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Ἔνδοξα: from Aristotle’s topics to fuzzy logic 1
Ἔνδοξα: от "Топики" Аристотеля к fuzzy logic 1
‘As fast as the bird flies…’ : on the state administration of Siberian peoples in the 1920s to the 1930s 1
‘Ethnic’ markets in the transport system of Irkutsk: construction and transformation of the urban space 1
The ‘here’ and ‘there’ in Kyrgyz migrant stories: the case of Tomsk, Russia 1
The ‘nordic eye’ revisited. NAFA from 1975 to 2015 1
‘Squatting scene’ through the lens of the ethical turn 1
‘The Kazym revolt’: on the history of the first visual anthropology project in Russia 1
“From gloom to lightness. From fight to the book. From sorrow to happiness”: leisure of the city dwellers of the Middle Volga Region in the 1920s. 1
A “pitch-dark” character in a “pitch-dark” world of Russian postmodern drama 1
The “Standard Liar”: Wittgenstein, language-games and self-reference 1
The “Star” magazine by Nikolay Gumilyov and Mstislav Farmakovsky 1
“The living and the dead” in the funeral and wake rites of Perm Prikamye 1
“Two conversions” in the context of the post-secular philosophy of religion 1
“We have no literature of art” (A. N. Maikov): on the state of Russian art criticism in the 1840s – early 1850s. Article two: new trends in russian art criticism of the 1840s – early 1850s 1
“Антисоветчик” Валерий Тарсис: поведенческая модель писателя-нонконформиста как реализация идентичности 1
"…In a tattered wagon, amid chickens and kind bashkirs": Leo Tolstoy inverts western orientalism (creativity and life-creativity in the bashkir steppe) 1
"…Возможность проехаться и подышать западноевропейским воздухом": взаимоотношения науки и власти в сфере заграничных командировок в 1920-е гг. 1