in the 2600-2900 cm-1 region: 2ν3, ν2 + 2ν3 - ν2 and 2ν1 + ν2 bands 1
High resolution analysis of the v12 band and re-analysis of the ground vibrational state of cis-d2-ethylene 1
A high resolution analysis of weak absorption bands of C2H2D2 -trans: The v8 + v10 (Au) band 1
High resolution spectroscopic study of C2H4: Re-analysis of the ground state and ν4, ν7, ν10, and ν12 vibrational bands 1
High resolution study of MGeH4 (M=76, 74) in the dyad region 1
High sensitivity cavity ring down spectroscopy of N2O near 1.22 μm: (II) 14N216O line intensity modeling and global fit of 14N218O line positions 1
High sensitivity cw-cavity ring down spectroscopy of N2O near 1.22μm 1
High temperature synthesis of single-phase Ti3Al intermetallic compound inmechanically activated powder mixture 1
High-accuracy determination of initial orbits of near-Earth asteroids from range and range rate measurements at three times 1
High-field magneto-thermo-mechanical testing system for characterizing multiferroic bulk alloys 1
High-performance computing in biomedicine : tudy guide : [for students of the Faculty of Physics, subject area 03.04.02 Physics] 1
High-performance data historian of supervisory control and data acquisition 1
High-power femtosecond mid-IR sources for s-SNOM applications 1
High-precision devices and systems of automatic control 1
High-resolution molecular spectroscopy in Tomsk: establishment, development, and current status 1
High-resolution study of the v10 + v12 - v10 "hot" band of the 13C2H4 1
High-resolution terahertz spectrometer with up to 110 m single-pass base 1
High-resolution three-dimensional quantitative map of the macromolecular proton fraction distribution in the normal rat brain 1
High-speed impact of the metal projectile on the barrier containing porous corundum-based ceramics with chemically active filler 1
High-strength submicrocristalline titanium alloys with a nanocomposite antifriction coating 1
High-temperature expansion of the one-loop free energy of a scalar field on a curved background 1
High-temperature functional behavior of single crystal Ni51.2Ti23.4Hf25.4 shape memory alloy 1
High-temperature spectral dependences of 14N16O2 in the range of pure rotational and vibrational-rotational transitions 1
High-yield microwave synthesis of layered Y2(OH)5NO3xH2O materials 1
The higher attestation commission activities during the pre-war period of stalinism 1
Higher derivative extensions of 3d Chern-Simons models: conservation laws and stability 1
Higher education and human capital in Russia and abroad: a comparative context 1
Higher education institute effectiveness of financial and economic activities 1
Highly efficient blue organic light-emitting diodes based on intermolecular triplet-singlet energy transfer 1
Highly evolvable malaria vectors: the genomes of 16 Anopheles mosquitoes 1
Highly exited molecular states: challenge for spectroscopy, dynamics and astrophysics 1
Highly sensitive Fourier transform spectroscopy with LED sources 1
HINT in dialect linguocultural environment: folklore genre and lexical representations of the notion 1

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