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E-beam generation in discharges initiated by voltage pulses with a rise time of 200 ns at an air pressure of 12.5–100 kPa 1
E-catalog as an information resource for users of the Tomsk University 1
E-Government development strategy in Mexico for the 2012-2018 federal administration 1
E-government implementation 1
"E-Government" as a tool to improve public authorities 1
E-learning as a means to improve the quality of higher education 1
E-learning as a modern resource of education 1
E-learning course "Numerical methods and mathematical modeling" 1
E-learning resource for supporting the course "Professional Translation and Communications" 1
E-solvable modules 1
E-нильпотентные и E-разрешимые абелевы группы класса 2 1
E-энгелевы абелевы группы ступени ≤ 2 1
E. G. Etkind and P. Ingold as authors-compilers of the German anthologies of Russian poetry: the experience of mapping strategies 1
E. M. Ineshin & A. V. Tetenkin (translated by P. N. Hommel & N. Reynolds). Humans and the environment in northern Baikal Siberia during the Late Pleistocene. 2017. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars; 978-1-4438-8277-4 £64.99 1
The earliest barrow gold in the Lower Dniester region as an indicator of intercultural relations 1
Early adolescence behavior problems and timing of poverty during childhood: A comparison of lifecourse models 1
Early Cretaceous choristoderes (Diapsida, Choristodera) from Siberia, Russia 1
Early devonian magmatism in Altai Mountains: relation of plume- and plate-tectonic factors 1
Early Mesozoic lamproites and monzonitoids of southeastern Gorny Altai: geochemistry, Sr–Nd isotope composition, and sources of melts 1
Early mesozoic lamproites and monzonitoids of Southeastern Gorny Altai: geochemistry, Sr–Nd isotope composition, and sources of melts 1
Early Paleozoic intrusives of the Kuznetsk Alatau, Siberia: Isotopic evidence of oceanic lithosphere participation in sources 1
Early prediction of plastic strain localization from observation of mesoscale surface roughening 1
The early proterozoic Matachewan Large Igneous Province: geochemistry, petrogenesis and implications for Earth evolution 1
Early risk factors of overweight developmental trajectories during middle childhood 1
Early traditionalism and socialist realism: the problem of artistic interaction in Leonid Leonov’s The Russian Forest 1
East and West in Hitler’s military strategic plans of '"post-Munich" period 1
The East in the artistic creation of the romantic period 1
The East in the european culture of the 19th century 1
East Slavic languages in the reflexion of a naive native speaker (content-analytical study of the social networks communication) 1
East Slavic varieties of the plot about Marko the Rich (AaTh 930) in Siberian texts 1
East Slavs’s pantheon: from heathendom to Christianity 1
The Eastern origins of creativity A. Bakshi 1
Eastern traditions in western culture 1
EBSD analysis of aluminum allow AMg6 modified by groove pressing technology 1
An EBSD investigation of cryogenically-rolled Cu-30%Zn brass 1
EBSD-исследование алюминиевого сплава АМг6 после интенсивной пластической деформации методом циклического рифления при прессовании 1
Echo de la France trovblee, par le degvisé Mazarin. Representé par la figure d'vn ours. 1
The echo of Arzhan or archaeological cultures on the chronological shelf 1
Eco-geographcal education and training students in secondary school by performans tour 1
Eco-marketing: "green" advertisement, assistance of the market and other tools to promote technological innovation in the university cities of the world and Russia 1
The ecogeochemical situation of southern flank of Sora copper-molybdenym deposit (Republic of Khakassia) 1
Ecological and biological characteristics of Hemerocallis minor (Hemerocallidaceae) species, rare for Yakutia 1
Ecological and coenotic description of Siberian stone pine (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) at the highest line of its distribution in the Central Altai 1
Ecological and coenotic positions of Maianthemum bifolium (L.) F. W. Schmidt and Linnaea borealis L. within their northern range periphery 1
Ecological and faunistic review of the coleopterous (Insecta, Coleoptera) dendrophagans of the Priketye conifer forests (Tomsk Oblast) 1
Ecological and faunistical reference whitefishe parasites of Sobach'e Lake (Taimyr) 1
Ecological and forestry results of experimental works on melioration of soils in the green zone of Astana 1
Ecological and geographic education and training students by performance tour 1
Ecological and geographical confinement of rare medicinal plants of forest flora of the Kuznetski Alatau in need of protection 1
Ecological and geographical features of the Western Pamir-Alai endemic Ranunculus botschantzevii Ovcz. 1
Ecological area of Atragene speciosa Weinm. in the Altai-Sayan mountain region 1
Ecological area of Atragene speciosa Weinm. on the Kuznetsk Alatau 1
Ecological arrangement of floro-faunistic heterogeneity of northern Eurasia 1
Ecological aspects of microsporidia parasitizing in natural populations of the Aedes (Diptera: Culicidae) blood-suking mosquitoes in Western Siberia 1
Ecological aspects of territorial distribution of a fur carpet beetle (Attagenus pellio) in Surgut residential area 1
Ecological characteristics of the major groups of fragments of tehnokompleks Adenophora coronopifolia Fischer at the Kuznetsk Aalatau 1
Ecological condition of small reservoirs of different nature protection status (Samara region) 1
Ecological crimes in Russian legislation from Russian Truth to modern law 1
Ecological differentiation of mouse-like rodent (Rodentia) species in Altai-Sayan mountain forest belt 1
Ecological diversity of soils of the micro hollows in the south-eastern part of Western Siberia 1
Ecological formation of the Tomsk region as one of types of instilling of cultural heritage for youth 1
Ecological innovations as a tool for Russia's sustainable development 1
Ecological niches of rare Saussurea species in the Kuznetsk Alatau 1
Ecological organisations in the post-Soviet states as a tool for meeting environmental challenges (based on the example of the Russian Federation and the Ukraine) 1
Ecological peculiarities of Chiroptera, which dwell in the Southern Urals, and their participation in radionuclide migration 1
The ecological peculiarities of the testate amoebae population in the Middle Ob flood plain 1
Ecological ranges and types of rarity in the Kuznetsk Alatau of some Saussurea DC 1
Ecological ranges and types of rarity in the Kuznetsk Alatau of some Saussurea DC. species 1
Ecological risks on the coast of Lake Baikal 1
Ecological situation in Kozhevnikovsky district of Tom region and nature protection activities 1
Ecological state of soils of condition ecosystems in conditions of local pollution of oil (Western Siberia) 1
Ecological state of wetlands (on example of Bakchar bog) 1
Ecological status of chernozemic soils of the Kuznetsk basin 1
The ecological status of water bodies in the city of Tomsk (for example lakes Universitetskoe and Mavlukeevskoe) 1
Ecological tourism as promising area of tourism Republic of Khakassia 1
Ecological, humanitarian and sporting aspects of underwater activity 1
Ecological-faunistic review of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchytidae, Attelabidae) from Siberia 1
Ecologically neglected territories in international, foreign and russian law: comparative and legal aspect 1
Ecologo-cenotic features and belt distribution of the macromycetes of the Ivanovsky Ridges (Rudny Altay) 1
Ecology of chiroptera bats in Altai-Sayan region of southern Siberia 1
Ecology of sable (Martes zibellina L.) in Western Yakutia 1
Ecology of the bream Abramis brama (L) from the CHULYM river (the OB river basin) 1
Ecology: from cells to Gaia : massive open online course. 1
Economic analysis to estimate the impact of the Territory of Advanced Development and Free Port of Vladivostok implementation on social and economic development of constituent entities of the Russian Far East 1
The economic balance of a peasant household in the European North in 1917 - mid-1920s 1
Economic corridors in South Asia and "One Belt, One Road" initiative during 2000-2010s 1
Economic ideas in folklore 1
Economic installations and individual values of Perm and Perm Krai representatives 1
Economic interest as subject of criminal law-based security 1
The economic miracle of the countries of Northern Europe 1
Economic principles of mining region sustainable development 1
Economic risks in managing digital nomads’ careers 1
Economic security and anti-corruption tools improvement in work with contractual counterparties 1
The economic situation of miners in Siberia in the late XIX – early XX century 1
Economic use of landscapes of the Chulymo-Yenisei hollow 1
The economically dependent self-employed: differences in national approaches to the determination of their legal status 1
The economics and statistics department of the Institute for the study of Siberia: foundation, operation and contribution to the development of the siberian region 1
Economigue. Principe d,economie 1
Economy and environmental management in the activities of local self-government bodies of the Kalmyk steppe in the XIXth and early XXth centuries 1
Ecosystem as a source of national symbols: insight into Australian and New Zealand cultures and languages 1

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