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G. G. Shpet about the nation and the nationalism problems 1
G. P. Fedotov on Russian national consciousness formation in the 20th century 1
G2-structures and quantization of non-geometric M-theory backgrounds 1
Galen. On the sects for beginners 1
Galician russian politics of the last years 1
Galician-Volhynian Rus: between Byzantium, the Mongols and Rome (achievements and challenges of modern historiography) 1
Gallicisms in the Russian language 1
Galvano-rotational effect induced by electroweak interactions in pulsars 1
Gamasid mites (Mesostigmata: Gamasina) associated with bats (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae, Rhinolophidae, Molossidae) of boreal Palaearctic zone (Russia and adjacent countries) 1
Gamasid mites (Mesostigmata: Gamasina) parasitizing bats (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae, Vespertilionidae, Molossidae) of Palaearctic boreal zone (Russia and adjacent countries) 1
Game neological discourse and the problem of the writer’s crisis diagnostics 1
Game text as a form of author's artistic world modeling. Part 1 1
Gaps in the penal legislation as a consequence of the dynamic development of criminal policy 1
Gas flow in a long tube with a permeable porous wall 1
Gas-dynamic approach to modelling a burning surface 1
Gas-free combustion regularities of Al-Ti-B system 1
Gas-phase oxidation of alcohols with dioxygen over Au/TiO2 catalyst: The role of reactive oxygen species 1
Gas-phase oxidation of alcohols with O2 and N2O catalyzed by Au/TiO2: A comparative study 1
GaSe:Er3+ crystals for SHG in the infrared spectral range 1
Gasless combustion in two-layer structures: a theoretical model 1
Gaudia-vaisnavism in Russia: several words about establishment and local specificity 1
Gauge symmetries in 2D field theory 1
Gaussian approximation for MMPP/M/∞ with varied service 1
Gaussian approximation of distribution of states of the retrial queueing system with r-persistent exclusion of alternative customers 1
Ge/Si elongated quantum dots formation modelling with respect to the energy of edges 1
GE/SI quantum dots formation by the method of molecular beam epitaxy 1
Gel polymer filled compositions with regulatedstructural-mechanical properties 1
"The gendarme supervision" of a private gold mining in Siberia (1870-1880-ies): his essence, forms and problems of realization 1
Gender attribution in social network communication: the statistical analysis of pronouns frequency 1
Gender differences in dynamics of students’ personal potential indicators 1
Gender features of evangelical Protestantism in Nizhny Novgorod 1
Gender metaphors in Russian and English linguocultures: a comparative study 1
Gender metaphors of the Russian and English languages: metaphorical fragments of the axiological worldview 1
Gender oppositions in communication: the strategy of dominance in a dialogue 1
Gender studies. The "gender stereotype" definition 1
Gender-based restrictions in tourism: An example of the phenomenon of Avaton in the modern socio-cultural expanse 1
Gender-marked metaphors: influence of grammatical gender and frequency on referential choice of metaphorical name of the person in the Russian language 1
Gender-specific stress tolerance variations in academic volleyball 1
Genealogie ou l'extraction, et vie de Ivlle Mazarin Cardinal & Ministre d'Estat en France 1
Genealogie ou l'extraction, et vie de Julle Mazarin cardinal & ministre d'Estat en France 1
The genealogy of the term "disability" 1
General algebraic cryptographic key exchange scheme and its cryptanalysis 1
General and simple method for the synthesis of 3-nitroformazan using arenediazonium tosylates 1
General positions of the parties of the United Kingdom and Germany on the issue of reforming immigration policy 1
Generalization of minimal surfaces and simulation of the shape of an orthotropic material construction 1
A generalization of tychonoff's theorem-Schauder 1
Generalized meaning of grammatical model in speech 1
Generalized Muller-Kern formula for equilibrium thickness of a wetting layer with respect to the dependence of the surface energy of island facets on the thickness of the 2D layer 1
Generalized solu tions of the degenerate hyperbolic equation of the second kind with a spectral parameter 1
Generating checking sequences for nondeterministic finite state machines 1
Generating femtosecond pulses in the mid-IR and THz ranges in GaSe1-xTex crystals 1
Generating function for representations of graphs by k-partite graphs 1
Generation of neutrons in a nanosecond low-pressure discharge in deuterium 1
Generation of runaway electrons and x-rays in the discharges of high pressure 1
Generation of shock waves in iron under irradiation 1
Generation of strong magnetic fields in hybrid and quark stars driven by the electroweak interaction of quarks 1
Generation of terahertz radiation in LED heterostructures with multiple InGaN/GaN quantum wells at two-photon excitation by femtosecond 1
Generation of the magnetic helicity in a neutron star driven by the electroweak electron-nucleon interaction 1
Genesis features of the Nikolaevka ryam in the forest-steppe of Western Siberia 1
Genesis of ferropedrizite - a new lithium amphibole of the Sutlug occurrence (Eastern Tuva) 1
Genesis of virtual-informational architecture of the late XX - early XXI century 1
The genetic and environmental aetiology of spatial, mathematics and general anxiety 1
Genetic and environmental aetiology of the dimensions of Callous-Unemotional traits 1
Genetic and environmental effects on body mass index from infancy to the onset of adulthood: an individual-based pooled analysis of 45 twin cohorts participating in the COllaborative project of Development of Anthropometrical measures in Twins (CODATwins) study 1
Genetic and environmental influences on height from infancy to early adulthood: An individual- based pooled analysis of 45 twin cohorts 1
Genetic organization and heterogeneity of the Siberian cedar pine (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) population in the Western Siberia (Tomsk region) 1
Genetic portrait of intrinsic drug resistance of various morphological structures in breast cancer 1
Genetic variability and structure of SNP haplotypes in the DMPK gene in Yakuts and other ethnic groups of northern Eurasia in relation to myotonic dystrophy 1
Genetic variability of X-linked STR markers in Siberian populations 1
Genetic-semiotic aspects of descriptions of psychopathological states 1
Genetically transformed root cultures (hairy roots) of Silene roemeri Friv. as the source of phytoecdysteroids 1
Genetics affects choice of academic subjects as well as achievement 1
Genetics bases of human comorbidity 1
Genius. Talent. Golden mediocrity : массовый открытый онлайн-курс. 1
Genome sequence of the acid-tolerant Desulfovibrio sp. DV isolated from the sediments of a Pb-Zn mine tailings dam in the Chita region, Russia 1
Genome sequence of the copper resistant and acid-tolerant Desulfosporosinus sp. BG isolated from the tailings of a molybdenum-tungsten mine in the Transbaikal area 1
Genomic approach in the research of allelic imbalance in breast tumors during the course of neoadjuvant chemotherapy 1
Genre aspect as metamarker of Tomsk's dialect corpus studies of the Middle-Ob dialects 1
Genre features of dystopia in Yuri Davydov's "Afrikanskiy Variant" 1
Genre of folk songs of the daur in China 1
Genre peculiarities of the "matter-of-fact" fiction in Victorian literature of mid-to-late the XIX century 1
Geo-simulation approach to modelling spatial objects and its application to creating thermokarst lake model using remote sensing data 1
Geoarchaelogy: methods of natural sciences in archaeological research 1
Geochemical and isotope (O, Sr, Nd) evidence for interaction of mantle and crustal magmas in basalt-andesite-trachyte-rhyolite series, Batenevo rise, Minusa basin 1
Geochemical assessment of hydrocarbon migration phenomena: Case studies from the south-western margin of the Dead Sea Basin 1
Geochemical charac teristics of amphibolites in the Central Angarasky terrane of the Yenisei ridge. The comparison with basic 1
Geochemical characteristics of vanavarskaya suite on the example of Pridutsky area (Eastern Siberia) 1
Geochemical features of granitoid Central Siberia magmatism in the Permian-Triassic 1
Geochemical features of the river weight of the meridional profile of Western Siberia 1
Geochemical features of varved clays in Gorny Altai and their potential use in glaciological studies 1
Geochemical heterogeneity of paleoestuarine basin of Vaneganskaya structure (Western Siberia) 1
Geochemical properties of terrigenous rocks as indicators of sedimentation conditions clinoform by the example of Achimov complex (Western Siberia) 1
Geochemical specifies of ore mineralization of pegmatites in Mongolia Altai 1
Geochemical Trtends of Trace Elements Concentration in Saline Lakes of Central Asia 1
Geochemical types of tantalum and niobium mineralization from the rare metal-bearing granites and pegmatites of the Western Mongolia 1
Geochemical zoning of the spodumene vein series of the mineral deposit Tastig Tuva, Central Asia 1
The geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Paleoproterozoic du Chef dyke swarm, Québec, Canada 1
Geochemistry of sedimentary iron ores Bakchar deposit, Western Siberia 1
Geochemistry of sedimentary rocks of chemal formation (Gorny Altai): a contribution to the problem of the nature of Middle-Cambrian magmatism in the Eestern part of Central Asia 1
Geodynamics of the layered mafic – ultramafic intrusions in the East Sayan (Russia) 1

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