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Physical observables in the decay Λb→Λc(→Λ+π)+τ−+ν̄τ 46 49 3
Semileptonic decay Ʌb→Ʌc+τ͞͞ +͞͞ν τ in the covariant confined quark model 1060 1045 1
Rare baryon decays Λb→Λℓ+ ℓ- (ℓ=e, μ, τ) and Λ b→Λγ: Differential and total rates, lepton- and hadron-side forward-backward asymmetries 820 819 4
Polarization effects in the cascade decay Λ(b) - Λ(pπ‾) + J/Ψ(-l(+)l(-) in the covariant confined quark model 585 587 6
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Santorelli, Pietro

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Santorelli, Pietro

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