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F. M. Dostoevsky and Mahomet’s pitcher 1
F. Sologub as the editor in the publishing house "Vsemirnaya literatura" 1
Fabrication and study of double sintered TiNi-based porous alloys 1
Fabrication of PLLA/HAP functionalized scaffolds and characterisation of their properties 1
Facets and limits of metaphorical creativity: madness metaphors in Stephen King’s prose 1
A facile and convenient synthesis and photovoltaic characterization of novel thieno[2,3-b]indole dyes for dye sensitized solar cells 1
Facile solution-precipitation assisted synthesis and luminescence property of greenish-yellow emitting Ca6Ba(PO4)4O:Eu2+ phosphor 1
Facile synthesis of vanadia aerogels with controlled V3+/V4+ ratio 1
Factor analysis of the crypto-currency market 1
Factor structure of alexithymia of adolescents in health and nonorganic genesis mental retardation 1
Factor structure of coping behavior of mothers raising toddlers with normative level of psychosocial development 1
Factors affecting the competitiveness of telecommunication companies in Russia 1
Factors affecting the cost of medical information systems development 1
Factors affecting the growth of recidivism among drug addicts 1
Factors and the background of the study of rock art monuments of the Middle Yenisei (1940s–1990s) 1
Factors determining the choice of personal names in the discourse of a dialect speaker 1
Factors determining the features of the oral speech of the interrogated: the identity of the interrogated and the situation of interrogation 1
Factors ineluencing in working time 1
Factors influencing the personnel potential of the innovation sphere in Russia 1
Factors of formation of ice jams during floating of ice and their registration for the substantiation of the events for prevention of floods at the area of Tom River Tomsk territory 1
The factors of formation of the staff's organizational commitment 1
Factors of modern ecology situation in China and measures to prevent its deterioration 1
Factors of negative psycho-emotional states among women undergoing IVF treatment 1
Factors of stressogenicity and means of optimizing stress states of students in dependence on kinds of sports activities 1
The factors that determined the technological backwardness of the USSR on the eve of "Perestroika" 1
Factum pour Monsieur le duc d'Elboeuf contre Monsieur le duc de Vandosme 1
Factum pour monsieur le duc de Vandosme. Contre les prétentions de Monsieur & Madame d'Elbeuf 1
Factum servant au procès criminel fait au cardinal Mazarin, touchant ses intelligences avec les étrangers ennemis de l'État 1
Factum, pour messieurs les princes 1
Factum, servant au procez criminel fait au cardinal Mazarin. Touchant ses intelligences avec les estrangers ennemis de l'Estat. Premiere partie 1
Factvm Pour Monsieur le Duc de Vandosme. Contre les Pretentions de Monsieur & Madame d'Elbeuf 1
Factvm povr monsievr le dvc d'Elboevf contre monsievr le dvc de Vandosme 1
Factvm, Pour Messieurs les Princes 1
Factvm, servant av procez criminel fait au Cardinal Mazarin. Tovchant ses intelligences auec les Estrangers, Ennemis de l'Estat. Premiere partie 1
Factvm, servant av procez criminel fait av Cardinal Mazarin, touchant ses intelligences auec les Estrangers ennemis de l'Estat. Premiere partie 1
A failed turn: from the history of organizing implementation of scientific research in agriculture in the USSR in the 1970s 1
Failure of metallic-intermetallic laminate composites under dynamic loading 1
"Fairly balanced" or independent: problematization of the discourse on consultative bodies in the Russian and American administrative traditions 1
Fairytale in the domestic book graphics 1960-1980 years. Communication illustrations and text 1
Falsification of documents as one of the problems of modern document science 1
Family economy and domestic labor: the results of empirical research 1
Family group conferences as the technology of restoration of family relations: Russian experience 1
Family of 2-simplex cognitive tools and their application for decision-making and its justifications 1
Family reading as a social practice: problem statement and review of research 1
The fascization of the enemy image in the Soviet visual propaganda at the beginning of the Cold War (1946-1964) 1
Fashion as a form of self-affectation of the subject: the access code to personal identity in the postclassical project of the subject’s philosophy 1
Fashion styles of modernity and education: forms of educational capital habitualization 1
Fashion: the game of social meaning as the cynical strategy of consumption 1
Fast algorithm of cluster analysis k-medoids 1
Fast food and the semiotics of gastronomy 1
Fast method for generating random geometric graphs for wireless networks modelling 1
Fast rate estimation for RDO mode decision in HEVC 1
Fast recognition of marine particles in underwater digital holography 1
Fast table - based rate estimation algorithm for intra coding decision in H.265/HEVC 1
Fast-burning mixture on the basis of powder compositions of Ti – B – Al 1
Fate of colloids during estuarine mixing in the Arctic 1
The fate of lieuthenant-general N. E. Bredov in emigration in Bulgaria 1
"The father of toothy pigeons..." personality and works of count D. I. Khvostov against the background of Russian poetry. Book review: Vinitskiy, I. (2017) Count of Sardinia: Dmitry Khvostov and Russian culture 1
Fatigue life of silumin treated with a high-intensity pulsed electron beam 1
Fatigue variation of surface properties of silumin subjected to electron-beam treatment 1
Fatures of skiers-orienteers sports training for the training group 1
Fault Effect Reasoning in Digital Systems by Topological View on Low- and High-level Decision Diagrams 1
A fault-tolerant combinational circuit design 1
A fault-tolerant sequential circuit design for SAFs and PDFs soft errors 1
A fault-tolerant sequential circuit design for soft errors based on fault-secure circuit 1
A fault-tolerant sequential circuit design for stuck-at faults and path delay faults 1
Fault-tolerant synchronous FSM network design for path delay faults 1
Fe-containing mesoporous mesophase silica materials as effective catalysts for synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine form o-phenylenediamine and acetone 1
Feature of monitoring the presidential elections in 2008 1
Features and functions of inverted word order in Brazilian Portuguese 1
Features and modern trends in the development of museums within the system of higher education 1
Features and problems of mandatory and voluntary certification of products in Russia 1
Features and problems of Max Black's performative cocnlusion, or how to avoid the "guillotine" 1
Features annual dynamics of the thermal regime in natural areas of Westem 1
Features changes time limits of summer season and its phases in the forest-tundra West Siberia 1
Features changes time limits of winter season and its phases in the forest-tundra West Siberia 1
Features coordination of movements in the performance of nitting the ball the players with diseases of the musculoskeletal system 1
Features fractional-group composition of humus northeastern Caspian depression 1
Features motion perception in conditions of visual deprivation in athletes karate 1
Features of a female leader: diagnosis of gender stereotypes in the organization 1
Features of a near-cathode region in a gliding arc discharge in air flow 1
The features of advertising in the genre of infographics in online media (on the example of an online magazine Sib.fm) 1
Features of alexithymic space in the structure of personality with mental retardation 1
Features of application of system-structural criterion in assessment of recreational competency of students 1
The features of breakdown of high-voltage nanosecond discharge initiated with runaway electrons in a nonuniform electric field 1
Features of carbon exchange at plant communities of bogs Tula region 1
Features of cerebral blood potential in the convergence of physical and cognitive activity in representatives of groups with various level of motor activity 1
Features of change of V-4Ti-4Cr alloy hardness during microstructure evolution under severe plastic deformation 1
The features of changes time limits of spring season and its phases in the forest-tundra West Siberia 1
Features of Chinese detective novels 1
Features of chinese mythology 1
Features of collectivist tendencies and inclinations of seek assistance of ethnic groups in Siberia 1
Features of decisions made by a jury court 1
Features of deformation localization in stable austenitic steel under thermomechanical treatment 1
Features of development of students’ subject position in the process of educational activity design 1
Features of environmental education centre in development of children’s giftedness 1
Features of film title translation 1
Features of financing of small business and microenterprises 1
Features of formation of implicit theories and their relation to the student 1
Features of formation of nanocrystalline state in internal-oxidized V-Cr-Zr-W and V-Mo-Zr system alloys during deformation by torsion under pressure 1

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