Электронная библиотека (репозиторий) Томского государственного университета
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Applied optical properties of diamond 1929 2015 144
Ministarters and mini blue jets in air and nitrogen at a pulse-periodic discharge in a laboratory experiment 898 872 2
Influence of electrode spacing and gas pressure on parameters of a runaway electron beam generating during the nanosecond breakdown in SF6 and nitrogen 18622 18285 3
Laser system: powerful XeCl* laser-dye laser for ecological monitoring of the atmosphere 3430 3597 243
Spark discharge formation in an inhomogeneous electric field under conditions of runaway electron generation 4239 4172 7
Characteristics of a pulse-periodic corona discharge in atmospheric air 1260 1361 153
Luminescence of crystals excited by a runaway electron beam and by excilamp radiation with a peak wavelength of 222 nm 3818 3866 129
Apokamp discharge as a source of nitrogen oxcides 371 465 112
Influence of frequency and voltage to apokamp discharge dynamics at moderate pressures 722 778 86
Role of streamers in the formation of a corona discharge in a highly nonuniform electric field 1072 1058 2
Effect of air pressure on parameters of beam current and X-ray radiation generated in a gas diode 583 578 2
Electrons accelerator for research Cherenkov radiation in different specimens 817 858 53
X-ray radiation and runaway electron beams generated during discharges in atmospheric-pressure air at rise times of voltage pulse of 500 and 50 ns 4913 4942 134
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