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A micromechanical model for the deformation behavior of titanium polycrystals 706 834 133
Numerical simulation of deformation and fracture in polycrystalline aluminum at different strain sates 469 522 93
Simulation of periodical shear band propagation in aluminum alloys at the mesoscale 1411 1408 5
Modeling of 3D microstructures produced by additive manufacturing 827 929 144
Numerical simulation of deformation and fracture in a coated material using curvilinear regular meshes 1307 1303 6
Plastic deformation behavior of mild steel subjected to ultrasonic treatment 1198 1809 643
Simulation of crystal plasticity under dynamic loading 1804 2081 302
Numerical simulation of strain rate effects on plastic flow at meso scale level 1182 1384 219
Simulation of meso–macro dynamic behavior using steel as an example 1813 1806 6
Simulation of stress concentration and localized plastic flow in coated materials on the mesolevel 1865 1858 5
Numerical modeling of plastic-shear generation and evolution in crystals under loading 1638 1835 210
Computer-aided design of 3D microstructures produced by additive manufacturing 1060 1178 150
Numerical simulation of deformation and fracture for surface hardened materials at meso- and macro- levels 1664 1867 224
Numerical simulation of deformation and fracture in low-carbon steel coated by diffusion borating 2062 2052 6
Simulation of elasto-plastic behaviour of an artificial 3D-structure under dynamic loading 1575 1565 4
Three_dimensional simulation of fracture behavior of elastic-brittle material with initial crack pattern 1699 1686 5
Deformation and fracture of surface-hardened materials at meso- and macroscale levels 2071 2058 4
Two dimensional cellular automata simulation of grain growth during solidification and recrystallization 869 867 6
A numerical study of the microscale plastic strain localization in friction stir weld zones 724 814 136
Early prediction of plastic strain localization from observation of mesoscale surface roughening 858 996 169
Microstructure-based computational analysis of plastic strain localization and fracture in polycrystalline aluminum 199 263 68
Mesoscale deformation-induced surface roughening as an early precursor of plastic strain localization 95 157 65
Computational approach for evaluating microstructure-toproperty linkage of additive aluminum alloys 236 341 108
The effects of surface-layer grain size and texture on plastic strain localization and deformation-induced surface roughening in commercial purity titanium hardened by ultrasonic impact treatment 267 335 73
Deformation and fracture in metal-matrix composites 245 316 75
Microstructure-based computational analysis as a tool for computer-aided design of metal-matrix composite and coated materials 299 364 72
Computational analysis of mesoscale plastic strain localization in titanium with modified surface layer 166 195 33
Numerical study of the texture effect on deformation-induced surface roughening in titanium polycrystals 106 153 50
Plastic strain localization in polycrystalline titanium. Numerical simulation 110 131 25
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