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d-metal folates and the folic acid-imidazole conjugate 1
D. Ioh. Georgii Gmelin Flora Sibirica sive historia plantarum Sibiriae 1
The daily life of Germans in St. Petersburg in the second half of the XIX – at the beginning of the XX centuries: the historiography of the subject 1
The daily life of the university community of Tomsk during the revolutionary events of 1917 1
Danger due to the translocation of nanoparticles in soil: mathematical modeling 1
Dangerous weather events associated with the temperature in the Tomsk region 1
Dangerous weather phenomena for aviation in Tomsk airport 1
The Danube army and the war of 1812 as interpreted by the authors of the Collection of verses related to unforgettable 1812 (m., 1814): historical facts and social mythology 1
Darboux transformations for differential operators on the superline 1
Darkness without dark matter and energy - generalized unimodular gravity 1
Data and knowledge base on the basis of the expanded matrix model of their representation for the intelligent system of road-climatic zoning of territories 1
Data processing automation in physics research 1
Data visualization tools for materials properties research 1
A database of NO2 spectral line parameters at T=1000 K 1
Dating of lithospheric buckling: 40Ar/39Ar ages of syn-orocline strike–slipshear zones in northwestern Iberia 1
DBD-driven Xe2 excilamp radiation power control by pressure jump method 1
De anima 1
De fuga mulierum ; De continentia ; De contemptu mundi 1
De la puissance qu'ont les roys sur les peuples, & du pouvoir des peuples sur les roys 1
De la pvissance qv'ont les roys svr les pevples, & du pouuoir des Peuples sur les roys 1
De passionibus animae; De modo vivendi omnium fidelium 1
De planctu beatae Mariae Virginis 1
De variis loquendi regulis sive poetarum praeceptis 1
De vita beata 1
De-icing compositions based on peat 1
Deagglomeration and dispersion particles in metal melt 1
Dear members of the Editorial Board, authors and readers! 1
Dear Readers! 1
Death in the plot of Russian memoirs of the 18th century 1
Decadance de l'inivste parti des Mazarins refugiez à S. Germain, & leurs pernicievx desseins auortez, par la conclusion de la paix 1
Decadance de l'injuste parti des Mazarins refugiez à S. Germain, & leurs pernicieux desseins avortez, par la conclusion de la paix 1
Decent work as a socio-economic value 1
Decent work: imaging possibilities in non-financial reports of Russian companies 1
Decision support system for bankruptcy risk assessment of the enterprise 1
Decision-making in training-testing systems based on the mixed diagnostic tests 1
Decision-making on the basis of the analytic hierarchy process 1
Declaration des pretentions de Messieurs nos Generaux, faite & enregistrée au Parlement le Samedy vingtiesme Mars mil six cens quarante-neuf, & enuoyée à Ruel 1
Declaration du roy, portant suppression de toutes les charges, & offices, dont sont pourveus les gens cy-devant tenans la cour de parlement de Paris; pour les causes y contenuës 1
Declaration du Roy, pour la justification de Messieurs les Princes, de Condé, de Conty, & de Longueville: et l'éloignement de Mazarin 1
Declaration dv Roy, du troisiéme Février 1649: Par laquelle sont donnez six jours aux habitans de Paris, pour rentrer dans leur devoir 1
Declaration dv Roy, par laquelle les Princes, Ducs, Seigneurs & leurs adhérans qui ont pris les armes contre son service, sont déclarez criminels de Léze-Majesté, s'ils ne se rendent de sa personne dans trois jours apres la publication d'icelle 1
Declaration dv Roy, par laqvelle la seance du Parlement de Paris est transférée en la ville de Montargis: avec interdiction de s'assembler, ny de faire aucun acte de iuctice dans Paris 1
Declaration dv Roy, portant suppression de toutes les Charges & Offices dont sont pourveus les gens cy-devant tenans la Cour de Parlement de Paris, pour les causes y contenuës 1
Declaration dv roy, povr la ivstification de Messieurs les Princes, de Condé, de Conty, & de Longueville: Et l'éloignement de Mazarin 1
Declaration sur le sujet, et la forme de l'entree de Son A.sse imperiale l'archiduc Leopold en France, et de sa retraitte, apres l'accommodement, fait entre la regence & le parlement de Paris, avec les princes & seigneurs associez 1
Declaration svr le sviet, et la forme de l'entree de son Asse. Imperiale Archidvc Leopold en France, et de sa retraitte, apres l'Accommodement, fait entre la Regence & le Parlement de Paris, auec les Princes & Seigneurs Associez 1
Deconvoluting hepatic processing of carbon nanotubes 1
Decret infernal contre Ivles Mazarin et tovs les Partisans de France 1
Decretales 1
Decretum 1
Deep centers in TiO2-Si structures 1
Deep gray matter demielination in multiple sclerosis 1
Defect and structural imperfection effects on the electronic properties of BiTeI surfaces 1
Defect study in molecular beam epitaxy-grown HgCdTe films with activated and unactivated arsenic 1
"Defender of oppressed Morocco": treatment of the Rif war question in the Soviet Union in the 1920th 1
Deffence povr Messievrs les Ministre officier de finances et avtres. Ou le combat de la vertu contre la Calomnie 1
Defining the "figure of merit" for places in the age of digital nomadism 1
Defining the parameters of the orbits of satellites GLONASS on the inter-satellite measurement 1
Definition in analytical legal philosophy: P. Hacker versus H. Hart 1
Definition per genus proximum et differentiam specificam and legal language 1
Deformation and fracture of surface-hardened materials at meso- and macroscale levels 1
Deformation behavior of zirconia-based porous ceramic 1
Deformation mechanisms in high-manganese steels showing twinning-induced plasticity: fine-grained material and single crystals at ambient and cryogenic temperatures 1
Degradation of polymer solutions in a turbulent flow in a cylindrical channel 1
Degradation of the phenoxyacetic acids using a photoreactor with exciplex lamps 1
Deletions of multidrug resistance gene loci in breast cancer leads to the down-regulation of its expression and predict tumor response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy 1
Demand as a speech act of the French language 1
Demand estimation for fast moving items and unobservable lost sales 1
Demarcation evolution geosystems forest mire strip in different geomorphologic conditions 1
Democracy in the Context of Soft Globalization 1
The demographic processes that contribute to the development of youth sports tourism 1
Demolition of unauthorized structures as a method of protection of civil rights and legitimate interests in the illicit construction 1
Demyelination of subcortical nuclei in multiple sclerosis 1
The dental code in Vladimir Nabokov's Pnin 1
Deoxygenation affects composition of membrane-bound proteins in human erythrocytes 1
The dependence between the temperatures in the free atmosphere and upper belt of mountains (on the example of the Altai and Sayan) 1
Dependence of conversion of time radiation 1
Dependence of effective spectrum width of synchrotron radiation on particle energy 1
Dependence of functional degradation on crystallographic orientation in NiTi shape memory alloys aged under stress 1
Dependence of H2O-N2 broadening coefficients on the vibrational quantum indices 1
Dependence of the efficiency of triplet-triplet energy transfer on the distance between the donor and acceptor 1
Dependence of X-ray sensitivity of GaAs:Cr sensors on material of contacts 1
Dependence textural characteristics of silica gel on the acidity 1
Dependences of characteristics of sensors based on tin dioxide on the hydrogen concentration and humidity of gas mixture 1
Deposit insurance system in Russia: formation and development 1
Deposition of silver nanoparticles into porous system of sol-gel silica monoliths and properties of silver/porous silica composites 1
Deprivation as a cause of impaired mental development in children 1
Derivational synonymy in the old Germanic languages (a case study of Gothic, Old Icelandic and Old High German) 1
Derivative financial instruments in terms of book-entry securities 1
Derivatives market in Russia 1
Deriving compositionally deadlock-free components over synchronous automata compositions 1
Desadveu du libelle intitulé, Apologie particuliere de monsieur le duc de Longueville, par un Gentilhomme Breton 1
Desadvev dv libelle Intitulé, apologie particvliere de monsievr le dvc de Longveville, par vn Gentilhomme Breton 1
Description des vies, moeurs, et facons de faire des peagers, publicains, maletostiers, monopoleurs, fermiers, & partisans, non moins facetieuse, naïfve & veritable, que serieuse, & mystique 1
Description des vies, moeurs, et façons de faire des péagers, publicains, maltôtiers, monopoleurs, fermiers, & partisans, non moins facétieuse, naïve & véritable, que sérieuse, & mystique 1
Description des vies, moevrs, et facons de faire des peagers, Publicains, Maletostiers, Monopoleurs, Fermiers, & Partisans, non moins facetieuse, naïfve & veritable, que serieuse, & mystique, 1
Description of electrophysical characteristics for MIS-structures with CdHgTe-based quantum wells under the 8–300 K 1
Description of heavy exotic resonances as molecular states using phenomenological Lagrangians 1
The descriptive analysis of the R. Karapetyan’s poetry for children 1
Design activity in vocational training of undergraduates of the field of study 05.04.02 Geography enrolled in the master's program "Geography in general and vocational education" Tomsk State University 1

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