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F. M. Dostoevsky and Mahomet’s pitcher 1
F. Sologub as the editor in the publishing house "Vsemirnaya literatura" 1
Fabrication and study of double sintered TiNi-based porous alloys 1
Fabrication of PLLA/HAP functionalized scaffolds and characterisation of their properties 1
A facile and convenient synthesis and photovoltaic characterization of novel thieno[2,3-b]indole dyes for dye sensitized solar cells 1
Facile solution-precipitation assisted synthesis and luminescence property of greenish-yellow emitting Ca6Ba(PO4)4O:Eu2+ phosphor 1
Facile synthesis of vanadia aerogels with controlled V3+/V4+ ratio 1
Factor structure of coping behavior of mothers raising toddlers with normative level of psychosocial development 1
Factors affecting the cost of medical information systems development 1
Factors affecting the growth of recidivism among drug addicts 1
Factors and the background of the study of rock art monuments of the Middle Yenisei (1940s–1990s) 1
Factors determining the choice of personal names in the discourse of a dialect speaker 1
Factors determining the features of the oral speech of the interrogated: the identity of the interrogated and the situation of interrogation 1
Factors ineluencing in working time 1
The factors of formation of the staff's organizational commitment 1
Factors of negative psycho-emotional states among women undergoing IVF treatment 1
Factum servant au procès criminel fait au cardinal Mazarin, touchant ses intelligences avec les étrangers ennemis de l'État 1
Factum, pour messieurs les princes 1
Factvm, Pour Messieurs les Princes 1
Factvm, servant av procez criminel fait av Cardinal Mazarin, touchant ses intelligences auec les Estrangers ennemis de l'Estat. Premiere partie 1
A failed turn: from the history of organizing implementation of scientific research in agriculture in the USSR in the 1970s 1
Failure of metallic-intermetallic laminate composites under dynamic loading 1
Fairytale in the domestic book graphics 1960-1980 years. Communication illustrations and text 1
Family of 2-simplex cognitive tools and their application for decision-making and its justifications 1
The fascization of the enemy image in the Soviet visual propaganda at the beginning of the Cold War (1946-1964) 1
Fashion: the game of social meaning as the cynical strategy of consumption 1
Fast food and the semiotics of gastronomy 1
Fast method for generating random geometric graphs for wireless networks modelling 1
Fast rate estimation for RDO mode decision in HEVC 1
Fast recognition of marine particles in underwater digital holography 1
Fast table - based rate estimation algorithm for intra coding decision in H.265/HEVC 1
Fate of colloids during estuarine mixing in the Arctic 1
The fate of lieuthenant-general N. E. Bredov in emigration in Bulgaria 1
Fatigue life of silumin treated with a high-intensity pulsed electron beam 1
Fault Effect Reasoning in Digital Systems by Topological View on Low- and High-level Decision Diagrams 1
A fault-tolerant combinational circuit design 1
A fault-tolerant sequential circuit design for SAFs and PDFs soft errors 1
A fault-tolerant sequential circuit design for soft errors based on fault-secure circuit 1
Fe-containing mesoporous mesophase silica materials as effective catalysts for synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine form o-phenylenediamine and acetone 1
Features and modern trends in the development of museums within the system of higher education 1
Features and problems of mandatory and voluntary certification of products in Russia 1
Features and problems of Max Black's performative cocnlusion, or how to avoid the "guillotine" 1
Features annual dynamics of the thermal regime in natural areas of Westem 1
Features changes time limits of summer season and its phases in the forest-tundra West Siberia 1
Features changes time limits of winter season and its phases in the forest-tundra West Siberia 1
Features coordination of movements in the performance of nitting the ball the players with diseases of the musculoskeletal system 1
Features fractional-group composition of humus northeastern Caspian depression 1
Features motion perception in conditions of visual deprivation in athletes karate 1
Features of a female leader: diagnosis of gender stereotypes in the organization 1
Features of a near-cathode region in a gliding arc discharge in air flow 1
Features of application of system-structural criterion in assessment of recreational competency of students 1
The features of breakdown of high-voltage nanosecond discharge initiated with runaway electrons in a nonuniform electric field 1
Features of carbon exchange at plant communities of bogs Tula region 1
Features of change of V-4Ti-4Cr alloy hardness during microstructure evolution under severe plastic deformation 1
The features of changes time limits of spring season and its phases in the forest-tundra West Siberia 1
Features of Chinese detective novels 1
Features of chinese mythology 1
Features of collectivist tendencies and inclinations of seek assistance of ethnic groups in Siberia 1
Features of development of students’ subject position in the process of educational activity design 1
Features of environmental education centre in development of children’s giftedness 1
Features of film title translation 1
Features of formation of implicit theories and their relation to the student 1
Features of forming vestibular and proprioceptive sensitivity in training coordination abilities using biological feedback 1
Features of geology and composition of rocks from the University alkaline-gabbroid massif (NE Kuznetsky Alatau ridge, Siberia) 1
The features of guide professional activity 1
Features of hydrocarbon distribution in the viscous oil–aqueous phase system during testing of oil displacement fluids 1
Features of ignition and combustion of HEMs with bimetal powders 1
Features of labor migration in Central Asia (on the example of the Republic of Uzbekistan and theRepublic of Kazakhstan) 1
Features of maintain equilibrium at the limited area of support by children doing figure skating 1
Features of management in Germany 1
Features of manufacturing and software development for smartphones in China 1
Features of metaphorization Arabic vocabulary 1
The features of microstructure and mechanical properties of austenitic steel after direct and reverse martensitic transformations 1
Features of networking in the educational process of a technical college 1
Features of perception of the urban environment in Moscow, Tomsk, and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 1
Features of phraseological units translation from Chinese language to Russian 1
Features of plastic deformation and fracture of a dispersion-strengthened V-4Ti-4Cr-(C, N, O) alloy at different temperatures 1
Features of plastic deformation and fracture of dispersion-strengthened V-Cr-Zr-W alloy depending on temperature of tension 1
Features of plastic deformation and fracture of V-Cr-Zr-W system alloys subject to tension temperature 1
Features of project planning knowledge management systems in multinational corporations 1
Features of promoting interdisciplinary master's program of Digital Humanities 1
Features of prosecutors’ participation in the court examination of statements on forfeiture to the Russian Federation of property as a means to stop and prevent corruption 1
Features of rain floods in the upper Ob 1
Features of raised bogs formation in the forest-steppe of Western Siberia 1
Features of recording the time profile of single picosecond pulses in the real-time mode 1
Features of stress changes in the alloy Ti50Ni48.7Mo0.3V1 under loading in a wide temperature range 1
Features of structural phase state of the suppoted on the silica gel Pd-Ag nanoparticles - catalysts of deep oxidation of CO 1
Features of structural response of mechanically loaded crystallites to irradiation 1
Features of structural-phase state of Pd-Ag nanoparticles supported on silica gel 1
Features of Syrian crises in 1973–1982 and the 2011–2014 Syrian civil war coverage in The New York Times: a diachronic analysis 1
Features of the eastern policy of Rome in II c. a.d. 1
Features of the electronic structure and photophysical processes in asymmetric and symmetric (dicyanomethylene)-pyran dyes 1
Features of the formation of nano - and microstructures of powders and monolithic samples of Al2O3 when firing without imposing and with imposing an electromagnetic field 1
The features of the formation of the Canadian political culture in the age of John A. Macdonald (dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Canadian statehood) 1
Features of the historical development of the concept "qut" 1
Features of the modern market of medical composites in Russia and the world 1
Features of the organization of geoinformation monitoring in the Trans-Baikal National Park 1
Features of the organization of ski tourism 1
Features of the photodegradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid under the influence of radiation from KrCl excilamps 1
Features of the process of photodegradation 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid under the influence of radiation KrCl-excilamps 1

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