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About question of the perception of historical development in "The secret history of the mongols" 1
About reliability of circuits in the basis consisting of the Webb function in Pk under failures of 0 type and k - 1 type at the outputs of elements 1
About scientific status of geology in works of russian and american researchers 1
About Shinzo Abe’s policy concerning national security of Japan 1
About solution of supersonic viscous flow past a blunt body 1
About some approaches to the creation of an axiological theory of monuments in the contemporary western humanities 1
About some methodological problems of research of creative thinking as a process 1
About technique of observations rejection for NEAs with ill-defined orbits 1
About the appointment of gendarmerie officers, authorized in supervision of the private Siberian gold mining in the first half of the XIX century 1
About the bureaucratic state and the economy 1
About the bureaucratization and sluggishness in the educational and scientific non-productive sectors of Russian Federation 1
About the conceptual framework of postnonclassical psychology 1
About the coNP-complete “Injective knapsack” problem 1
About the content of anti-corruption standard of conduct for public and municipal employees 1
About the experience of carrying out an experiment on consideration of reported crimes only by investigators and interrogators 1
About the first center of higher mathematical education in Siberia 1
About the high and the low: spatial semantics of abstract and concrete nouns 1
About the history of floristic investigations in Middle Siberia 1
About the illness and death of Vladimir Vasilkovich, Prince of Volhynia. Some medical, homiletic and liturgical observations 1
About the initial stages of formation of a historiography of the Russian landscape painting in the 20th century 1
About the management experience of the foreign philology student’s scientific research work 1
About the methodology of the diagnostic of the oxidized ore minerals of sulphide deposits 1
About the methods of motivation study in sport 1
About the modern condition of the sphere of hospitality in the Tomsk region of the Tomsk region 1
About the moral component of historical culture 1
About the nature of conversion of the n-CdxHg1-xTe MBE heteroepitaxial structures during annealing 1
About the notion of the structure in the works of Foucault and Mamardashvili 1
About the polymorphous species Stellaria fischeriana Ser. (Caryophyllaceae) 1
About the potential of the monument of nature "Talovskaya bowls” for recreation and tourism 1
About the principle of implementation of town-planning activity with compliance with the requirements of preservation of cultural heritage and specially protected natural areas and the mechanism of its implementation 1
About the problem of ensuring the principle of equality in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 1
About the regional studies researches The Anzhero-Sudzhensk town to development activities 1
About the role an Excursion Bureau the TSU in the implementation of the objectives of the strategic development of the university 1
About the Soviet past of our bibliophilism 1
About the tactics of analyzing the initial information in the course of preparation for examination of the crime scene 1
About Tomsk Academic town and its environmental condition 1
About tourist and excursional possibilities of Larinsky landscape reserve for the development of eco-tourism in the Tomsk region 1
About training "to hear – to listen": how to develop the student's active attention and to ask questions during the conversation 1
About value of stages of unknown absence of the citizen in the Russian civil law 1
About work of the instrumentalist-teacher 1
Absorption and diffusion of oxygen in Ti-Al bulk alloys 1
Absorption and radiation properies of the sulfur-containing gaseous compounds 1
Absorption spectra of combustion products of aircraft and rocket engines 1
The absorption spectrum of 17O enriched water vapor by CRDS between 5850 and 6670 cm-1 1
The absorption spectrum of water vapor in the 1.25 μm atmospheric window (7911-8337 cm-1) 1
Abstract lexemes' valencies: reduction vs. specification 1
Abundance of Rhaponticum carthamoides' populations and its enviromental dependence (Kuznets Alatau) 1
Abuse of right in the criminal procedure as a way to counteract obtaining objective truth in a case 1
Abuse of rights of parties to a criminal trial under adversariality 1
Abuse of rights, its prevention and suppression in Russian criminal process: some research results 1
Abuse of the right to cassation appeal: its types and prevention measures 1
Abuses in distribution of American gifts in the Moldavian SSR (1944-1945) 1
Academic achievement in math and foreign language: individual characteristics and gender stereotypes 1
The academic community's personal archiving practices: the case of National Research Tomsk State University 1
The academic dictionary of the Bashkir language 1
An academic grammarian and a university professor (from the editor of the section) 1
Academic Writing for Chemistry Students : учебно-методическое пособие : [для магистрантов и аспирантов, обучающихся по направлению подготовки "Химия"] 1
Academician Kanysh Satpayev: strokes to the portrait 1
"Académie des curieux impertinents": неопубликованные тексты В. А. Жуковского 1
Acceleration of VOC’s vapor photocatalytic oxidation over TiO2 by the implementation of corona discharge and UVC radiation 1
Accessibility of the web content of websites of physical culture universities for visually impaired students (results of a two-year study) 1
Accessority as an effect of functional derivativeness of civil legal relationship 1
Accounting financial instruments in accordance with IFRS 1
The accounting of specific intellectual features of students in art education 1
The accounting problem of profit tax in Russian standard of accounting and IAS (IFRS) 1
Accounting the influence of atmospheric chemical pollution on the morbidity of the population of Tomsk 1
Accounting the natural background water quality of water bodies while rationing wastewater 1
Accumulation of human capital and competitive appeal the Siberian macro-region 1
Accurate ab initio dipole moment surfaces of ozone: First principle intensity predictions for rotationally resolved spectra in a large range of overtone and combination bands 1
Accurate ab inition predictions of methane spectra up to 12000 cm-1 at various T-conditions 1
Accurate first-principles calculations for (CH3D)-C-12 infrared spectra from isotopic and symmetry transformations 1
Accurate first-principles spectra predictions for ethylene from full 12D ab initio surfaces 1
Accurate line intensities of methane from first-principles calculations 1
Acetaldehyde-ammonia interaction: a DFT study of reaction mechanism and product identification 1
Acetone-butanol fermentation of lignocellulosic hydrolysates for the butanol production 1
Acid-base and photoinduced processes on magnesium-containing minerals and their influence on the troposphere cleaning 1
Acid-base properties and phototransformations of complexone(ate)-substituted tetraphenylporphyrin 1
Acid-base properties of the surface SnO 1
An acidophilic desulfosporosinus isolated from the oxidized mining wastes in the Transbaikal area 1
Acmeological approach to building up linguo-educational tragectory of university students 1
Acoustic and perceptual characteristics of vowels /u/ and /ʊ/ (in BBC analytical news programs) 1
Acoustic cavitation measurements and modeling in liquid aluminum 1
Acoustic Characteristics of a Barrier Discharge XeCl Excilamp 1
Acoustic methods of control 1
Acoustic wave correlation of elementary deformation events in a low-stability crystal lattice of FCC-metals 1
Acousto-optic laser projection systems for displaying TV information 1
Acoustojet: acoustic analogue of photonic jet phenomenon based on penetrable 3D particle 1
Acrylate hydrogel modification using a cross-linking agent for increasing multilayer glazing flame resistance 1
Actant-rhizome ontology of B. Latour 1
Activation of speech communication between students with disabilities in high school conditions 1
Activation parameters and deformation mechanisms of ultrafine-grained copper under tension at moderate temperatures 1
Active ageing in Siberia: comparative analysis of regions 1
Active and event youth travel: capacity of Siberia 1
Active bio contact mechanics: concepts of active control of wear and growth of the cartilage in natural joints 1
Active control of friction by transverse oscillations 1
Active media for tunable blue-green lasers based on aminocoumarins in polymethylmethacrylate 1
Active processes in the vocabulary of modern Russian language (based on cultural and educational radio programs) 1
Activism and participation: social technologies of cooperation with urban population in the process of "production" of urban space 1
The activities of Chinese organized crime in Los Angeles as a factor in the anti-Chinese massacre in 1871 1
Activities of fine arts with children primary school in the field of additional education 1

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